What is scary noise in Minecraft


A noise is acoustic information for the player. It is used for a realistic representation of the world, but can also draw the player's attention to something that he cannot see.

In the menu / Options / Music and noises, the volume for different categories of noises can be controlled individually. A distinction is made between:

  • Background music.
  • Music blocks (record players and note pads).
  • Weather (rain, thunderstorm).
  • Blocks (e.g. setting and removing blocks, bubbling lava).
  • Enemy creatures (monsters).
  • Friendly creatures (animals, villagers).
  • Player (e.g. traps, attack damage).
  • Atmosphere / environment (cave noises).

The variety of noises can be seen from the sound files. Some sound files are played in a loop, i.e. the relatively short sound is repeated over and over, e.g. B. the sound of rain. For many creatures there are several noises for different occasions (running, doing nothing), one of which is selected at random, so that a more realistic soundscape results than if the same sound were played over and over again.

All sounds can be played with the command. It is even possible to add new sounds to the game using this command and a resource pack, e.g. B. The thunder of cannons. You can also change the record music.

Noises as a hint [edit]

An essential element of Minecraft are the caves. You can come across them by chance while digging, you can find cave entrances by chance while walking around the world, but you can also be aware of caves through noises: The so-called ambient noises are always played when a dark cavity is nearby ( it can also be an artificial one).

Another sound that gives a clear indication is the wither gong. It sounds when a wither is created. Every player in the world hears this gong, no matter where and in which dimension the player is.

Ambient noises can also be a clue. Rushing waterfalls, bubbling lava, pattering rain, fire, etc. are noises that can be heard in the vicinity of these environmental elements, even if one cannot see them. From this you can draw useful information for your decisions.

The sounds of monsters and animals in particular are useful clues to hear before seeing the creatures. The creeper that approaches noiselessly doesn't bear his name for nothing, because creep is English and means to sneak.

Propagation of noise [edit]

For the player, most of the noises become quieter the further they move away from the source of the noise. But that applies z. B. not for the with-gong or thunderstorm-thunder. Therefore, there is no one single rule for all sounds. Rather, how it should be heard is stored in the program for each sound.

By default, you can hear a sound 16 blocks away. The blocks in between do not matter, i.e. you can hear all the noises even through walls or rocks. The block that the rain hits serves as the noise source for rain. If you fly more than 16 blocks above the surface, you can no longer hear rain. Thunder can still be heard, i.e. this is not a standard noise.

For details on the technical implementation of the noise volume, see the parameter distance at the command.