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The masterzmindset is a mastermind group in which there is regular exchange between entrepreneurs under very clearly structured framework conditions. In a small group, people support each other in personal and business development.

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What exactly is masterzmindset and what is it about?

You are now expecting a crisp product presentation with short keywords and a lean description. Forget it! The conventional approach would be completely inadequate here and would not do justice to the masterzmindset. This is primarily about the many facets that make up the whole product, which is why we came up with something special.

We would like to tell you the story of Tim:

When I founded my company 15 years ago, I was just 21 years old. At that time I dropped out of my studies at WU because I was of the opinion that I couldn't learn anything more here. Everything they wanted to teach me here would be completely irrelevant to the business I wanted to build, no longer up-to-date. What more does it take than a small room (back then with my parents) from which I could conquer the digital world with my laptop? My idea was to have various products made in China and then to offer them all over Europe on Amazon's seemingly unlimited marketplace. I was convinced that it only takes a small investment, a good nose for the product and a little communication skills.

It all seemed so simple. My first product (an armrest pad for cars) was on the German market within 3 months and it was just amazing how it went through the roof. A second product was already in the pipeline and a third was already planned. In 2010 I was even named a Top Christmas Seller. My sales results have been perfect and I have had great customer feedback.

My journey begins

In all the euphoria, I was smarter than many others, for whom Amazon was the undoing. It was clear to me that I had to develop other sales channels in order to avoid the risk of a total failure. So I built my own online shop, expanded my product range and at the same time, with a move to my own office, I got a clerk, an assistant who kept the annoying time-robbers of everyday life in my business away.

Time was available in abundance for me. Sometimes I either worked full nights or partied with my employees. "I can sleep in the cemetery" was the motto. And Sophie, my assistant, saw it exactly the same way. We felt we were invincible. We thought we could stop time and this moment would last forever.

There comes a moment when everything is "terrible" or
Is "great".

And it happened as it had to: I fell in love with Sophie. All of a sudden our life changed. She became pregnant and soon afterwards our daughter was born. It soon became clear to me that this was both the greatest and the most dreadful at the same time.

There is probably nothing that can be compared to the birth of your own child. This moment when you realize that everything you have achieved so far is simply obsolete and the question about the meaning of life is answered instantly.

But: I lost my wife in my company!

Doubt - fear - resentment - guilt

If I used to have a very clear focus in my business decisions, suddenly there was something that made me think about it again. I soon began to doubt whether I could live up to this new responsibility. In addition, I no longer had my greatest support, my business partner, with me. Sophie, who was always on hand to give me advice and assistance when things got tight in the past, was now busy raising our daughter. Setbacks and mistakes were suddenly no longer new opportunities. They were sledgehammers that weighed tons and hit me like big machines. And soon every decision was accompanied by fear. However, since this is the worst of all advisors, the inevitable happened here too: Business was getting worse and worse and I blamed everyone else for it. I also let my resentment feel to the people who mattered most to me.

I am devastated.

It was maddening. My best employees left the company. My (so-called) friends kept away from me with flimsy excuses more and more often. My family environment had meanwhile become a theater of war. Everything, it seemed, was on my shoulders. My wife worked with me at least part-time again, but the ease we had felt before never came back. Everything revolved around the family. I felt like I was stuck in a downward spiral. I literally had nothing left for myself, neither time nor respect.

It was not a question of if, but when my wife will part with me. My little daughter was already going to school at that time and everything that was of value to me collapsed like a house of cards. Fear turned to panic!

I felt like the time I had was running through my fingers like sand. Suddenly there were no longer any really important matters, only urgent ones. And there is a huge difference between important and urgent, believe me!

A new inspiration

After countless sleepless nights with panic attacks, my body also resisted this agony. A stay in hospital after a car accident for which I was responsible because of a second sleep convinced me that I had to get help from outside. That applied to both my private and my business environment. I was attending loads of seminars at that time. Each one is definitely a gain in itself, but it quickly became clear to me that there is no sustainability here. As quickly as the motivation came, it was just as quickly gone. But it was good for something. At one of these seminars I met a long-time competitor who enthusiastically told me about mastermind groups.

