What are some psychological hacks about love

How to deal with lovesickness with positive psychology

One of the most famous scientists in the field of positive psychology, Barbara Fredrickson, has worked out 10 emotions that have been shown to strengthen our well-being. Especially with lovesickness, everything often drags on gray on gray - like the famous strudel dough. And in order to turn this gray everyday life into a colorful firework of life, exactly these 10 positive emotions help.

With these psychological tricks you can fight lovesickness - but also a bad mood

And these apply to all situations - not only when it regrettably did not work out in love! Lovesickness is an excellent opportunity to convince yourself of the effectiveness of these positive emotions! Lena Kager and Dr. Stephan Kraft, two of the most unconventional relationship experts, introduce you to three of these positive emotions. Including strategies on how you can trigger this in you immediately.

Be proud of yourself!

“Arrogant!” Is often heard when speaking of pride. In today's society, pride is always associated with “I'm better than you.” Unfortunately, as we think!

You are always proud when you have done something particularly well or achieved something. For example, if you ran a half marathon for the first time (we were told ...). Or if you did something well in your job and such a project could be carried out even faster.
Just grab a pen and paper (alternatively your laptop) and write down everything that you are proud of in your life.

Caution: If you can't think of anything and you just say: "I have nothing to be proud of", then maybe lower your expectations a bit.
However, if you are on the "I have to save the world" level, then it will always be difficult for you to be proud of something.

A little bit of fun is always good…

Sam Ewing said, “Laughter is great medicine and it has only positive side effects. And this medicine can really help with lovesickness. "
Unfortunately, most of them think (similar to pride): "There's nothing to laugh about with me right now." Yes, with lovesickness the corners of the mouth are pulled down because of the matter. This is completely normal.

Even so, we recommend that you find things to laugh about. Because when it comes to medicine with exclusively positive side effects, the following always applies: a lot helps a lot. For this we recommend the so-called "Treasure Chest of Merriment".

For example, you start this on your smartphone because it is almost always there. There you create a folder where you regularly collect funny pictures, sayings or jokes or the links to funny YouTube videos.

Everything is allowed for the treasure chest of happiness - the main thing is that it at least makes you smile! And when you think to yourself: “Hmmm ... now I could use a helping of happy things, then you just look into your personal treasure chest!

So amazement can help against lovesickness

We often go through the world with blinkers. The main thing is not to notice anything and see. According to the motto: “World, just stay away from me!” What is the disadvantage? You often miss really fascinating moments.

For example: You are out and about and it starts to rain just then (of course ...). But then a colorful rainbow emerges. Of course, you cannot deliberately look at that. Or you turn your gaze there and let your socks off.

Everyday life is full of such moments. Sure, if you now object: "But this won't happen to me!", Then that's the classic self-fulfilling prophecy. If you look, you will find, that's the saying. This applies to the misplaced car key as well as to moments of amazement in everyday life.

Another tip for practical implementation: Or to put it another way: start now! Lovesickness feeds on doing nothing and "wandering around". He is, so to speak, your little red lovesick devil on your shoulder, who always whispers to you: "Come on, do nothing, then I can calmly switch and act."

The previous emotions can only work effectively if you actually trigger them in you. We recommend that you - ideally now - take one of the 3 emotions and either recall what you can be proud of, look for something to laugh about, or go through everyday life with open eyes today to see those things see that might otherwise have remained hidden from you.

The aunt and the technician: Lena Kager and Dr. Stephan Kraft founded the relationship portal szenario-Zwei. With a lot of humor they combine elements from Trinergy NLP, positive psychology and solution-oriented counseling. From this they form tips and strategies that are straight to the point if something goes wrong in the area that is so important to us humans: love.

You can read all 10 positive emotions in their blog: szenario-zwei.com