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12 extraordinary courses in Berlin: New hobbies from photo workshops to flight simulators

Nobody is born with two left hands, even if some say so. And Berlin has always been a city for tackling, for trying things out, for the unusual. So if you are looking for a more unusual hobby or just want to try something new again: Have courage, the more unusual the better! Here are 12 extraordinary courses in Berlin: from cheese to flight simulator.

Take off at Flight simulator SimJet

Above the clouds freedom should be limitless, at least that's what Reinhard Mey sings. But it wasn't enough to get the license. A simulated flight lesson can now be completed in the JetSim flight simulator. During the flight experience as a pilot, you will learn what to look out for if you ever get into the embarrassment of getting an airliner safely into the air and landing again. Ready to take-off?

  • JetSim / Simulatorland GmbH, Reuchlinstraße 10-11, Moabit, Mon-Fri 10 am-6pm, 030/34 35 06 50, www.jetsim.de

Taste France at the Ratatouille cooking course

A bit of France at Rosenthaler Platz: beginners can taste the variety of ratatouille here. But not only the vegetable dish is on the menu, there are also many uncomplicated and classic French dishes. True to the motto: Tout le monde peut cuisiner (anyone can cook).

Worm composting webinar with hubus

The worm is in here. And that's a very good thing in terms of sustainability. In the webinar, the course participant learns everything to start, care for and nurture a vermicompost at home. The new 500 to 1000 worm roommates not only help to learn the process of worm composting, they also promise a lot of fun of a different kind for children, partners and roommates. In the 90-minute webinar there are the best tips and hacks for success, you can ask questions and receive instructions on worm composting with a menu for the compost worms.

Welding and forging courses in Berlin

Professions that seemed quite "normal" in the time before digitization are now often considered to have been canceled. Maybe that's why it's so fun to leave your office job by the wayside and go to the forge. To make something tangible by hand until the sweat is on your forehead. In the courses of the forge in the yard in Blankenburg you can learn forging and welding. Designing and building an object takes a lot of time and direct supervision and assistance. The group size is limited to a few course participants so that the course instructors can cater to individual projects and courses.

Kiezpoeten online workshop

New creative territory: The Kiezpoeten offer an online workshop in which they develop their own poetry slams. This ranges from creative writing and literary theory to language skills and stage presence. There is so much more to a poetry slam than just writing words on a piece of paper and reading them out loud. The Kiezpoeten show you which skills you need to maybe rock a stage yourself with wild words.

Beekeepers learn in the Botanical Volkspark

The beekeeper Daniel Bauer explains the natural rhythm of bees, why they are worth protecting and, above all, what is important for their own bee colony at home. In the beekeeping in the Botanical Volkspark Pankow, the workshop participants will learn about sustainable beekeeping. Then it will also work at home with your own bee paradise.

Dance in the Berlin State Ballet

Be a great ballerina for once! The dream is not over for everyone - if you have previous knowledge, you can go to the dance workshop of the Berlin State Ballet from October. You learn to experience your own body, to feel a possibility of expression and to rehearse dance elements in order to then bring them onto the stage. Former dancers of the Berlin State Ballet pass on their skills in the dance course.

Do-it-yourself course with DIYBerlin

According to the motto "The Berliner himself" you will learn to do it yourself in the DIY course. Small repairs in the household or drilling and dowelling in small groups are then no longer a reason for sweating. After the course you will know how to use a hammer and saw. Then there is a real home driving license for your own four walls. No more swollen thumbs after hammering.

  • DIYBerlin Bernkasteler Str. 78, Weißensee, 0049/17 65 79 67 98, www.diyberlin.de

Burlesque Academy

Graceful movements, feather boas and lots and lots of bare skin. In an intensive beginners course you get to know the dazzling world of burlesque and then know the secrets of Shimmy & Shake, Bump’n’Grind and Tassel Twirling.

Lasers and 3D printers test in HappyLab 

The Happylab is an open workshop in which ideas and projects can be implemented immediately with laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC milling machines, cutting plotters and electronics. Both children and adults get an insight into the world of technology. Together with course instructors, there are also regular introductions to the use of production machines. A hobby workshop for technology geeks.

  • HappyLab, Demminer Straße 3, Mitte, Tues. 9 a.m. - 1 p.m., Wed. 6 p.m. - 10 p.m., Thurs. 1 p.m. - 5 p.m., 030/30 80 78 63, www.happylab.de

Photo course in the gh photo school

Being able to capture a moment properly is a charm in itself. Whether taking photos or making corrections with editing programs, alone or in a group, the photo workshop in the gh photo school trains the participants so that they can do this afterwards.

  • gh photo school, Winterfeldtstrasse 33, Schöneberg, 030/22 43 14 16, 0176 31 59 94 38, www.gh-fotoschule.de

Survival Workshop - Walk on the wild side

A world without internet, telephone and GPS? Sometimes everyone needs a little break from the digital world. Could we do that? The wilderness courses at Walk on the wild side are much more than carving, arching, smoking and making a fire. Women's groups and herbal weekends also help you escape the big city and find your way in the wilderness of Berlin and Brandenburg.

More workshops for Berlin:

Whether in painting courses creatively with a swinging brush to bring the color onto the canvas or rather attend a course in one of the 12 good yoga studios in Berlin. The capital has many relaxed and crazy workshops in its repertoire. Get out of everyday life and into adventure.

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