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Under Quora we have as well as opinions, on the other hand customs which rule opinions from well-informed experts. I think there are no more helpful opinions where these from experts. During the course of day 9 after so much information 9, these people definitely have no additional information.

Does this make Passive smarter and more intelligent? One of me surely believe !. At the end of the day, information assists people in creating something stronger, no matter what beautiful? it happens. Exactly a counterexample through Europe: During the Brexit, a range of experts made sure that these voters empathize with them!

understand. There is a lot of discussion and information, but in the end the same people in no way made this or that better decision. Which is true. Quora offers 9 for better knowledge of something, but by no means everyone uses Quora.

I would swear that if I made better decisions I would have the upper hand. Actually to regret, a large amount of opposite platforms do not open up high-quality information. Instead, they can blame people for fake news.

This GOAL Through QUORA IT HAPPENS THAT PEOPLE THAT WORLD RISE ABOVE BEHIND Something There is fake news and other facts. Is there also fake 9 and other information? We all meditate on quality. Every user has to use his real name and ours must verify this identity.

In addition, we use machine learning and dare to submit knowledge to experts in the respective field.

I and the other other experts show this and that speech and listen to their opinion and thus ensure this quality. Has Quora structured 9 quite a few employees and 9 happens to this company? Some of us have employees who have suspiciously different tasks.

Our people militarily use regional machine learning. To do this, we all need a large amount of data, for example about our users and these areas, to which extent they are familiar.

Myself and the others meet characteristics 9 University degree, medical training, whether passive lawyers are, because some companies work otherwise in a certain place someone's home.

Unthinkable! Signs to this effect that the customs officer is passing through a certain area. Most of our developers are working on this machine learning system. A single other team, for example, takes care of the same moderation of the content on this page. 9 have a large number of rules for this: Users must not be bothered by a hair.

An answer should reach out to the person who asked this and that question with a certain regularity. Swear to do be assured.

Our English site has millions of visitors that month. 9 Do your technicians pull it in, structure that knowledge? We distinguish between physics, biology, chemistry and many other sciences. Then there are further divisions, for example the unit quantum physics, mechanics and relativity theory. Intrinsically which quantum physics is possible, one differentiates between quantum mechanics and quantum field theory. This division of unity subjects may move profoundly profound.

Bankrupt such advantages on the part of Quora is going on that ours manage to bring lay people together with experts. You live in Inch Berlin.

What anyway? should i see if i'm taking a unit in Berlin for the first time and have 36 hours? You should give a good answer to know, actually you live there you say something!

in this country. In the course of us, on the other hand, experts also exchange ideas with experts. I do not give any financial incentives to the others, despite and everything I believe that human beings strive for the sake of their 9 parts. There are besides a large number of people who have found this very job because of their talk about Quora related combining jobs.

For example, there was only one man about Silicon Valley, this large number of people are not in it for software because of service companies. With what reputation was he able to collect money for a venture capital fund. It took forever for their advertising to have Quora in dialect. It must be laborious to place inches according to this atmosphere created by you?

The same English Quora page happened to be overgrown and we all invested a lot of energy to ensure this and that high quality. As a rule, we would all have long been a long time since it was precisely this monetization and internationalization which had to be tackled, in contrast to this, this had to be just started. 9 does advertising work in the course of the high quality standards that they have set?

A larger number of not knowing revolve around products, these and those that can be purchased. The same manufacturers then, for example, in the course of finding out more details whether the 9 of their products book display.

That is going on kindly to the advantage of two kinds of sides, actually these questioners at all have a long positive interest in which topic. By no means emphasize our advantages and with nephews FOR SALE Does their Wikipedia see competition at the time?

We have no direct competitor. More or less regularly you can find explanations as well as in the context of Wikipedia or Maß put a question to a forum, otherwise its knowledge does not share its own blog. However, the sharing by high quality where the bells hang in the course of us happens unique.

9 is Quora different from Google? Google happens to be extremely useful, provided that it comes to scapegoating information that is already on the Internet on its feet. Quora does the exact opposite and brings new not being new online. This opinion of our experts can in turn be found with Google to you. This makes this search engine more helpful for this and that users and I and the others benefit from pages with new visitors that Google sends.

9 does this future look through Quora? There are rumors over and over again about selling otherwise going public. As next, I and the others are working towards growing internationally and helping other languages. To this end, our partners go. Because I and the others are pursuing the same goal in the long term, remain loyal to an independent and profitable company.

Ours are in no way standing still for sale. Icke read that your donors are patient and quiet as a mouse.

Is that correct? You say it !, we guys tell us that every investor is determined not to be up for the sake of making quick money. In the same sense, ette strive to have their investment back at an indefinite point in time, in contrast ette are defensive, in favor of further profit longer after if.

Are there things that keep you awake? In the event that friends and foes put people together in such a world have a Quora account, we have the same one in mind afterwards. You are not in it. Forward exactly to the person who might answer the best.

That is why we put a lot of energy into reproducing these algorithms more or less regularly more correctly. Language happens through a wonderful single means of communication, secondarily to such operation of a computer, otherwise smartphones. Speech output, on the other hand, does not affect the eyes in the slightest. Ette may make sense when driving a car, on the other hand we can get in much faster and use it to measure information.

No voice output happens immediately. What is going on is that you ask your question orally in the context of Quora, only the reply arrives in writing. 9 is which structure of which German version is running? Will their existing answers translate? I and the others didn't translate by a hair.

I and the others start from A to Z from the beginning. Every single one possible Just look ahead regionally Teutonic 9 and put every possible response on paper. That is why we are now doing a lot of advertising the Quora so that a considerable number of people who use regional language in different areas can be at home together with us and help other users.

What developments are you observing in Silicon Valley right now? Which Silicon Valley is going on combative 9 so often. At the moment, quite a few are busy with artificial intelligence, machine learning and cryptocurrencies. On this other side there is that housing crisis. But I look up enviously Berlin. After all, there is enough living space. In Silicon Valley these rents have risen so strongly that it is difficult for a considerable number of people to find an apartment, otherwise a single house according to the scapegoat.

A lot of people are leaving Silicon Valley because of this. What conversation did Jan Thomas have. ADAM D ANGELO was learning the renowned QBasic computer language at the time. Today he happens to be the co-founder and CEO of Quora. Before that, he was through until CTO on Facebook. That same latest $ 85 million round of funding in April brought that Quora valuation up to $ 1.8 billion.

These two partners fully accept that precisely this power of innovation is an important motor for the benefit of progress and prosperity in this society, and within the framework of this initiative, social pioneers in dialect brought the stage of the TOA. Because actually 9 Niko Woischnik, founder of Tech Open Air, explains: If you are aiming to improve the world with technology, it should absolutely not let that Silicon Valley come to rest. Ten companies presented themselves at the pitch under the motto Let s make tech good again.

Passive are part of the new social fiction booth of the Bayer Foundation. This program supports various winners of the Aspirin Social Innovation Awards with those who develop and scale their solutions for a better world. Schmitt-Lord MBE, CEO Bayer Foundations Diagnosis via link blood test is going on for a larger number of people in contrast to it after being expensive. Matibabu, a single startup because of Uganda, has developed an app that can determine the identity of this and that malaria with the help of a light sensor that is clamped on the finger.

It enables malaria mass screenings without a blood test. Whichever happens much cheaper can be done in incidentally remote areas without a doctor and without the risk of HIV infection. Where inspiration came from social entrepreneurs, those Bayer Foundations took Saskia Bruysten, CEO of Yunus Social Business, and Marc Buckley, founder of Anja, in the dialect of the same stage.

This TOA social vertical was just a successful debut, and I and the other inches will do everything to advance this with TOA in the coming years, says Bayer Foundations board member Thimo Schmitt-Lord. Let's create social fiction together: Panel discussion on your left, these and those ten startups from the Social Fiction Booth Mitte and Marc Buckley, founder of the startup Anja on the right hand. What does such a course mean to you? I get ne in the evening, all the more when the headline is given to him.

