Why are cats afraid of vacuum cleaners

Treats help: How can you get the cat used to the vacuum cleaner?

Cat owners know this: as soon as the vacuum cleaner is on the march, the cat searches for the distance. This noisy monster looks threatening to them. Shy and anxious cats in particular can be frightened off permanently.

For the cat, the appearance of the vacuum cleaner always comes as a surprise. When the noise starts, the cat's only escape is the only way out of the danger that is in their territory, explains the website herz-fuer-tiere.de. It takes a lot of patience to get a cat used to a vacuum cleaner - especially if it has had negative experiences with it in the past.

Robot vacuum cleaners are less scary

The animal experts advise owners of cats who are afraid of vacuum cleaners to purchase a vacuum cleaner robot. It is smaller and quieter, which makes it less threatening for a cat. He could even help to establish fixed routines.

Cats would quickly learn when the robot would start working and could react more calmly. Getting used to it should take place step by step: It is best to first combine the mere presence of the new robot with something positive, such as a treat.

If the cat tolerates the robot, it can be put into operation. Every time the cat stays calm or acts curiously, it receives a reward. So the robot is quickly accepted.

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