Where do most of the immigrants come from?

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Most of the refugees came from these countries at the end of 2018:

1. Syria  6.700.000
2. Afghanistan  2.700.000
3. South Sudan  2.300.000
4. Myanmar  1.100.000
5. Somalia     949.700
6. Sudan     724.800
7. Democratic Republic of Congo     720.300
8. Central African Republic     590.900
9. Eritrea    507.300
10. Burundi    387.900


The world map can be printed out here.

The UN Refugee Council estimates that by the end of 2018 a total of 70.8 million people were on the run.

The UN estimates that a total of 13.6 million people had to leave their homes in 2018. Converted it is like 37,000 people fleeing every day.

2.8 million people have fled to another country and were registered as refugees abroad. About half of these refugees were under 18 years of age.

More than two thirds of the refugees come from just five countries: Syria, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Myanmar, Somalia.

Most of the people who have had to flee, however, seek refuge within their own country. These people are called internally displaced people. In 2018, a total of 10.8 million people fled within their own country.

In 2018, however, many people returned to rebuild their lives. In 2018, almost 600,000 people returned to their countries of origin. In addition, 2.3 million internally displaced people have returned to their hometown.

Source: UNHCR Global Trends: Forced Displacement in 2018, https://www.unhcr.org/5d08d7ee7.pdf (as of February 17, 2020).