How has drug use changed your life?

What are the risks of frequent speed consumption?

Anyone who consumes speed more often to “freshen up” will find that their state of health is deteriorating more and more. Because: Speed ​​does not supply the body with energy, but boosts the organism and thus uses up its power reserves. It just makes sense that we get tired. The body needs rest in order to function. Those who do not adhere to it will experience the following:

  • The body quickly develops one tolerance, d. H. more and more must be consumed in order to achieve the same psychological effect.
  • Amphetamines have high potential for dependence, being one strong psychological dependence that often has to be treated psychotherapeutically.
  • The constant “whip” for the body is a burden on the heart. An increased risk for Heart attack and stroke is the consequence.
  • Amphetamines damage the nerve cells of the brain, methamphetamine (crystal meth) being the most toxic.
  • Memory and concentration disorders occur.
  • The immune system becomes weakened, making the body more susceptible to infection.
  • Due to the reduced feeling of hunger, consumers suffer from malnutrition and emaciation.
  • By sniffing the Nasal septum and Nasal mucous membranes badly damaged.
  • With women it can Monthly cycle be affected.
  • Behavior changes, shaped by stereotypes, d. H. repetitive actions and thoughts (E.g. mumming movements in the mouth area, always opening the same drawer)
  • It happens frequently to aggressive behavior.
  • The breakdown products burden the body even longer than the speed works. Visible consequences are Speed ​​ax.
  • Speed ​​increases the sexual need, but not necessarily the attention to Safer sex practices, increasing the likelihood of sexually transmitted diseases (e.g. HIV).
  • As is well known, the high is followed by a low: depression.
  • Psychotic symptoms like hallucinations and delusions haunt constant consumers. These can persist even after you stop using it.