Drink Masonic blood

Scowling men sit at a large table in the darkened room. Candlelight casts flickering light into petrified features. And if some feature filmmakers added a few clouds of vapor and eerie music tones, the picture of Freemasons was perfect.

Some guests who met with Freemasons from the Görlitz lodge “To the crowned snake” in the Zittau “Hotel Dreiländereck” were able to convince themselves of the opposite. Perhaps the “mirror salon” of the hotel was chosen for this guest evening in order to shed more light on the matter. “After all, we have more guests than members today,” says Thomas Lehmann, member of the Görlitzer Lodge, with his gaze wandering over those present. The aim of the evening was to educate those present about Freemasonry and to answer their questions. Perhaps one or the other could be interested in becoming a member themselves in order to be able to found an independent lodge in Zittau with the name "Friedrich August zu den drei Zirkeln" from an existing founding association. Because "no other city history like that of Zittau is so closely connected to Freemasonry", explains Klaus Hoffmann, member of the Görlitz Lodge.

The construction of the first Zittau hospital was only possible through donations from the local Freemasons, and some lead glass windows were donated by Zittau Freemasons during the construction of St. John's Church. There were 265 members in Zittau in 1933 when this lodge was also banned by the Nazis. Only with the end of the GDR could lodges be formed again.

“We are a community of dissimilar minded people”, is how Thomas Lehmann roughly describes the content of the alliance. Freemasons often have a wide variety of worldviews, and in some cases they are also members of various political parties. “There are also Muslims in a Wiesbaden lodge,” explains Thomas Lehmann. However, in the meeting place, the so-called “lodge”, these differences are accepted in discussions. Human values ​​such as tolerance, brotherhood, social justice or love of peace are goals for which the Freemasons stand up. So it is not surprising that important artists or scientists such as Mozart, Goethe, and Humboldt were Freemasons.

Surprisingly, two female guests were also present, who loosened up the group of men a little. For the Freemasons present, this is a perfectly normal thing, because “we have nothing against women, as we are always assumed to be. On the contrary: we want them too, ”explains Klaus Hoffmann. So: Don't be a dark, strange secret society where you might drink the blood of virgins. Still, no member of the lodge wanted to talk about the content of the admission ceremony. Thomas Lehmann describes the important act as one cannot become a Freemason like a member of a football club.

So even for a guest of the evening there were still puzzles.