My pursuit of the goal I

Up until now I had paid a lot of money for seminars, workshops and the like. Why should it be any different now? Of course, I was skeptical, but also curious because this approach promised something completely new. So I made up my mind and came to my first meeting. It was given a compact 60 minutes.

At the beginning I was still invulnerable, dashed forward, added my mustard everywhere. Of course, I was immune to all the tips. When it comes to the subject of "Where is the problem?" I mimed superiority and put forward bagatelles. But soon a mirror was held up to me. The questions from the other participants shook my facade tremendously. Repeatedly looking at the recordings finally made me aware of how vulnerable I was up to now and that I had only been using superficial empty phrases up until then. I slowly became aware: Success begins with stepping down from my ivory tower and giving something of myself

My pursuit of the goal II

Then I realized: This is about something completely different, it is about Repetitions, it's about trust, it's about me getting out of the securitythat the group offers me, can leave my comfort zone again. And I also realized that I could give a lot back to the group with my wealth of experience.

I changed my attitudes and perspectives on many things. I got active again, mentally and physically. This led to the fact that I found a respectful basis again with the mother of my daughter who has meanwhile become a young woman. In a word: I have changed my mindset and am now not only successful, but also happy.

The characters and the plot of the story are fictitious. Any similarities with actual events or living or deceased persons are, however, intended.

Quite honestly, admit: Have you not already experienced one or the other yourself or found yourself again or felt caught?

We don't want to tell you stories. Therefore you will find some videos here of people who are already successfully completing the masterzmindset and who are now becoming the heroes in their history.

Become a hero in your story!

Details and purchase information:

You take out a subscription with a minimum term of 6 months. The term begins with the first meeting of your group. The first meeting usually takes place within 2 weeks. You pay a one-time fee of € 2,970 plus 20% VAT

Right of withdrawal

There is a 14-day right of withdrawal for the masterzmindset prior to commencement.

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Do you still have questions?

Here is a brief overview of the most frequently asked questions about mastermind groups

The group is deliberately limited to 6 people. Because building trust is only possible through regular discussions and exchanges with you. In addition, more than 6 people would exceed the time frame of one hour.
Entrepreneurs with many years of experience, but also those who are just starting out. The industries are different. You can learn a lot more from people in other industries because they give you an expanded view of the essentials. And you will see: You personally enjoy contributing your expertise as a participant. Fast and focused learning is crucial.
I reinvent myself every day.

Sometimes as an entrepreneur you have to jump beyond your own shadow, question yourself, like Vivienne Westwood from whom this sentence comes.

You don't have to reinvent yourself every day, but as an entrepreneur and as a personality, I have an obligation to keep questioning whether I lead a fulfilling life. Whether I'm on the right track. Whether I develop myself further, for my own benefit, for the benefit of my company, but also with regard to my family, my loved ones, the circle of friends that I maintain and that are very important to me.

In the group, in the regular masterzmindset online meetings, I can fulfill these wishes. Especially these compact 60 minutes in a positive atmosphere, with a small group of people whom I have come to appreciate: I manage to work on my company and my personality.

I admit, I got bogged down again and again. It just happens. Because deep insights and imprints are the reward when I have been able to feel genuine gratitude towards my group members.

Maybe you know: you have a problem or maybe just a dilemma; You don't know how to solve it.

Only when you have formulated your question, speak it out loud and thus enter into interaction with someone else, a variety of possible solutions spreads from you. In fact, you already had the solution within yourself; the collective intelligence in the group supported you to find your way. But maybe you have also been able to use the different perspectives and experiences of others for you. In solving these questions, you were not personally ready to see the way.

The meetings take place virtually via Zoom. You will always receive an invitation and the corresponding link for participation by email in good time.

We have developed something very special for all questions that you should still have. In our interactive film you go with us on a journey through the Masterzmindset.