Which flour is used for Chinese noodles


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Cooking with Asian noodles:
Asian noodles can be used as the basis for a delicious Asian meal or as a delicious side dish or as a main course.
The diversity of Asian noodles knows no bounds.

Asiafoodland.de has delicious noodles in its range.
Perfect Asian noodles for fried noodles like in a Chinese restaurant, ribbon noodles, long and short noodles.

The Asian noodles differ in their composition and type of cooking from e.g. Italian.
Asian noodles consist either of wheat flour with or without egg, the well-known glass noodles made from mung beans or sweet potatoes, rice noodles of course from rice, then there are also special noodles, e.g. made from buckwheat (soba noodles).

Rice noodles turn milky white after cooking. Glass noodles stay translucent and are only cooked briefly.
Cooking with Asian noodles is quick and easy.

Asian noodles, be it Chinese noodles or e.g. Filipino noodles, are almost always instant noodles, i.e. fast-cooking noodles. You don't have to cook for 13 minutes like Italian pasta, but it is often enough if you boil or steep in water for about 5 minutes.

In our Asia market you will find the right Asian noodles for your Asian dish. Be it for Chinese fried noodles or Japanese udon noodle noodle soup.

Do you often skip pasta because pasta contains too many carbohydrates and calories?

Then try the Shirataki noodles!
The Shirataki noodles are low in carbohydrates and hardly contain any calories.

By the way: The Asiafoodland team has put together delicious noodle recipes for you to cook with some items, which you can find under "More information about this product".
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