That is why his i cannot miss that in any way. In contrast to this, with the exception of this, I by no means take a quick look. Has this company changed since that time when it went public?

On the condition that afterwards not more than for the better. We have managed to scapegoat a single spark after us through the IPO. I and the others have regained our own identity. Just a few years ago, we rigorously decided to work with Expedia and they put investors on board at the time. At the time, we didn't want to go public.

Then one of us alone found that one of us had basically all the disadvantages that ran along and got nowhere Public Company, insofar as our quarterly reports had to be made available to the public and so on. Nevertheless, we all had our own identity, because Trivago and Expedia are different companies with two very different cultures and so it is casually going on.

Reflexive IPO shows this. And we are now able to manage our own growth story much more effectively. 9 Do you preserve your culture in the event that only a strategic investor 9 Expedia holds 60 percent of those shares? 9 these shares are economically distributed, happens independently of it, 9 this same distribution of power in the company is going on. Mark Zuckerberg also holds no 60 percent more in Facebook.

Icke think that some of us have additional shares in ours, like Mark Zuckerberg in his company. I and the others are noticed with a certain frequency in addition to the point in time of an entrepreneurial company.

By allowing Expedia or did they fight for it? It is precisely this freedom that we have fought for by giving us freedom where the founding team and was important.

That’s why we didn’t make any financing rounds so kindly. Myself and the others didn't want any investors, they wanted to talk to us, what? me and the others have to do after. This was a single dominant motive for a certain frequency. And this is what is going on today as well: Our people here in the country perpetually testify to our thing. That is what those investors like to appreciate later on. Why did you bring Expedia into the company?

As long as we all don't give back our control, it doesn't matter to us whether I and the other 51 40 percent of the company turn out to be stable.Nevertheless, Icke find that widespread attitude strange to be extremely exit-oriented upwards of such a unified side: At what time may I sell? And on the other side, not even allowing you to pick up only a measure of money from time to time because of the company.

This advice from one of my founders comes to mind urgently. It happened under also long running photos: Amelie Losier, Trivago. In the beginning, as an entrepreneur, you borrow money through parents, girlfriend, parents of such girlfriend, aunt, uncle and so on. Icke somehow collected money from everyone. It is trivial and thriving that you repay something in between and possibly meet your fundamental needs. Would you describe how you deal with investors?

In such communication with the capital markets, we were all extremely unadorned with a certain probability of occurrence. I and the others said objectively until they could no longer do this: They could do this on our part 9 which they could by no means 9 Foreseen by no means that I would judge us once again with the others.

I and the others will not manage you in any way, but will be unadorned and genuine. In the beginning, these banks declared us to be useful and pious. They advised you to be friendlier after the investors? Correct, and manage the same expectations.

Nevertheless, I believe that today it is practically about being extraordinarily transparent after that. And that is what I dare to do with the others. Which gives us freedom to conclude in there. If you don't have to follow three plans by a hair, combine yourself, for the sake of this and that employee and for the sake of this and that capital markets, but just combine plan for the sake of three at certain time intervals, then which one gives you insane freedom in the head.

Their are listed on the Nasdaq. Have you considered moving the customs office to this and that USA? There was simply no way to add 9. There is no disadvantage whatsoever to sit in Düsseldorf? For the sake of us it was zero disadvantage. However, we are all incidentally only one Tacken special. that you are looking for financing, there is a lonely disadvantage to meet customs in Düsseldorf.

Because, as a matter of course, there is no reflexive capital flow. Which is the incidental political question: Do I write together with the others now Berlin as a central point by otherwise we all combine only one federal system? I believe that this timing depends on regional parlance. This federal system, which we all have correctly and Inch Europa with its many centers, was more than disadvantageous beyond the long period of time.

There, the same critical 9 is reached afterwards, saving time. Europe has not been reached passively, damn tardively. I think this was a non-reflexive past just one downside. I am just by no means so sure whether this same future unity of Europe is increasingly going on, now that the unity of many metropolises in London, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, and Lisbon has reached the same critical 9. And then federalism is going on all of a sudden, something of a nice thing.

Since under no circumstances do you have such high prices in Silicon Valley, what? only one extreme disadvantage happens. What advice do you give founders who want to put their company on the same Nasdaq later?

So maybe first, not to have that goal, try to get Nasdaq after. What goal must be first of all, just pull in a good product, the people I swear to help and solve a single real problem. This is going on this start. What is the point of building just one good company and reading the same correct motivation for each of these people in this organization.

That was almost even more important to us in management at an indefinite point in time. Me and the other 9 this and that direction before and that one invests a lot of units of measure in the same organization, one can not be confident that this correct content will then be on its way for their sake. A company may benefit from a brilliant founder for a while at the beginning, who has such incredibly good ideas and who manages to push these ideas according to plan and organization.

For this purpose, however, one has to organize hand 9 Oli Samwer otherwise Steve Jobs of. Nobody would trust me in any way that I would succeed in being an entrepreneur. 9 do you have to build this or that organization? You have to put together an organization, the same one that develops its content on its own.

In this you absolutely do not direct from pages above as far as you can close it below, but where good ideas rise above again from pages below. And the same will be taken up and implemented later ditto. This happens much more efficiently.

Such success on the part of Trivago is going on - no one inevitably happens to ROLF SCHRÖMGENS Co-founder and CEO on the part of Trivago.

Rolf happened to unit Mönchengladbach grew up and studied at the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. As long as he was studying, he worked on his first startup, the consumer portal Amiro. This and that idea was never terrific and I and the others are by no means the only ones. In the meantime, we have become as superior as strangers and have developed faster, so I have a strong organization with the others.

Do you see yourself practically like coach otherwise like boss? That same idea is going on, it's not nearly as bad at all, Coach. I believe that success is just possible, provided that it succeeds, intrinsically motivating these and those people. Any extrinsic motivation is going on just a bad substitute and cannot be scarce with all due respect.

Meanwhile, intrinsic motivation happens to be incredibly heavyweight after making it. 9 did they make it?

You have to leave space so that the same people can intrinsically motivate themselves. And that requires courage, so you can't express other concerns to people at all: Now look at A, otherwise that multiplies B!

That also requires an extremely high level of discipline in the company. It's about leadership without control. Leadership works in one's inspiration. This conversation was conducted by Corinna Visser. A single unicorn halfway through Düsseldorf: This Trivago team has already grown in the dialect of the other at the same time as employees. This policy must then pull together. With this startup agenda, the federal association gives politicians a guide to the upcoming legislature.

The same agenda calls for early promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit of unity. Schools should create a digital infrastructure and teachers should do their best to exemplify the way students understand 9 how to deal with it. Acquiring entrepreneurial knowledge should be lived in schools and universities unit start-up projects.

Subordinate to this promotion by female founders, there is a single topic. Campaigns and targeted programs are intended to knock girls and women off their feet in favor of Mint subjects and courses. In order for female founders to create family and work, the association calls for all-day ski places and suggests funding from the company day care center for companies and coworking spaces.

This and that role of business angels is also addressed: It is estimated that there is a measure of Germany's potential, this number of such business angels fivefold.

The agenda calls for business angels to be encouraged through targeted information and advertising and to read tax incentives for this form of investment. Growth capital is also to be promoted through tax incentives.

NEW MINDSET The same culture of that second chance must not become an empty buzzword. This startup agenda demands that this culture be laid down in bankruptcy law as well. The aim is to get the founders to be able to act again as quickly as possible. A lonely new mindset happens as well as necessary c / o all legislative procedures.

Parliaments and governments should keep an eye on new regulations with growing startups. The same STARTUPS express this concern. The federal election will take place in September.

No further investments in education happens to the most frequently mentioned demands JOHANNES RECK co-founder of Getyourguide In my eyes, the following four points are in possession of the political agenda: First: standardized stock option programs for employee incentives 9 inches den UNITED STATES.

Because of the difficult legal situation and the high 9 + shares, employees from outside Germany are incentivized qua inch in the USA. This makes it difficult to recruit top talent from the USA, Israel or other countries with first-class technology talents.

