How well would you live without money

What would you do if money didn't matter?

I love talking about money.

So now it's finally out. And maybe you've already noticed.

It was like this: When I thought about starting a blog, I had two broad concepts.

Both of them revolved around two of my greatest passions, my great loves.

One was to start a blog about my path to financial freedom.

The other is to create a place for you, for yourself, when you finally want to take over the helm in your life. When you want to use your time for the things that are really important to you.

A place where you can find like-minded people who are like you.

A place where you can find solutions to your problems!

I chose so little time because I want to find you out there.

Because I want to show you that change doesn't have to happen straight away from 0 to 100.

And that you can move an incredible amount with simple steps.

But financial freedom still has a very special place in my heart.

Therefore, and of course also because your finances have an incredible amount to do with your self-organization, Linda's appeal came in handy for me.

Linda blogs on My Money and she is part of the new generation of German financial bloggers.

So none of those typical sleeping pills in written form, which were almost exclusively available until a few years ago.

She reminds me of the great American personal finance bloggers *, she writes funny and very personal about the most sensitive topic in Germany: money.

Now dear Linda has called for you to take part in her blog parade.

The question she asks is:

What would I do if money wasn't an issue?

Thanks to my extensive self-talk, I know the answer exactly:


Profession or vocation?

The first thing I would do is to quit my day job, preferably right now. My job is OK, but sometimes not the best.

Instead, I would concentrate exclusively on my own projects.

I would invest much, much more time in so little time, starting a second page.

But above all, I would give you a lot more of my time.

I'm thinking of coaching on the topics of time management, setting priorities and minimalism.

And I would definitely buy a lot of time for my first, second, and third book.

Not for a second, however, would I consider stopping work.

I have far too much fun developing new ideas and moving my projects forward for that!

I would then invest part of my labor and also my money in the My Basic Income initiative.



I would shift the center of my life.

Maybe to beautiful Franconia, where the Fichtelgebirge artists' colony in Wunsiedel is working against vacancies and emigration.

I would renovate an old house. And the man would finally have his big garden.

I would certainly get my big, fat dream horse too. And do yoga every day. In addition, plan a lot of quality time with family and friends

For part of the year I would be in Brighton and somewhere that is warm.

Sounds pretty good so far, doesn't it?


Why financial freedom?

Financial freedom is so appealing to you (as it is to me) because it promises you something.

Something really great: namely that from now on you can only do exactly what you feel like doing.

You no longer have to hold a meaningless job to pay your rent.

You're not thinking about how to pay your bills this month.

You are free to make your dreams come true.

You use your time for the things that are really important to you.

And now let's be honest: show me a single person who doesn't want that!

The problem is that you only think that's possible when money is no longer an issue.

For me, that's exactly the catch in the whole thing.

You can do everything you want and wish for now.

Don't come to me now with a yes, but!

I would not only realize all the points that I have listed above if money was not an issue.

All of these points are based on the big to-do list of my life.

All of these points are my wishes for my future.

And I want to tackle all of these points for myself, step by step.

All I have to do now is win the lottery, right?


How do you create financial freedom without winning the lottery?

The big lottery win.

Somehow the standard solution when it comes to having enough money.

But let me tell you something:

Financial freedom doesn't start with 1, 2, 3 million in the account.

Not even with amount XY.

Or not dead in the year 20.

Nor with the legacy of great-aunt Heidi.

Or when you retire.

Financial freedom starts in your head.

And now.

Believe me, hardly anyone on this planet feels that they have enough money.

Especially not those who really have enough money.

There are some people who are happy with what they have.

And these are not retirees, great heirs, or gamblers.

They are those who take a step every day on the way to their freedom.

It is the ones who make dreams come true.

They are those who embrace happiness in a small way and who do not allow themselves to be deterred by obstacles.

You can also build something beautiful out of the stones that are placed in your path.

Pretty worn out the quote, but it's just that true!

Don't let yourself get down if everything doesn't go great straight away. The most important thing is that you even start. Get on your way, better today than tomorrow.

Start with small steps.

  • Save at least 10% of your income, ideally between 30 and 70%.
  • Sell ​​all your shit (we've made over € 1200 by now - points 16 and 27!).
  • Move into a smaller apartment and save the difference. (Do you really need that much space?)
  • Pay off all your bills and debts. (And above all, don't make new ones!)
  • Do not overdraw your account. (no, really not!)
  • Donate some money. (Everything comes back to you, believe me.)
  • Start a business (until it yields enough for you to make a living, do it as a sidepreneur!).


Promises look good on paper.

-Johnny Flynn

Don't just dream on paper or in your own private room.

Don't wait until sometime enough There is coal in your account.

Get out there and change your world.

Free your mind and (financial) freedom will come to you!

What would you do if money didn't matter?

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Quote "Your promises ...": A line from this song here by this talented young man.

* My favorite personal finance blogs in English include Making Sense of Cents orReach Financial Independence orThe Broke and Beautiful Life