What is healthy air quality

Good air quality for health and well-being in the home office

Good air quality - whether at work or at home - has not only played an important role since Corona, but it has certainly come into focus again due to the pandemic. We are now much more concerned about what is floating in the air around us, whether it makes us sick, is toxic or bad air just affects our concentration.

Air quality also plays an important role in occupational safety. Not only in production, where vapors, gases, smoke and much more can occur, it is important to ensure that the air is healthy. Because adequate humidity and a sufficient supply of fresh air are important for well-being and promote concentration.

Ventilate regularly, an option

Open windows and ventilate them regularly is an option to let oxygen into the room again and to ensure better air. However, air purifiers that remove pollutants and aerosols are even more effective. Especially important in times of Corona. Since employees have always moved to the home office wherever possible since the beginning of the pandemic, their own home has also come into focus for better air quality.

Not only practical, but also aesthetic: the Blueair

The Swedish company Blueair, which is the world's leading manufacturer of air cleaning solutions, proves that air purifiers can be not only effective, but also aesthetically pleasing. It has taken the changed demands on air purity as an opportunity to bring a new product family onto the market: Blueair Blue. The new models have integrated air quality sensors, auto mode, which adjusts the fan speed in real time to the current conditions, and stylish Scandinavian aesthetics.

The Blue is compact, colorful and inexpensive. Thanks to the brand new Auto Mode function, the intelligent Sensor real-time air quality and automatically adjusts to optimize its performance. The fine dust values ​​are shown on the air quality display with an innovative color scale that corresponds to the recommendations of the World Health Organization: blue for excellent, orange for moderate and red for polluted.

Indoor air is often heavily polluted

“Very few people know that the indoor air can be up to 5 times more polluted than the air outdoors: We breathe, among other things. Dust, mold, smoke, pollen, bacteria, viruses and pet dander, ”explains Alexander Provins, Director EMEA, Blueair. "Air purifiers have been shown to have a positive impact on our daily lives, from sleep, productivity and exercise to improving symptoms of allergies and respiratory diseases."

Tried it myself

The SHE-works! Editorial team is also equipped with a Blueair Blue and is completely enthusiastic about the stylish device, which has noticeably improved the air quality and has directly optimized the work for our readers and customers.

All allergy sufferers on site "breathe easy"!