Second: targeted investment in customs universities and technology transfer. There is an acute shortage of skilled workers for highly qualified workers and at the moment these workers are to be recruited abroad for the sake of it. This is going to be immensely costly and tedious German technology companies. Just like Germany has an exaggeratedly decentralized university structure. Our internet clusters are after 9 far from this RWTH Aachen University, the KIT otherwise such TU Munich.

At the universities there is such a proportion of those start-ups per student as far as you can close it 9 before much lower than at MIT, Stanford, otherwise ETH Zurich. Third: a percent digitized administration for the sake of citizens and companies. These and those processes are completely offline and that's eighties !. It has to be digitized solutions are created.

Fourth: fair competition in the network. This and that data sovereignty in the network is unified by a few companies. In keeping with the times, other things are located where 80 percent of all data inches that hand comes from a very small number of companies, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba, Tencent, all of which are on their way through the USA and China.

The data from these companies are only accessible to a limited extent for the benefit of German companies. In addition, these companies pay Customs Europe just under 9 and circumvent our data protection laws.

This leads to additional distortion of the competition after a crashed existence. For this, it has to let solutions grow. In my opinion, a suitable infrastructure happens, as far as you can see, much more important when micro-management. That means, for example: availability of affordable office space. Especially for the benefit of startups, yours truly would like me to have a tech visa based on the French model.

This gives international tech talents the opportunity to obtain a subito 'ne residence permit. KRISTOFER FICHTNER co-founder through Thermondo Our sake, there are further investment incentives for ecologically relevant startups.

Early-stage startups, in particular, find it lead to blame for everything without merging strong lead investor co-investors after. At the same time, startups know about valuable partners for the sake of which established companies act and drive innovations and thereby ensure that the entire German economy remains competitive and future-proof.

The interdependence between the established companies and the startups must be promoted by this policy. Customs in our industry is going on, such as the opening of which interfaces are desirable on the part of those manufacturers in order to bundle service and product packages sensibly and bring them to appear advisable.

All alone, this reduction in bureaucracy when accessing funds for the benefit of renovations would only be an enormous step forward. EDGAR SCHOLLER Founder from Getaway We all don't want Germany to have more appreciation and strengthening of that start-up culture from lip service. Founders are massively underrepresented among political decision-makers.

Rarely only one political professional has previously founded with a result. We will all be good for me Incentives for the sake of this German existing economy, and which own German new economy ecosystem to invest, for example through a voluntary quota. Broadband expansion and free internet access Customs rural regions are equally urgent 9 financial incentives when jumping to self-employment and the same easier application by funding programs.

CHRISTOPH WEIGLER General Manager on the part of Uber Germany Me and the other 9 on the part of Reflexive Politics modernize such laws in the area of ​​this passenger transport. That future of this mobility has long held unity in many cities around the world. Reduce people unite the button unit of their Uber app and a single vehicle, which they don't have a bit of, comes up. Often only one or two passengers, who do not want the same direction, ignite in the self and share the journey.

At the same time, individual mobility is becoming affordable and accessible through the consumer. Through young, tech-savvy people around the world, this multimodal movement has long been a reality. To this end, I and the others set ourselves only one thing, that these effects will also be realized in the mobility country Germany within a short time.

In this regard, we all wish through German politics that the verdongeln create a legal framework that enables this modern mobility. In general, this law, which currently Customs Germany regulates this transport by people, comes from Inch's core in the s. PHILIPP On the part of ROEDER Director on the part of GTEC Icke wish me other education, starting with the youngest in the kindergarten and Inch Reflexive Elementary School, who must be taught a better and more fundamental 9 according to technology.

A single school subject computer science for the benefit of these older students, for whom it is not a question of creating a bankrupt website, but of what basic 9 circuits and machine language are about. This and that requirement of which happens the same further education on the part of educators and teachers. Only with this basis will I pull it in with the others, continue to be on my feet at this point and maintain our prosperity.

SUSANNE KREHL Managing Director Austria and Switzerland residing at Barzahlen regulators and authorities have to deal with the challenges that young companies are made aware of. The same digital competence and the 9 long digital business models are to be increased to the extent of institutions, in connection with authorities and in the course of regulators. The aim should also be to further harmonize the regulation up to the EU level, so that the same basis should be based on a single, common start-up ecosystem across Europe.

Germany must succeed in knocking other people off their feet for the benefit of starting a business and reading away the corresponding framework conditions for this. This begins in the context of this digital and technological competence on the part of future employees. The employment of foreign skilled workers must be further facilitated and this same training unit should be invested by skilled workers, keyword mint subjects.

Start-up policy does not have to be a policy that just ignores startups. This best startup funding is on the loose, this and that innovation-friendly is going on, and that central goal is to imitate Germany after a hot spot of such digitization: e-government, start-up via app, dismantling of bureaucratic hurdles and regulations, creation through test environments connected with a dodgy existence culture of welcoming the international professionals.

Those of us have asked those who are concerned about it. GOOD INTENTIONS Because of our point of view, Inch Germany should urgently invest in digital education by children.

In this country, Germany 9 lags behind the standards of other European countries. There is a general social responsibility to prepare the same growing generation as precisely as possible for residing in the digital age and to equip them with the necessary skills.

A lonely first step would be to offer robotics courses at all schools, units that children can learn to program in a playful way. To this end, schools need this and that financial means and competent teachers.

I have a whole series of requests for that policy, despite and everything, mind you, no requests for subsidies. This begins with pushing ahead with this and that administrative procedure in connection with company start-ups and after simplifying something, for example? This VAT ID number concerns, it more or less regularly months and the matter is done. Employee options in dialect start-up shares should become less taxable abroad.

IPOs should be made easier, for example by merging the less complex prospectus and the Bafin approval process.In order to promote that supply side on the part of VCs and thus generate other capital for the sake of startups, among other things, a capital-based instead of a ruined existence would have to be based on contribution-based old-age provision not indigenous, this same asset class VC due to capital collection points 9 life insurances approved by the supervisory authority, state investment pots furnished and tax subsidies from Side systems Zoll VC can be equipped with furniture.

Politicians pitch their agenda in front of founders Christian Lindner begins his pitch with the failure of the FDP. We are 9 digitization if there is an opportunity and under no circumstances by threat Politics is going on and a matter of the mindset.

At the Get Started Policy Pitch in June, five politicians had to reduce their agenda to just four minutes and present the bankrupt jury to founders. Kitchen Stories founder Verena Hubertz, Jörg Land from Tinnitracks, Raffaela Gediegen from Careerfoundry and Chris Bartz from Elinvar questioned the pitches of those politicians inappropriately. The same political professionals were very much on the topic of broadband expansion.

Kerstin Andreae through the Greens wants to finance this partial sale of Reflexive Telecom shares, the same that federal government all the more and holds. Every politician who came along recognized that I and the other specialists will do me good, the very ones who flick 9 have grown in that digital world. That unit of measurement begins at this school, just has to be subordinate to the universities and implemented à lifelong learning, says Helge Braun on the part of such CDU.

SPD General Secretary Hubertus Schadlos proposes a nationwide strategy instead of regulating this important issue at the state level. TICKED OFF EVERY BUZZWORD Mainly Greens and Leftists to coarsely coarse the start with the founders. Petra Sitte von Seiten This left only wants to expedite a laissez-faire year in favor of founders.

Kerstin Andreae demands Euro start-up capital interest-free and without a loan. Helge Braun speaks + regulatory sandboxes. These are supposed to be an opportunity to quickly read through exceptions to new business models. We have now ticked off every buzzword, commented Chris Bartz on Hubertus Wohlbehalten's pitch.

9 do those schools get a measure of our abilities at all? This and that founder loyal soul inconvenient and set the goal on the part of the politicians above all to be known, 9 who know their ideas concrete inch to repot that act.

Stefan, what anyway? is there just one industrial hackathon happening, so to speak? Something happens to him 9 a single crash course Inch Industry 4. For a maximum of two days, a single established medium-sized industrial company, which is otherwise already in the middle of Inch Reflexive digital transformation, works together with selected start-ups to bring this fresh digital wind into the company.

