Why do few bloggers brand themselves


Brand m. 'Fire, process of burning', ahd. (9th century), mhd.brant 'burning, arson, burning log' is like mnd.mnl.brant, asächs.nl.aengl.engl.brand, afries .brand, brond, anord.brandr, swed.brand (germ. * branda-) with ie. Dental suffix -to- formed into a strong verb, which is attested in ahd.brinnan, mhd.brinnen ‘burn, glow, shine’, in the Nhd. but is absent, since the former causative ↗brennen (see d.) takes over intransitive use from the beginning. Since the 16th century, nhd.Brand (like mnd.brant) has also been transmitted to pathological changes in the human, animal and plant organism. Fire letter with ‘urgent petition letter’, late mhd.brant letter (14th / 15th century, letter here in the older meaning ‘document’, see ↗ letter) ‘regulation against arsonists’; in the Nhd. initially (like mnd.brantbrēf, 16th century) 'Arson and threatening extortionate letter' (17th to 19th century), next from the 17th century (especially southern and md.) 'a certificate entitling fire victims to collect ', from which today's usage, which emerged in the 18th century in student circles, is linked. to brand vb ‘Publicly denounce’ (18th century), originally ‘branded’, so occasionally already late mhd. (End of the 14th century) and mnd.brantmerken, -marken, widespread since the 17th century; formed to the noun Brandmark n. and m. ‘a criminal branded mark’ (nhd. occupied from 17th to 19th century, previously mnd.brantmerk, -mark). to pillage vb 'extort taxes through threats of robbery and fire', late mhd.brantschatzen (14th century, too late mhd.brantschatz, mnd.brantschat 'redemption sum to protect against enemy singeing and burning'), from 18th century on also more general 'plunder, exploit'; in addition arson f. late mhd.brantschatzunge. Insole for ‘inner sole of the shoe’ (17th century), for which low-quality leather, namely branded leather damaged by a brand (17th century) is used. brand new adj. ‘brand new’, the adjective ↗new (s. d.) reinforcing composition, which equiv. engl.brand-new, bran-new replicas (1930s 20th century).