How do I clean grapes

Wash grapes - the right way

Fruit is often contaminated with toxic substances from pesticides. That is why it is important to wash apples, pears, etc. thoroughly before consuming them. But how does thorough washing work with grapes? Here you will find some suggestions on how to safely enjoy the sweet fruits.

Pesticides are used in large-scale cultivation of fruit and vegetables to keep pests away and thus secure the high-yield harvest. Therefore, you should wash these foods thoroughly before consuming them. According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment Berlin, the pollution levels of grapes can be reduced by 70 percent through thorough washing. Nutritionists and experts recommend the following steps to thoroughly clean grapes:

Washing grapes properly - this is how you remove pollutants

  1. Since you cannot rub every grape with a brush, it is advisable to put the fruit in a bowl with lukewarm water. Let the grapes sit there for about 15 minutes. This loosens the poisonous substances from the skin of the fruit.
  2. When the 15 minutes are up, take the grapes out of the bowl and rinse them again under running water. This will wash away the dissolved toxins.
  3. After washing, place the grapes on a few pieces of kitchen paper, dab them gently and then let them dry completely.
  4. Now you can enjoy the grapes without hesitation, because most of the toxins have been removed by thorough cleaning.

It should also be mentioned that grapes from the garden or organically grown should also be washed before consumption. No pesticides are used here, but small amounts of various pollutants are always present in the rain and in the air. With these grapes, it is usually sufficient to rinse them carefully under running water.

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