Who is Snooki from the Jersey Shore

But let's go back to 2009, when eight American would-be Italians were sent on summer vacation to the East Coast party hotspot on the New Jersey coast. They were given a vacation home right on the beach, a job in a souvenir shop, and lots of alcohol. The scripted reality show 'Jersey Shore' was finished. For six seasons we were entertained by the constantly drunk Snooki, J-Woww with the giant boobs, the hair-addicted Pauly-D and Co. with affairs, wild parties and lots of drama.

From the very first minute, a certain lady entertained us in particular: The open-hearted power dwarf Snooki already approached various muscle-packed roommates in the first episode and was not stingy with the charms. Wild party excesses without any sense of shame often ended up in alcoholic intoxication for the party slut. With her perverted and crazy manner, which she maneuvered into so many faux pas, she provided entertainment every evening, including a certain amount of malicious joy.

Even after the show everything went smoothly for the now 27-year-old: She got her own reality show with 'best buddy' J-Woww, wrote three books and took part in 'Dancing With The Stars'. The personal transformation of Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi started with the success: In 2012 she got engaged to her Jionni LaValle, with whom she has been together since the 'Jersey Shore' times.

In 2014 they stepped in front of the altar. Yes, the formerly man-gnawing Snooki is madly in love and how seriously she means it we knew at the latest when she was expecting her first child. Little Lorenzo is now two and a half years old and in 2014 his sister Giovanna joined them. Who could have imagined at Snooki's party times that she would one day become a completely normal, responsible mom? Certainly only a few.