How old is your toothbrush

Electric toothbrush for children: when and which model?

Electric toothbrushes have many advantages and are popular with adults. No wonder that children are also often very interested in the technical toothbrushing aids. But: When is the right time to buy an electric toothbrush for children?

Basically, the German Dental Association recommends that children You should learn to brush your teeth first with a conventional manual toothbrush. The correct sequence when brushing is just as important as reaching difficult areas in the mouth. Regular toothbrushes are therefore the better choice for children in toddler and kindergarten age.

Manufacturers offer electric toothbrushes for children from the age of three. However, many dentists recommend its use first from the age of four at the earliest, so from the fifth birthday. As you reach preschool age, you can start thinking about an electric toothbrush for your offspring.

The correct brushing technique is not the only reason for this age recommendation. Rather, they are Deciduous teeth are only fully developed from the age of four. In addition, the handle parts of most electric toothbrushes are still too heavy for children under five to hold safely. Together with the not yet developed motor skills, this means that the teeth cannot be thoroughly brushed in many places.