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You can do so much: Help children with your donation for education.

Enable education for every child with your donation

Having their own notebook and a pen - thanks to the support of UNICEF, education is no longer a dream for these schoolchildren from Malawi. For many girls and boys in sub-Saharan Africa, but also in conflict areas such as Afghanistan or Bangladesh, going to school is still not a matter of course. Many children have to work and hardly have time to study. Or the schools are too far away and the lessons are too bad. In some countries schools are also closed, for example when there is war in the country.

Education is the most important prerequisite for escaping poverty and having the chance of a better life: educated children are more self-confident, are less likely to be exploited and are better able to protect themselves from disease. UNICEF is re-equipping schools - turning overcrowded, barren classrooms into places where learning is fun. The Children's Fund also provides school tents, exercise books and pens in emergencies.

Child Labor in India

UNICEF brings communities and employers to one table in India - and thus effectively combats the causes of child labor. More and more children can now go to school.

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Uganda: childhood without parents

13-year-old Charles no longer has parents. His mother died of AIDS and his father left the family. Now Charles is the head of the family. UNICEF helps children without parents.

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Donate for children's education

Donate to the education of needy and disadvantaged children worldwide and give them the chance for a better future. Many of the poorest children today live in conflict countries where education is the only way out of poverty and violence.

In the refugee camp near Cox’s Bazar (Bangladesh), Rohingya children are taught in makeshift learning centers. Thanks to the school materials supplied by UNICEF, the children can learn after their escape and believe in a better future.

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Attending school enables the children to enter professional life later. The knowledge learned in class protects them from exploitation and discrimination. Many a dream of a better life began with an exercise book - an exercise book that UNICEF could buy with your donation.

Support UNICEF educational projects

Donate now for education and give children a chance for a self-determined life. Invest in a better future.

This is how your donation helps for education

It is encouraging that more girls and boys are enrolled in school today than ever before - an educational success, also thanks to our joint commitment. We bring schools and lessons for children in remote regions within easy reach. With your help, we train teachers for this purpose and provide girls and boys with school materials in many educational institutions around the world. We equip the schools so that children feel comfortable and safe there. Your donation for education also provides school furniture, books, drinking water fountains and school toilets.

Newly built toilets for girls in a primary school south of Harare (Zimbabwe). Thanks to your help, the school can be supported by UNICEF with the initiative child-friendly schools.

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In addition to basic education, the children also learn something about their rights in society and in the family. And we are informed about diseases such as HIV / AIDS and topics such as pregnancy. This knowledge significantly increases your perspective on a better life.

Climate schools of the future

The "Living Schools" in Malawi are extraordinary schools: environmental lessons in the school garden, solar energy for clean water, student participation and e-learning are part of their concept. UNICEF helpers, teachers and students report live on their smartphones about everyday school life.

To the Living Schools

So can you help too

Become a UNICEF sponsor

As a UNICEF sponsor, you make reliable help possible at all times. Thanks to your regular donation, we can also be there for children during disasters or in war zones.

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Get involved in volunteering

Have you always wanted to be right in the middle of it and help directly? We are looking for people who volunteer their experience and talents with us. Become part of a team in your city.

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