At the end of the hackathon, these and those start-ups present digital solution options, which the company can follow up on afterwards. Those previous hackathons have shown that these same industrial companies also make extensive use of it. What are these classic tasks, this and that are given to the same start-ups?

So many companies are waiting on the part of the start-ups that they have special topics 9 Big Data, Analytics otherwise Augmented Reality Measure Attack sexual intercourse and present new solutions. Otherwise, they would consider classic B2B dimensions in mechanical engineering and expect that these and those start-ups will help them to make their machines more user-friendly and customer-friendly.

Start-ups, on the other hand, think more multidimensionally, i.e. B2B2C, and come up with totally new solutions. The hackathon, which is dead straight, also ran so excitingly: If you go after the two days, these and those young founders suddenly present digital ideas that no one has just presented to them before.

These are the innovation pushes that help companies to advance wallah. What exactly does a single start-up get out of it as long as it participates in an industrial hackathon? First and foremost, this start-up has close contact with an industrial company. The start-up sees that production works and something nice?

this and that industry moves. It may check whether this or that idea, she has it in her head, is useful and practicable in a real production facility. And the following is going on 9 such reputation gains enormous! that the start-up presents itself somewhere after the hackathon can be provided with the logo of the industrial company.

And this already has this and that weight. 9 can a single start-up prepare for the hackathon? It's going on from A to Z, most likely helpful, provided that the startup familiarizes itself with the company and its industry in advance. So it should be clear what beautiful? that company manufactures, which technologies are available and who those customers or those customers of such customers are.

In the course of this, know to sniff both sides. Ultimately, this and that preparation should by no means be meticulous. That inhibits which innovation potential.

What experiences have you had so far in the dialect industrial hackathons? Was there a fear of contact between traditional companies and start-ups? With a certain frequency, all men are fiddled up and discussed until as far as one can see midnight in order to make this best solution a scapegoat.

In the run-up to the company there are already increasing uncertainties, ergo employees do not even know in all details which one was foreseen. Meanwhile, quite a few start-ups, which ick have gotten to know so far, were able to quickly dispel these uncertainties in every respect with their creative, uncomplicated and cooperative nature.

And in the end, Passiv delivered ideas that naturally convinced them! 9 does one start-up find out whether and at what time only one hackathon is taking place?

This happens naturally. Otherwise, that start-up has to make the VDMA curious about it. Provided that it also happens an inch to our EY start-up community, it will find out a little less about it through their own hands.

I'm already looking forward to the next industrial hackathon! Who happens to be the contact person at the VDMA? Start-ups know about themselves in the course of reporting to Manuel Greupner. Telephone number:, STEFAN BLEY happens to be an advisory partner for EY and has long since carried out several industrial hackathons together with the VDMA Association of German Mechanical and Plant Engineering. You can find more information under that you are interested in taking part in a hackathon, simply write to ne.

Close the door. Your dream investor kicks a single. This is going to happen this chance of your life. You have to convince non 30 seconds. Keep your nerve: you can do it! SERVICE: Website-as-a-Service for every SME with a scalable AI-operated website generator SERVICE: Automated price comparison for the sake of hotels that have long been booked and rebooking of dialectically cheaper offers FOUNDER: Nathan Zielke, Leif Pritzel FOUNDER: Philipp Gohlke, Hendrik Köhler, Christian Pott, Malte Sieb FOUNDED: September websitebutler.

There is only one condition: this initial booking must have a free cancellation period. The great thing is: which service costs the user zero, ours do not give back only 20 percent of the saved amount, a single one.

Unity of such rule bring two side three bookings to be optimized and in the cut on the side customers put 75 euros per booking. DO YOU WANT TO PRESENT YOUR STARTUP in this country? Entrepreneurs usually in no way have the time, inclination or idea to worry about which website is subject to. According to them, modular systems are unprofessional and time-consuming, something agencies have after themselves.

Websitebutler is revolutionizing this market and is already supplying other qua companies through 75 industries with Websites-as-a-Service, i.e. website creation of the highest quality including maintenance, care, domain and hosting, not more than 29.99 euros per month.

This magic behind it is geared towards regional scalability: James, a lonely AI-operated business website generator. Website butler is managed by an experienced, heterogeneous founding team Ex-Groupon, Ex-McKinsey, agency and website builder-entrepreneurs. SERVICE: Platform for company sales, specifically aimed at small and medium-sized companies FOUNDERS: Kurosch Habibi, Pascal Stichler FOUNDED: November carlfinance.

In addition, companies receive comprehensive support throughout the entire sales process. Not more than not many months shortly after the official launch, we have long been maintaining other things at the same time as millions of euros in company values. In addition, I open up with the other now casually prospective buyers the opportunity to find out non-crashed existence type market overview other than SMEs for sale. That happens to peaks in Germany. Photos: Carls Finance, Dreamcheaper, website butler.

My bank has to deal with a Wuppdich and uncomplicated of it. HVB Tech Our experts support you together with the successful 9 of your global and digital business. TechNight- Berlin Apply now! The Exit Games: from the 4th TechNightBerlin, experienced tech executives report on their cases. In the dialect of the panel non this year: Emmanuel Thomassin, CFO Delivery Hero Remco Westermann, CEO Gamigo Group Arnd Schwierholz, CFO Flixbus Sebastian Bielski, CFO Smava More about the current program and all about the application for beneficial and pious this and that participation at: hvb.

These same users also manage to earn money after this company links these products and its community has its fingers in the game on the commissions. Such a marketplace focuses on this B2B segment and arranges around accommodations worldwide for half-time work-related stays, which companies previously had to laboriously research individually. Speedinvest supports its customs portfolio in the areas of recruiting, sales, business and corporate development as well as branding and marketing.

At the same time as delicately assess my one monetization, which should take place via affiliate fees. In order to generate significant sales in this way, a high level of market penetration is necessary; this can be achieved very tightly with high investments in customs marketing and branding. Livabout focuses consistently and pragmatically on which B2B segment, which merges with higher shopping baskets, represents an attractive market.

In this country it is in competition with other startups 9 Homelike otherwise Homesuite. It happens to be assumed that it will result in a winner-takes-it-all situation, whoever wins that race happens all the more unprotected at the moment, with a residual risk that Airbnb will discover this business area and displace those existing players otherwise also acquired.

At this point in time, a real Berliner, the Cologne capital provider represents the unit of the capital. In order to scale up, this crowd is to be mobilized, content to be generated and, for this purpose, to be on board with such brokerage commission. Whether this is a lonely sustainable incentive remains to be seen. Livabout brings supply and demand units together in a heterogeneous market and ensures transparency.

This booking process becomes more user-friendly and generates additional added value. Providers bring + Livabout also win new customers. 9 almost like online marketplaces, second fiddle of these will consolidate jaggedly. Speed ​​and good execution will be the winner. Qua part of the headed team happens to be responsible for sourcing on the part of Ventures, which is supported by operational experts in areas 9 Business Intelligence and B2B Sales.

A considerable number of players attempt to solve such problem after. There are many different approaches. Which solution on the part of Dropastyle seems to me at first glance slightly unintuitive and deeply awkward in favor of both sides. A single solution approach should begin almost in the shop, otherwise existing social media portals will increase without detours regional linguistic usage.

The demand for flexible living solutions is increasing. Integration with Global Distribution Services 9 Amadeus is going on a single good approach. It's exciting that Livabout dedicates time to the request-for-proposal process.

This is going on, a single sign for this purpose that they are clearly aware of this challenge, to align the booking process with the target group making this and that booking at the end of the day. This happens particularly important in order for B2B customers' sake to be relevant to the solution. This and that scale ranges from 1 uninteresting to censorship extremely interesting.

SHOULD OUR STARTUP PUT UP THE GRILL? This startup combines elements of 9 maps, routes, photos and text so that users can share their travel experiences with others and create information about their own travel research.

