Masturbation makes men fat

Doctors warn against calls for masturbation

In November, the internet community resolved not to masturbate for the whole month. In December they really give it gas.
Every fifth search query made by smartphones revolves around porn, according to statistics. But at some point there will be enough - that's why Reddit and Twitter users called out the "No Nut November" (German: "Non-ejaculating November"). You shouldn't lay hands on yourself for the whole month.

As a countermovement, the challenge "Destroy Dick December" (German: "Destroy-the-tail-December") is now trending. To compensate for the November abstinence, one should indulge in self-love particularly excessively in December.

496 times within 31 days

However, the rules of the challenge are quite demanding: On December 1st, you can satisfy yourself once - you have to hold back. On December 2nd there are two solo runs, on the 3rd there is a triple, on the 4th you have to run four times and so on ... So if you want to successfully pass the "Destroy Dick December", you have to do it all on New Years Eve Masturbate 31 times. This is extrapolated 496 times a month.

Trying to fill out my calender #DestroyDickDecember— BrAzYgRAndE (@iBrazy_TV) November 16, 2017

Comment now Testicular inflammation, surgery and infertility

Almost certainly no man in the world can take it. Dr. Christian Crott, urologist in Kilchberg, also doubts that the target can be reached as the date increases: "As men know, it takes a certain recovery time before the excitation system can be stimulated again," he says when asked by "20 minutes tilllate". "In addition, high-frequency masturbation puts considerable mechanical stress on the limb and this is where it begins to become unhealthy."

After deducting seven to eight hours of sleep, the brave warriors of "Destroy Dick December" would have to masturbate twice an hour at the end of the month. Too much for the penis, as Crott points out: "It could lead to injuries to the foreskin and subsequent profuse bleeding - an emergency - or to the foreskin or glans penis with subsequent inflammation and narrowing of the foreskin," he says. "Inflammation of the testicles and especially the epididymis cannot be ruled out, which can be very painful and, in the worst case, lead to an operation or even infertility." His conclusion: "There are funnier actions." (no) | Act:

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