Were there Mandalorian Jedi

Mandalorian Wars

Mandalorian Wars

  • Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders
  • Mandalore the ultimate
  • almost complete annihilation of the Mandalorian fleet and army
  • Exact losses of Jedi, soldiers and ships unknown

Major battles

Decisive battle

The Mandalorian Wars were a series of campaigns of conquest by the Mandalorians through remote worlds of the Outer Rim with the aim of provoking the Galactic Republic and challenging it to war. After initial hesitation, the republic embarked on this war, which would ultimately last 16 years. It ended in 3960 VSY with the almost complete obliteration of the Mandalorians.



In 4000 VSY the SithExar Kun led the Sith and Krath into a war with the Republic and especially with the Jedi. Here Kun's student Ulic Qel-Droma, who was responsible for strategic planning, met the Mandalorian Crusader under Mandalore the indomitable. The Crusader had left their homeland Mandalore to wage war in the galaxy, because this represented a "religious duty" for them - and because they were looking for new worlds that they could bring to the Mandalorian empire.

Qel-Droma earned the respect of the Mandalorians by fighting a duel with the Mandalore and defeating him in it. This prompted the Crusaderto join the alliance that gave itself the name "Forces of Darkness". Together with their allies, the Mandalorians carried the war as far as Coruscant.

This one called the Great Sith War (also Great Sith War or Exar Kun war) known war ended with a devastating defeat of the "Forces of Darkness". While the Sith were defeated at Exar Kun's headquarters - the Massassi Temple on Yavin IV - the Mandalorians on Onderon were defeated. Mandalore the Indomitable died on Dxun, the jungle moon of Onderon, when he was eaten by wild animals and so the Mandalorians finally fled under the leadership of the new Mand'alor - the TaungMandalore the Ultimate.

This defeat - and the escape in particular - was something the Mandalorians could not accept. Therefore, in retrospect, they began to refer to this war only as a "temporary defeat" and to argue that the "last great battle" with the republic still understood, in which they would prove themselves and ultimately emerge victorious from the battle.

The "Crusades"

The Sith War had only stimulated the fighting spirit of the Mandalorians, but weakened them materially because they had lost large parts of their fleet and countless fighters. Therefore, they had to begin in secret to regroup their forces and carefully plan their great strike against the republic. The armed forces first had to be rebuilt before the republic could be forced into war - if the republic discovered them too early, it would have devastating effects on the Mandalorian army, which had not yet been re-strengthened.