How important is marketing to a startup

The start in online marketing - first measures for startups

It is not easy for young entrepreneurs in particular.

You have to get your idea or your products to the man quickly, because if this doesn't happen, the often meager budget is quickly used up and the startup will find its end sooner than it started.

Online marketing is one of the most important tools for entrepreneurs.

To be found on the Internet, to build up a fan base on social networks, to receive good connections and listings - all of this can determine the success or failure of a company. But online marketing affects so many areas that it is difficult to keep track of things. This article shows which measures are particularly important at the beginning.

Which marketing measures are particularly helpful for start-ups?

Own website

A company, regardless of whether it offers products or services, needs a website. It is the business card on the Internet and whoever succeeds in being well placed with the site in the search engines wins new customers practically automatically.

Companies with their own online shop, which probably applies to most startups, need the site and the shop even more. After all, they make most of their money selling through the shop. But what does the page depend on? An overview:

  • technical features - The website and the shop not only have to work on the computer, but also have designs that automatically adapt to the tablet or smartphone. Likewise, the pages have to load quickly without loading too many bells and whistles. Anyone who works with videos and autoplay does not make friends, at least with mobile customers, as the data volume is unnecessarily attacked.
  • design - the design must be appealing. The guiding principle here is that the bait must taste good to the fish, not to the angler. For entrepreneurs, this means planning the structure of the site and the shop according to the target group's taste.
  • security- Today, websites and shops must have https encryption. This is particularly important in online shops, since private data is transferred here.
  • privacy - The GDPR not only has to be complied with, the content should also be presented clearly but pleasantly for users. Users who have to confirm countless windows with information, data protection warnings or data protection information and click away before actually visiting the shop rarely feel welcome. This is especially true for window designs that at first glance remind you of phishing calls.
  • content- The content of websites must be interesting, informative and well designed. The search engines now pay attention to these things and poorly list pages whose content is practically impossible to categorize. The following applies to the online shop: A good division is important. The products must be found quickly and easily.

Since the website and the online shop can certainly be created using modular systems, but these also offer a large potential for errors and are also time-consuming, it is advisable to have at least the basic features of the pages and shops created by professionals.

They often have a much better view of the relevant target groups, and they can work much faster than an entrepreneur who actually has to run a business.

In addition, agencies like Blue GmbH can also carry out the most important SEO measures and thus ensure that the website can be found more easily in various search systems.

Acquisition of new customers through the funnel

Anyone who knows a little about the Internet knows that there are invitations to newsletters on every corner. Start-ups have to fight against a lot of competition and the associated reluctance of customers to re-register for a newsletter. Funnels are an ideal solution, because not only do they "reward" new customers with small goodies, they also combine advertising emails with useful information.

Some examples:

  • Goodie - If a customer registers for the newsletter, he will receive a small gift. This can definitely be done online. If the customer agrees to the newsletter as part of an order, he can of course also receive a small gift with his goods.
  • information - Depending on the merchant's weighting, it is easy to send useful information to the customer via email. An example would be the garden mailing service, which occasionally sends newsletter customers care tips for plants or information on special species or fruits.
  • Sales emails - They should be sent between info emails and should be tailored to the respective customer if possible. But a good advertising e-mail is not like an insert brochure in the weekly newspaper. Instead, it is important to provide useful information on the way, between which the actual advertising is located.

Other important measures

Social media are just as important today as your own website. There is hardly a company that can ignore Facebook and Co. if it does not want to do without customers. It is important to know in advance that these advertising strategies are time-consuming, because in social networks it's not just about content, but also about reactions. Followers want to be entertained, but they also want to be heard when they respond to content. In addition, there are of course other advertising options in this area:

  • Paid ads - As with Google, users can advertise their pages on Facebook. It is best to promote individual posts rather than the entire page. The latter often leads to a lot of likes, but these come from countries that are useless for the site owner.
  • Instagram - this is the platform that offers potential for many companies. Even if photos are predominantly used, they can serve to bring the start-up closer to its fans - and to get more attention through them.
  • YouTube - If it fits the company, good videos can be suitable. Assembly instructions for the furniture sold, the plant tips from the newsletter, but also explanations of how the software is best to use.

If a company does not have a lot of time or cannot assign people to the individual networks, it is advisable to concentrate on one for the time being.

Conclusion - presence pays off

If a startup invests in a good website and deals with online marketing, it can easily build up a customer base and win new customers. But they also have to be provided with news and information again and again.

With the right strategy to success.

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