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Auto industry
Daimler joins the electrical pioneer Tesla
Florian Brückner
May 19, 2009 Comment now! 0 (0) legend
Print version Send article Bookmarks Note article: x in the browser Webnews Del.Icio.Us Mister Wong Thousand reporters Linkarena Y! GG Google my Yahoo! The German car manufacturer Daimler is entering into a strategic partnership with Tesla. For this, the inventor of the automobile is acquiring ten percent of one of the leading manufacturers of electric cars. The deal comes at just the right time. Because today US President Barack Obama will announce very strict new environmental regulations for the United States. The auto industry is facing a radical change.

Enlarge picture Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, presents the new Tesla Model S. Source: Reuters HB DÜSSELDORF. It may be a historic day. The global corporation Daimler, inventor of the automobile, is investing ten percent in the tiny newcomer Tesla Motors, one of the pioneers of the electric car. In the future, Daimler and Tesla want to work closely together on the development of battery systems, electric drives and individual vehicle projects, as stated in a press release.

The reasons for the investment are obvious: Tesla is one of the few companies in the world that offers a long-haul, battery-powered car. And this technology will matter in the future - especially in the United States.

Because today US President Barack Obama will announce new, strict environmental regulations for the auto industry - and these should include upper limits for fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, especially based on the model of the US state of California. The new editions, US media unanimously report, should apply from 2012 and take full effect four years later. For car manufacturers like Daimler, this means above all: Time is running out - for electric cars. Because only they should easily meet the strict environmental guidelines that then apply.

Ergo: Anyone who wants to be further ahead in the world's most important car market in just a few years as a car manufacturer urgently needs an electric car. According to a study by the management consultancy Roland Berger, 12 percent of all vehicles sold will be electric cars by 2020.

And Tesla already has that on the road today. How practical that Daimler had already started its first cooperation with Tesla at the beginning of this year, which was prominently announced at the auto show in Detroit. Tesla will supply 1000 lithium-ion battery packs for the electric smart. Tesla has mastered this technology in series production, that is the decisive plus point for the Americans. Tesla has been working on the development of the electric car since 2004, which is now sold as a roadster in the USA and Europe. To date, Tesla is said to have sold around 300 cars.

Their performance is impressive: the Tesla accelerates from 0 to 60 miles in just 3.9 seconds. The consumption should still be less than one liter of fuel. Depending on how you drive, the 6831 rechargeable batteries of the Tesla can cover 350 kilometers. Then the Tesla does not have to go to the gas station, but rather to the socket - three hours later the car is fully charged.

It is performance data like this that makes Tesla's technology so interesting for a premium manufacturer like Daimler - and, in conjunction with the new environmental laws, makes the Obama brand almost a necessity. Especially since the competition is not sleeping. When it comes to the competence of electric drives and battery technology, the two Japanese automakers Toyota and Honda are, in the opinion of industry experts, way ahead thanks to their experience with hybrid cars.

But Daimler is catching up. Not just with Tesla. Daimler has already entered into a partnership with Evonik. In March, the supplier and the car manufacturer jointly founded Deutsche Accumotive GmbH. Objective: development, production and sales of batteries. The basis for this is in turn a stake in the company Li-Tec, a specialist in lithium-ion battery cells.

With Evonik, Li-Tec and, last but not least, Tesla, Daimler now covers all key areas for electric cars - and is not dependent on a battery manufacturer or supplier. The core competence of the future may not come from Daimler, but part of it is now firmly in Sindelfingen's hands.

That is a matter for the boss. The importance of Daimler's cooperation with Tesla is shown by the fact that Herbert Kohler, Head of E-Drive & Future Mobility, is joining the Tesla Supervisory Board.

And Tesla? Why does the pioneer refrain from becoming the Henry Ford of the next millennium himself? It's the money; according to the American media, Tesla has been desperately fighting for fresh capital since the end of last year. "The hurdles to get into the auto business have become lower," said John Casesa, partner at Caesesa Shapiro Group, Bloomberg news agency. Nevertheless, it is questionable whether the business plans of Tesla and Fisker would work. "It's hard to get a decent return on such small quantities," said Casesa. And Aaron Bragman, an analyst at IHS Global Insight, said, "It will be a huge challenge for both companies to raise enough capital to develop more models and expand the business."

Seen in this way, Daimler comes at the right time - especially since Tesla is about to introduce an important new model, namely a four-door sedan. In a statement on the cooperation with Daimler, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motor, says that they are looking forward to the cooperation with Daimler: "This will accelerate the production of the Tesla Model S and ensure that it becomes a superlative vehicle in all respects. "

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