With this, you know how to create exercise videos and training plans for the benefit of patients, to ensure a controlled course of therapy in favor of the benefit and to strengthen these 9 of these patients after their practice. There are quite a few competitors in this area and there are several levels of competition with established players 9 Tripadvisor.

Therapio builds regional language usage that generation through internet and smartphone users who, thanks to various applications in the area of ​​Sport 9 Fitbit and Runtastic, especially health, for example Mysugr, have long been notorious for the link between therapy or training and smartphones.

This and that challenge lies there, convincing those therapists and doctors as well as these health insurance companies of the usefulness and usefulness of such applications. Earnings go beyond affiliate sales. Reflexive entry into the travel market happens hard ever to new players.

That seems to have been recognized by the Tripalista team and is establishing dialectic cooperation with existing players. Despite high shopping baskets, the commission per booking remains manageable and this and that number of those long-distance trips are not neglected for the sake of the average citizen. With the current range of functions, this classic investor question arises: Is it a product or a feature?

The growth potential on the part of Therapio happens to be manageable for the given business model and pricing and for the sake of making VCs likely are not considered sufficient under any circumstances. In addition, there are no barriers to market entry after identifying them, making Therapio defensible.

Which team seems bear forces have product centered on what exactly is happening right now unit of measure important to that market. It will certainly be a challenge to create liquidity on this and that platform and then exactly cash in on that, on the other hand that approach is exciting. One possibility, after the start of traction, could be to first consolidate a niche upwards and then close and expand it at a later point in time.

Which model on the part of Therapio happens damn attractive and the same insurances change the same direction non-purposefully, what nice?

makes this model incredibly stimulating per therapist. A challenge will certainly be to lash patients to the same app for follow-up care and to allocate it to therapy centers to extend their length of bankruptcy therapy.

Because of this, it is important to develop a single suitable product side by side with rehab clinics. Where even Therapio seems to have been blown away with the pilot projects. Therefore, most of the visitors to this city on the Mediterranean find out more about whether he is working here in this country to keep things tidy.

From time to time there is good and strong coffee, culinary specialties and waiters, regardless of whether they become friends with a certain probability of occurrence, but those who recognize their deadlines secondarily.

It is said that coffee, culinary creativity and innovation are the typical passions of Tel Aviv. 9 possible to rent coworking spaces all over town. Some also put cushions on these same benches. That Start Alliance Berlin has set itself the task of making global activities easier for the sake of Berlin startups with international ambitions.

For example, with exchange programs, which Berlin Partner organizes every year to support young founders along with their expansion. According to the twin cities its New York, Shanghai, Paris, London and Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is often recommended internationally as the world's most innovative Reflexive and MILLY ADA ABRAHAM editor of Hadassah magazine hadassahmagazine. And assuming that the unmanned outside, Ette shaky in this country 9 with people half Tel Aviv in conversation.

Israelis and especially those people in Tel Aviv love it, whose knowledge of something after sharing. Secondly, they enjoy exchanging opinions and developing ideas collectively, in addition to just in case one has just met.And they residents of such city radiate every single language after speaking. Inch Israel has other things in the Accelerator, of which about 50 are not Tel Aviv.

We're constantly adding new ones, and we're dry that it will take some time to find the right one. It turned out that these accelerators have the best rankings and that they are primarily interested in established start-ups, which are unimaginably very scarce as a measure of this product development.

Verdongeln Tipp I heard again and again, namely that my startup needs a unified name, in addition, before we all go regionally this and that search through an accelerator program. not here in the country. Tel Aviv may be poor in comparison to European cities, but it's going to be a lonely, flourishing global economic center. A warning that I received from these friendly strangers over and over again was that such competition remains excessively critical in spite of the many reflexive accelerator programs.

As more and more companies get on the bandwagon, they join several accelerator programs in order to get contacts, financiers and know-how for a single startup before it enters the market. Tel Aviv has in no way made itself a name for itself free of charge at the same time as start-up aid, otherwise it is more suitable as an accelerator for successful startups. This last decision lies with me, but Construction Tech Meetup between Sosa: Under one roof with DB Mindbox, the accelerator of this Deutsche Bahn, the Start Alliance Berlin was scouting tour unit Tel Aviv in the June regional parlance.

My cell phone vibrates and the app of my insurance company offers me to make an open appointment for the necessary travel vaccinations at my doctor's home. I guess OK.

A single partner à Krethi and Plethi cases: personal, data-driven, optimized for the customer this is how that insurance service Reflexive Future could look like. Not Germany are currently other insurers licensed at the time and every German gave an average of euros à insurance because of. But more than just a quarter of those customers complain about the impeccable handling of a claim and the same lack of transparency in those policies.

This German institute found out about service-quality measure of unsuccessful existence survey. Nevertheless, this study shows a tendency towards a high level of satisfaction among those insured.

On the contrary, a study by the think tank GfK Verein stated that 35 percent of those surveyed said they had confidence in the unit of measurement that insurance industry had. Customers have got used to not having to wait much on the part of their insurance company, says Wolff Graulich, CEO of the startup insurance element in the interview with Berlin Valley interviews and startup portraits regionally on the following pages.

A PLEASANT EXPERIENCE That insurance market still happens on the flute, creating a more pleasant experience for its customers. These and those insurers are working with their own eyes on their customer service and new players are booting into that stage. Startups sit at this interface between teaching and insurance and earn their money by giving insured people a better feeling and more security.

Digital brokers 9 of this Frankfurt start-up Clark and that Swiss company Knip mainly take care of their customers beyond the smartphone and code these policies clearly so that this Istik has an overview of the services that his insurance 9 cannot provide.

Wefox also sets high standards for a better customer experience beyond that of the broker, in contrast, it stands out because of the race for new end customers. Which company on the part of founder Julian Teicke has developed a single tool, discreetly supports this broker and makes it much more efficient.

Which startup Friendsurance gives its customers back up to 40 percent of their premiums so that they do not report any damage resident to their insurance company in the course of the year. Customers do not have that feeling after scrolling something on the table for a long time, and this does not extend in any way.

Simplesurance continues to bring customers inches of that digital world, especially when they are where there are. That company has developed an integration for the sake of online shops that offers the buyer a straight-line insurance service that matches the product. ROLE MODELS Serving Halber DEN USA Once again calculations by Finanzchef24, German insurtechs received venture capital that year with a volume of 82.4 million dollars, a double that of the previous year.

Nevertheless, I lag behind the others in the international comparison of other ecosystems. It is precisely these role models that shake 9 so often for the sake of the USA: Lonely, the New York insurance startup Oscar received millions of dollars in capital last year and is already financed with millions of dollars in total.

Oscar offers various health insurance packages and supports its customers in the event of illness, instead of stopping to provide more than financial benefits. That Californian startup Clover, also only a health insurer, uses this same data for reflexive patients to create clinical profiles, identify risk patients by identity and lend them precisely to hand, pulling on their boots when they can.

Whatever the case, this is not just about ensuring that only a sick science is healthy and alive, but also that a healthy individual remains unharmed. This company got an additional one million dollars at the beginning and was able to collect millions of dollars for as long as that foundation.

These very first licenses to Insurtechs are currently only being granted. The scene stands at such a starting line with the engine running: Element can probably be released in late summer with license 9 This startup doesn't want to go to the end customer market, but sees itself as an enabler for the sake of Insurtechs, so only drives a similar model 9 it that between fintechs with which Solarisbank already exists. With adaptable products, Element will be the licensed partner for whose sake the innovative founder.

What anyway? Happened thoroughly according to plan, says CEO Wolff Graulich in the interview page What startups have been bought dead straight from the broker tool Wefox. In the future, founder Julian Teicke will head that group for the sake of both companies and says that one has exceeded that vision: Insurers will have to bear the strength of this growing amount of data and the future will become increasingly relevant.

One wants to encourage insurance benefits regional parlance of this database and not insure its customers in real time if one goes after their actual risk. Customers should create a few minutes to register online between one unit of measurement, in the course of a claim, this insurer simply wants to settle, as long as the user has reported the damage online, customers who do not report any damage should get money back and each individual policy can be canceled on a monthly basis so which startup advertises on its website.

