Why do people like nudist beaches

Nudist survey: Germans love it naked

Croatia: Camping in Valalta (Photo: Valalta)For some, total liberation, for others, a reason to look away. Even if the sight is not always a pleasure, for some, textile-free bathing, sunbathing or even hiking is simply part of their summer vacation. But not everyone agrees and does not want to be unexpectedly confronted with nudity. The topic of nudism moves many minds. How much skin on the beach is okay? Opinions quickly differ on this question. A survey by the travel portal HolidayCheck.de now shows that Germans also like it revealing.

More than half find nudism completely OK

A small majority of a total of 52 percent have nothing against a bit of nudity. 20 percent of the 52 percent feel "topless" as completely normal and another eight percent of the survey participants say that because of them, nudism could be everywhere. The remaining 24 percent are liberal. They say, "Anyone as he likes, nothing bothers me." The conservative group is against it. Complete swimwear is an absolute must for every sixth beach holidaymaker (16 percent). And another 32 percent of those surveyed think that if they are already naked, then these vacationers should please stay in the nudist area. Over 3650 users took part in the survey.

From beaches and hiking trails: nudist leisure activities

Hikers in the Harz should be prepared for the fact that you might run into nudists wearing only a walking stick between Dankerode and the Wippertalsperre. The route is 18 kilometers long and is mostly located in the Mansfeld-Südharz district. The trail is well signposted so that embarrassing situations can be avoided. Right at the beginning of the hiking trail, the hiker is warned with a "If you don't want to see any naked people, you mustn't continue here" sign. The path will be officially opened in spring 2010. However, since it is already signposted, there is nothing in the way of nudist happiness. In the meantime, the fan base for free-body hiking trails has grown. There are already special nude hiking trails in Austria and Switzerland. In Germany, naked hikers who are on normal routes could be prosecuted for causing public nuisance.

Nudist beaches: where all covers fall safely

Whether the North or Baltic Sea, parks or quarry ponds, France or Croatia - nude bathing is on the rise, also in Germany. Sylt is not only the island of the rich and famous, but also a center of nudist culture. Numerous beaches and sections such as Hörnum (with beach sauna), Rantum (with bars, sanitary facilities, restaurants, kiosks), Westerland, Wenningstedt and Kampen are part of it. In bad weather, the "Sylter Welle" leisure pool attracts with a sauna area. There is no special nudist time in the bathroom itself. Amrum, the smallest of the North Frisian Islands, also offers a family-friendly nudist area. On the Kniepsand, a sand bank up to 1.5 kilometers wide in the west of the island, several sections are designated for nude bathing, for example near the villages of Norddorf, Nebel and Süddorf. At Wittdün am Leuchtturm there is a DFK family tent (German Association for Nudism) with parking spaces, which can only be used with a club ID. Nude bathing has a long tradition on the island of Usedom. Numerous beaches already attracted sun worshipers in GDR times and are still popular nudist areas today. Uncovered bathing is permitted in the seaside resort of Ahlbeck on the eastern beach and in Bansin in the western beach area. There are also mixed textile and nudist beaches in Karlshagen, Trassenheide, Ückeritz and Zinnowitz.

Naturist hotel opens in the Black Forest

A nudist hotel opens in Freudenstadt in the Black Forest, which is intended to offer refuge for lovers of nudism. The date has not yet been set, but FFKers can already book via the homepage. The naturist hotel "Rosengarten" is located in the somewhat remote district of Zwieselberg. The owner - a chef, pastry chef, bartender and a self-confessed naturist for 25 years - is already promoting his concept on the homepage. Among other things, the hostel will be heated to around 26 degrees in winter so that you don't have to freeze in the cold season. Wellness treatments are also to be offered.

Naked in the Alps

If you don't want to bare yourself, you can pay a visit to the "Miniatur Wunderland" in Hamburg. There is an area there that depicts naked people on a glacier in Switzerland. The "Miniatur Wunderland" is a huge model railway and recreates countries and regions in miniature - peppered with many details and lovingly designed. Originally, the nudist attraction was a Greenpeace campaign aimed at pointing out the vulnerability of the dwindling Aletsch Glacier (the largest and longest glacier in the Alps in terms of area). The US installation artist Spencer Tunick and Greenpeace organized a “living sculpture” in August 2007: Hundreds of naked people posed on the glacier. This spectacular testimony against global warming has now found its way into the miniature world.

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