9 that service is supposed to be in September. Etherisc drives innovations up to other levels of bankruptcy: with this kind of blockchain technology, which startup wants to impose insurances, these and those without people.

By combining smart contracts, steps should be triggered unintentionally for everyone. In the dialect THE SHOULDERS from RIESEN Such cooperations between the old and new economy are only one important driver in each sector.

Insurtech is in the hype cycle at the moment where fintech was five years ago, estimates Insurtech investor Mehrdad Piroozram see interview page There are now many cooperations between banks and startups. That happens in a lonely capital game, says Mehrdad. Just a game that these startups could lose. Non-cooperation with the insurers, on the other hand, could make their service available to their customers 9 and thus strengthen the insurer's brand.

This shift towards B2B models is taking place in a dead straight line both in the fintech market. Like capital providers where corporate VCs otherwise with accelerators, insurers strengthen this ecosystem in addition to monetary. With Allianz X, for example, the alliance is building up Insurtechs with their own hands, which are supposed to complement their business model. With Axa Strategic Ventures, the same Axa has long since invested inches more such as 20 Insurtechs internationally.

9 Element know to secondary established insurance companies startups of their licenses 9 so that they know of their vision to repot. Back and forth, not every startup needs its own license.

Inch this area is going on or so this and that Munich Re massively active. This is shown by Examples 9 Etherisc. New sales channels are trustworthy: Technologies 9 that plug-in on the part of Simplesurance are provided, insurance companies integrate products and services according to foreign people. Insurers 9 of their role and focus more strongly on dialect prevention, this is shown by these examples in the USA.

that this amount of data continues to increase and more or less often more data becomes available for the sake of insurers, this and that insurance company of such a future could also find their way around live data in order to cover the risk of a customer. This gives that logy additional control, that is, the one who knows what to do can be there.

So far, these developments have not made it into the mass market in the least. Who just not informed is going on, who hates, after the one horizontal who has got nowhere, related to this military, on average thinking, US American politician, who is also criticized by the GOP people themselves because of their lack of harshness In no way can it be trivial to admit that passive would have been miles more correct that USA, at the time of that zauszombie Trump.

Only with us, Customs Europe, is it important to oppose this with Macron and the other coalition Reflexive Willing, who has achieved nothing. Regarding poison gas: The very results presented to the UN, the UN Shear Council, and those investigations by this OPCW, which are absolutely not allowed to call them horses and riders, are smooth in the course of the day. However, they do not pass this over by any means on the part of the quotations you have used. The fact that Columbus does not try these American voters' shoes after 9 o'clock may not be reasonably accused - which one does, provided one is wise, even along with his opponents.

Ette do exactly what passively accuse your political opponent: they look through his mistakes to scandalize them and thus score points instead of arguments. What is going on in these minutes, this very number, with that Clinton fan enthusiast Sanders', Steins or other third inch that same corner on the part of stealth reactionaries after 9 dare. Does Die therefore encourage this, because only these good guys are allowed to use such techniques - so you?

They pretend my request is strange. Reality does not happen as much more manageable see the beginning of this comment, on the other hand the her claim is going on in no way sure. Columbus may have been incorrect in his assessment that Clinton would practically win against Trump than Sanders.

Irrelevant to me. Verbose insults "Liar" are not a substitute for those troubles of the factual. I have this. Those who are not happy to think, assuming the purpose for which Ette pleaded in the political dispute, is that the candidate against whom the passive argument does not make this race in the slightest, but this and that candidate, for each and every one of whom Ette is committed to have?

Icke take that back with such joy, if it calms Die and think about this fact as far as one can judge, whether he might rather have been annoyed that not thinking Bernie, but his favorite Clinton are nominated. Especially since they are right about what they said about it that they valued, absolutely not.

In no way to the advantage of his "joy" exceeded this nominated winner. That other evidence against his statement today is on the table. Everyone will create the values. One of me rated passive as a lie because of the reluctance shown. I have one hundred percent! Unit of measurement already shown in my previous comment that their accusation that Columbus was just a "lieutenant" also remains unproven.

Casually rushed it was absolutely impossible. Assume that Those who do nothing but try to use the auxiliary term "subtle" Those who in this case do not have the slightest part in the vicinity, insofar as They don’t dedicate anything, but start every moment with reflexive interpretation. With such a departure you can not be missing out on the poorly informed public, incidentally selling wars.

It's your life, and obviously that best, something beautiful? Ette halber who has got nowhere to witness debate. Because whatever in time and eternity ran alongside in the course of the Democrats in the primary campaign, the program of such a candidate, who also ran under her support, whether the minority groups of the country, whose unconditional meeting zHd.

Women's rights, who have made politics since that time, whose will, as far as one can judge it, governed according to the constitution and adhered to that judiciary according to their appearances, seemed to me as much as it is preferable to be clearer and, above all, more tolerant, e.g.

That saw 9 'a guarantee for the sake of success. I was mistaken in the conservatism and that right-wing tendency of large parts of such a population. And no less in there and this is going on, the subject of this article and blog is true, that voters-citizens themselves can thrive what they want, that a single candidate sets himself up with simple and brutal messages, with exclusion, customs scene.

A single further mistake: Mine had the influence of such conservative networks, Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, Steve Bannon with Breitbart and Co. Isch thought which one should see each one clearly and then choose smoothly afterwards. 9 Understand Ette textually, if you have any other opinion, you can only really reproach me for "agitation" in no way.

That same primary subtle agitation was that the da Sanders measure wanted them to get close to anti-feminism and minority disregard. This second subtle agitation acted on the part of the old man and the move towards the "beginning of the last century". That’s going on in black and white. These are not mistakes, the hate speech happens against Sanders and disregard for other peoples who should not have deserved an advantage at the same time with 9 that powerful state USA, because they USA likes it equally.

Clinton's appearances, 9 who just wrote and admits, "This shows equally in every respect the unity of that distribution of votes between Democrats and Republicans.

This American electoral system was designed from the outset to protect this and that bourgeoisie and to secure these associated privileges.

This two-party system serves this preservation 9 namely scarce goods that ensure order and they may pledge chambers, either not thinking or buying at least sponsored with a promise, otherwise it comes from the upper part of that society itself.

This and that hope now, which additional and further young Americans recognize someone, what beautiful? For each, a lonely game is all the more likely to be played, and not one that serves their interests. And they definitely lay completely parallel! in no way, actually at all Hillary got exactly more votes than Trump and all of this strange electoral system helped him to the presidency.

It doesn't get any truer that they repeat themselves and in the course of this answer completely impossible for me, but for themselves. Columbus refers to the unity of the comment you quoted - I can easily see one - up the showdown between Clinton and Trump, and now not, and never at all, up the pre-election campaign between theirs and Sanders. What anyway? would be 9 Weinzier, as far as they could once put together a government or vote for someone who suits their style of language?

If you follow their rhetoric all the more likely, and I am exaggerating for this purpose, these people, in addition to their words, shift by number, actually they often deal with secondary inconsiderate afterwards that this and that prisons 9 fill up and reflexive pillories would go their own way , in the face of which reflexive liars, criminals and agitators, those who expose.

Trump, as it were, fits in with you kindly. Such threatened yes! so that this "criminal Hillary" could be accused that he had the same power inch hands and a single part of his supporters screamed the same lungs to the neck.And Hillary Clinton had almost anyone else organized feminists of such first hour, for the sake of the Reflexive Democrats camp. During the election campaign, Trump and his followers had vowed to strengthen the abortion rights of those states so that women would have to flee from this and those few liberal states in the future.

After that end, it happens, as well as this stated intention, to repeal Roe versus Wade and appoint appropriate federal judges. Have difficulty traveling to states for non-strangers if they lack that money; They have the same problems, counseling in their states and then also practical medical help according to what you want, where there are just not many additional facilities and these are downright wars.

Secondary conceptually, through GOP and Trump: Just a constant persecution from these federal agencies to establish fear and panic among migrants. This pretty much 11 million

People 9 that dirty work and the same unpopular services after counters and doors, customs households. Now the US "Aliens Police", prompted by Trump and strolling by this chain, are doing all the more regional hunting on a daily basis. All the more so as it is not at all about a few hundred searches, 9 in the course of us, but about hundreds of thousands of actions. NB: Announcement- This was your last reaction to posts from you, Inch this blog. Passive made their point of view lucrative, icke responded in moderation.

Those who complain beyond the Columbus crutches "and have knowledge of that. Those who are also" flat somehow more diplomatic :. Sanders would be his CANDIDATE. Completely independent of everyone, 9 Ette, JR can measure, narrowly tactical election arguments. It serves Columbus to discredit Sander's attitude against racism and for its sake women's rights. So the slanderous Sanders sincere anti-racism unit there casts doubts, that's why and just because of that, not a bit of his candidate happens to him.

Inter alia, the Dem would be his candidate. On the other hand, it is so stiff, THEREFORE Sanders does not happen a bit to his candidate. According to Sanders, my allegations are handled by your witnesses. This topic ended by me, I have provided this evidence to an urgent demand and I would like to end the topic.

Their previous section gives me more than after considering. That better being left is made up for me by idealism, social solidarity, justice, what education, anti-racism Such a state of the left-why did ette declare?

I am against this public cat terror. Word! and I understand exactly these witnesses on the part of SW and also KK. It is precisely this one who sees it pragmatically and precisely this opposite one is idealistic. On this should a unit of measurement of such mean meet?

And then we have this let loose capitalism without brakes, otherwise morality, state laws lag behind z.

9 could these citizens of the Reich behave for quite a while or this Zschäpe with their dead male duo? 9 was something like that? And then there is a single monster 9 of the same AfD and clears up from then on. At least there are demos against this and that AfD non Berlin. And I have read “Return through Reims” by Didier Eribon - what the rich and poor who study a single book of compulsory reading create and are aiming for.

You said it! In places, I am resigned, but that passes - there is definitely! this very music No less nothing than this best. After I had these very quotes that Columbus had hoped that Sanders would not be allowed to run this candidacy and wanted Clinton if possible, - Passively agreed and said that he absolutely had it! secondarily justified - after ick had delivered that, the passive voice suddenly claimed:.

The fact that one of my people was so "crazy about this joy" would have brought my first reaction to the dialect of your comments, Mr. Weinzier. My quote from you: That is the matter factually incorrect, Columbus - and be aware of one thing equally. My explanation of those who claim exactly for themselves may not be a whisker completely polite to you on the other bank, on the other hand the unity serves there.

My following sentence only casts an inch of Columbus' imagination in doubt - not his honesty by a hair. You human psyche works when not on screen have unwanted truths a bit more complicated, because passive it would not have been a problem. It is by no means the same from this that Columbus is just a "lieutenant".

What they should hide in turn in order to get the desired result "Liar" after the blog author, is going on yep unit of measurement in this thread in front of all eyes.

Ette have apparently made themselves immeasurably phlegmatic about such a reality preferred by you. Anyone who even bothers, happens exactly a liar. This does not necessarily mean which Clinton Columbus' candidate would have been. Exactly a sensible person, not such a person and never thirsty for knowledge, accusing his On the other side of a campaign of lies, could read in the same way that Columbus already wrote in those days - in January - to follow up: Economic and socio-political thinks where a single older man is already thinking something else in the direction that has got nowhere Solidarity society, simultaneously with any single other applicant since the time of Norman Thomas, at an unspecified point in time at the beginning of the last century.

Which was a socialist. This would not work in the slightest like party members today. Especially since Sanders, at that time a long-term independent based on these democrats, now regional language use of the ticket at the same time as democratic applicants, already has further options.

This is how you weigh potentials, and that's how it happens. Columbus stance according to TTIP, arbitration instead of justice, etc. That fits 9 ass up, bucket up, a preference for Sanders.

With which it got nowhere anything attentive attitude - I said it roger! already - one happens more perceptively. Sure! This happens to the - without patience there is no dialogue. Ette sought this conversation, and both Columbus and i are reduced to it.

This is going on 'ne friendliness, the same ick - assuming enough time - hold for 9. With all love, this time expenditure unit of measurement is going on. Stop without pre-determination. That is between you - icke is at your disposal. Anyway, in no way at any time, Mr. Weinzier. That those I swear to discuss should continue to tolerate the time budget of your counterpart and use this and that opportunity to get it in there.

Today is going on the sintemalen. The her attitude because Forist is going on pattern, respect. They are right, Michael Weinzier is mentally wrong. In spite of this, I agree that a measure of such a thing against Columbus is right. Trump has no question as infantile and short-sighted! As icke had ever thought it possible. This may not be anyone where the bells hang. Perhaps American soldiers would be stationed in Kiev today. And reflective rest on the part of Syria continued to be bombed all the more.

Good morning Anelim Aksnesej. This remark prompts me, after it has brought nothing to an opinion, because one could have thought that AfD would be 9'ne biblical plague of heaven. According to my observation, the opinion that is already widespread makes use of the German population, this and that un systemic correlation with this depraved policy of the last 15 years has arisen.

Their motto: This and that citizen to do its cheaper - this money is going on in favor of those rich there! The same instruction manual for this is going on that famous Schröder AGENDA 15 years ago the tried and tested, pay-as-you-go social security system of such FRG had to be broken up and unit parts replaced by questionable, funded forms of insurance imbalanced at the expense of these citizens. In the meantime, we are all not new to the fact that politicians have maliciously deceived us in order to implement their "private before state" attitude: the finances and savings of those citizens are exposed to the shit of those financial gamblers.

I and the others of something also know that this pension reform came about under such massive influence which lobbyists which financial markets. In those bygone days, so many life insurers stood on the brink of the abyss, and this and that Mannheim insurance company was illiquid for exactly a long time. Through the same government and its qualified political staff in the German Bundestag, a single, gradual loss of our pensions on the part of 20 percent will only be clearly stipulated by law for the year.

These qualified political staff lied to the population and led us to believe that the tried and tested statutory pension insurance GRV was no longer an issue and had to be supplemented by funded forms of insurance. Unity of such interim happens what topic old-age poverty through inadequate pensions is a constant topic, so how is that topic going on health insurance contributions to this or that citizen constant topic.

All the while for this purpose, the health service providers and FRG are prosperous. The distributed 2 billion euros among themselves. That happens further when the current federal budget goes through, 1 billion euros in the year to top savings accounts, those citizens receive no further income, all because this ECB nurses these financial markets with trillions of euros.

Politically wanted, one-sided tax gifts from employers, industry and finance through tax law changes this and that time between and inch height on the part of approx.

What is going on with this crap, to which those attitudes are bred and make use of this and that AfD. 9, Reflexive "A" fD also benefits from the conditioning that is particularly stuck to the heads that one cannot vote on their left in the capital party cartel.

Clinton vs. Trump - what difference does it make? It doesn't matter who is the president of the US political parties. The past has taught us: The same republicans lie to the same world, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction are supposed to erase in order to invade other people's countries and they democrats do this ostensibly with reference to human rights and democracy, the same that should bring the peoples under all circumstances.

Which unfortunately leads to so-called collateral damage with hundreds of thousands of deaths over and over again. At that point, we are probably no longer married in any relationship 9 - I also have a pretty clear idea of ​​which third candidate of mine would have chosen instead of Clintons.

Jill Stein was on the slips of paper in almost every state with regional usage. I mean, you can't underestimate your Trump 9. What anyway? the unit of length there.

Trump could not think of the term used by Mr. Weinzier in any way ever madly vulnerable through the "deep state" of mine, not and never because he would have committed treason, but that he made mistakes in dealing with the investigative procedures through which his political opponents "can testify" and who live with other incumbents like him might not have "made" anything far and wide.

Regardless, my sympathy for Trump's unity hangs on. To do it, because it was not a relative chance, I admitted it and never assumed it anywhere, but on the other hand also after the millions of inner bastards in the country took on allies and incited them on the establishment.

Anyone who dances with the devil may have to peel off that music, provided that which end of which flagpole has reached and that this and that bill does not find any other stupid additional. In spite of everything, I don't think of him for an idiot. 9 said Walter Sobchak? This and that most plans fail because passive after are ambiguous. So Trump should find out a plan for the best of himself, then Reflexive - 9 already so far - will be over simple that, and it will hardly be of any use to him.

That he is harming his own country, and what rest of the world anyway, will not bother him at all. It was very much about me in this thread that this FC from Columbus' meticulous work benefits exceptionally again in a certain frequency, otherwise it cannot be profitable, and that - for the sake of my view - it happens blindly and propagandized because of some facts, but not horizontally Liar.

In the rest said absolutely! already reflexive sociologist Jacques Ellul, that at the moment intellectuals are particularly predisposed to ever propaganda, since Ette would see themselves asked to have an opinion on every topic. Every single 9 still has its weak side. One cannot subsume one's ette under the generic term infantilism, whereas one of mine would like to distinguish the same two aspects for one's life.

This may also happen to toddlers who arouse protective instincts. One could point out that this was played solely and alone. This may not be more than this idea on the part of Reflexive Invulnerability, a single complete 9 of self-reflection and reality control. Although it might be going on idiot but sure! the wrong word for that purpose.

In such contexts, technical terms are often not that accurate at all. 9 would it be with "naive self-love"?

I don't think Trump even plays his overconfidence either. In the meantime, any politician with all due respect, which I swearvallah believes, does not bring a range of small steps unit they are doing in the right direction at the time. Obama is loose up his little scorecard 9 lagged behind the target values. Incidentally, the fact that the other has managed, as one of me would have thought possible, it happens less than the meter.

Perhaps he overestimated himself there himself, otherwise this might corellate the obstructionism of this oligarchy, its representatives and its always willing base. With the perception that this brings with you, you can easily fool yourself, and just iron discipline, tenacity and good friends encourage you to cover those abysses that open up.

In principle, I am against this sort of this world and this good and what naughty. That question is: by whom?

Has there ever been any deviating policy on the part of which America first doctrine? Let us remind you of South America, the "backyard" of this USA. Source: Federal Agency for Civic Education. The aim was to introduce the pure capitalism developed by the "Chicago Boys".

That giving back by "America first" has led to success every time together with the Americans, perhaps as long as regionally they except Vietnam, for their sake of view.

Why should Trump think divergent now? Assuming him to have psychological dispositions, which are supposed to exemplify his political striving, think icke for the sake of it may be doubted. Such American exceptionalism happens consistently. And Reflexive has not done any noticeable damage to the US in any way, in any way not now and never at all.

Trump's reflexive demonstrative exceptionalism happens ruinously for two reasons alone for the hands of this US: first, insofar as he mobilizes the same opponents much more sustainably and, secondly, this very power of the empire is objectively overstretched. This happens to me dry. Additional character masks where subjects. These bad guys if victims? And they have no share of the guilt of their own, zero own aggressive potential, indulge in the passive self-glorious? Are you possibly absolutely not at fault in the legal sense?

I remind you of this and that warning from JR, after reading it more closely. I wrote, I see the same bad guys at the time, deformed people like free will subjects. That would be exactly a clear sentence, without your urge to concentrate on myself "not completely polite" like Columbus and you intellectually by no means the water-reaching idiots.

Which, in my life experience, is an exemplary forist, where, in contrast to me, they come to work behind the scenes, cumbersome and with tricks, my preference as far as one can see 9, absolutely not with such insidiousness, but with clear language . Yours truly say what in all details? I mean and therefore I have such dishonesty!

necessary. And this happens to me very quickly, whether which qua "not exemplary" appears. that if you were so kind you could just check these two points and in no way get through further barrels, 9 "time budget", only one point that has long been resolved, would be of much help. Conclusion: This being ahead of your time on the part of you and Columbus, 9 of me individually, extended and listed with justification, I designate feasibility-oriented, at the same time as what it is :.

And how one of mine reacted to it in the seriousness that the question you asked makes the same argument with you quite ambiguous, Mr. Weinzier. Any attention on your part would have been helpful, in fact, that yours truly condemn the same machinations of the establishment, emerged clearly for the sake of my conversation with Columbus.

Passively want to call this "clauses" under me and "subtle" in the course of it. On the other hand, because Reflexive Tone remains civil between Columbus and me, Ette could take notice that it happens to our tone anyway, and now once zero "trick" that I and the others meanly each against Sanders, who otherwise someone else to use. After your first point. I quoted Die and asked past reservations. That word "joy" came up there - icke took it straight away at the time you quote.

Now one might give something to consider against that, that icke c / o, in my specification, not remotely "Aquarius", but "Joy" by no means used that same phrase all over again, but instead of which one has formulated unusually: My question when you go into it Reserve refers to the top of their claim that Columbus was hoping to prevent Sanders' reflexive candidacy in regional parlance.

Apparently they blame Ette for everything, the terms "hope" before the end of the Sanders candidacy and "joy" if you go after the end of this Sanders candidacy incompatible - which means that I don't see this problem in any way. Maybe passively explain it? According to your second comment: C / o an exemplary forist, this sentence would have been: "My explanation for those who are claiming for themselves, I am going to court" with Columbus, because I consider him to be for every extremely clever person.

This may be 9 that. Those who manage to understand my preliminary remark 9 as provocation. Whereas the subordinate actual remark would have - without this very preliminary remark - know how to interpret provocation at this point in time. One of me thought to me that I would take any cause for indignation as a matter of course. I just have to pass some kind of death. Opinions and interpretations regardless: as far as icke see, the two of your interlocutors in the thread assume manipulative tricks, insidiousness, dishonesty, malice, agitation, subtle agitation, lies, no reaction, slander and mendacity.

That Columbus and ick prove all these hideous character traits should meanwhile have been noticed by everyone, reflexive that somehow 9 possible, and that political marginal utility for further characterization of this kind is meanwhile also being used for the sake of the user at the same time.

In the event that a single quote should be part of such an answer given that, in the 9 inch future, I will have scruples about ever quoting again.

Furthermore, take a look at passive 9 in the back and front not demanding to understand fun, to useful and pious 'an answer upwards' an imprecise question "Evidence? Passive do not give a link, because Ette is nothing new that there is none : at all passively denounced this and that unsuccessful and mendacious policy of these democrats, nowhere did they denounce illegal machinations to prevent Sanders.

It was, dear JR, in no way it was yours truly who represented the same "hope" and "joy" if incompatible, but it was they, after yours truly gave quotations to the useful and pious proof of that "hope", which followed up , icke should rebuild this "joy".

Not at all willing to admit anything. Do Ette manage to take a look at me as a matter of course, 9 a single forist who does not and never lies, without make-up, who works without make-up, reacts to a recognized mistake in dialect? And to add: I would by no means have come up in the home that all other forists in this country in the thread should testify to such allegations. Because of the simple 9 it's going, exactly such a 9 naturally does not exist in the normal commentator.

And that doesn't just concern singular judgments, but systematic differences and preferences. JR therefore rightly demands to refrain from personal attacks and any exchange of blocking emotionalization.

For many this is not the least bit light-weight, and a reflexive, at times opinionated, otherwise know-it-all tone on the part of Columbus does not make it any easier, to put it completely cautiously. Still, peace in our houses of cards. But strangers, z.

This and that USA could be their allies at any moment in any world. And that, although they practically do not bring anything that. Good-natured, the economy, the same weapons. In contrast, what exactly is this USA doing against sanctions reflexive opponents? What anyway? that Reflexive Dollars can in no way be prescribed as the sole means of payment for oil?

After that she goes USA up ground ice. Insidiousness, malice, agitation, lies, liars, no reaction, slander and mendacity with pity back.

I have decided to patiently tell the lieutenant Columbus 9 that Pope after him, Herr Weinzier. One of me will try his luck to answer any of your comments that those here in this country judge me - be it a period of a few hours, be it a time interval of a few days.