How do I promote a webinar

The 7 best tips for promoting your webinar

Hosting a webinar is fun, effective, and adds to your brand equity and sales results. But how do you get enough and the right audience? Because webinars have been going on for as long as the internet is known to a large audience, there is a lot of knowledge about it. We know how, when and where you can best reach your audience to promote your webinar.

These are the top 7 tips for inviting people to a webinar.

1. Invite all of your contacts and ask them to share your invitation

If you have a certain topic, you will know within your own contacts who might be interested in it. But don't forget that people who aren't interested also know people who are interested. So communicate with everyone. Also for the people around you who are probably not interested. Always ask them if they want to share the invitation. In this way you can also reach people you don't know.

2. Use all of your and your friends' communication channels

Posting on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest is easy. But there are many more channels you can use to invite people to your webinar. Here are the most commonly used channels in order of effectiveness:

1-on-1 communication

The most effective way to invite people to your webinar is if you do it in person and 1-on-1. No medium can convey the story that has to be told with more passion and conviction. Your enthusiasm and the question of whether they know people who might also want to be there will ensure the most loyal fans.

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One-to-one communication can be done in the following ways:

    1. Spontaneously tell everyone you meet about your webinar
    1. Call your direct friends one by one and promote your webinar
    1. Go to events and conventions and tell everyone what you are up to
    1. Get into a company and speak to people spontaneously
    1. Stand at the entrance of busy places and ask if people have time

Use all of your social media channels and contacts

Don't leave any social media channel idle. Put in all your accounts and if you don't already have one, create one. Also ask your best friends in a personal message to share your post on their timeline. A "Like" is nice, but if they share your post, you'll reach more people.

The 12 most used social media channels are:

    1. Facebook
    1. Twitter
    1. Pinterest
    1. LinkedIn
    1. YouTube
    1. Vimeo
    1. Tumblr
    1. Instagram
    1. Flickr
    1. FourSquare
    1. Vine
    1. SnapChat

Send personal messages

Send personal messages to any of your contacts that you think may be of interest. Make sure you tell them something about why you think this webinar might be of value for them to attend. You can also tell them why you think they may find it worthwhile to invite their contacts.

Tips for inviting with a personal message

    1. Always use the name of the person you are sending the message to
    1. Put something personal in the message
    1. Say something about why you are texting this person
    1. Explain why you think it is important for that person to be present

Email the invitation to your webinar to all of your contacts

Email remains an effective means of communication. That's because most people open their emails when they come from someone they know. Another reason is that an email can contain a lot of information and is easy to save for future reference.

Tips for email invitations

    1. Send the email using your own name
    1. Always start with a personal message from you to the recipient
    1. Don't forget to send a reminder email. Emails are often opened and then forgotten again.
    1. Make sure you answer all of the recipient's questions

3. Make sure the potential visitor knows exactly what to expect

Whether you are giving a free webinar or a paid one, it costs time and / or money for the visitor. In order to invest this time and / or the money, the potential visitor wants to be well informed.

The basic questions you always want to answer before a webinar are

    1. What is this webinar about and what can I learn from it?
    1. How long does the webinar last, when is it and what does it cost?
    1. Who is giving the webinar and what access data does the host have?
    1. What kind of people will be there?
    1. In what way will the webinar be interactive?

These are the best ways to promote a webinar

The nice thing about the text is that the reader can go through everything in peace. But a lot of people don't like to read. A picture is worth a thousand words, but it gives more feeling than explanation. Therefore, a short film preview of your webinar is the best medium to promote your webinar. Supplemented with text and a suitable photo, you can get your audience sufficiently enthusiastic about your inspiring webinar topic.

The film industry has been using trailers to promote a new film for decades. In combination with a short text and a movie poster, this turns out to be the most effective way.

4. Promote your webinar for free and paid

There are many ways to promote a webinar for free or for a fee. If you're sure you're getting an audience and hosting a paid webinar, paid advertising is a great option.

Promote your webinar for free

To advertise your webinar for free, you can use both online and offline channels. In other words, the internet or physical locations.

Promote your webinar for free on the internet

There are several platforms on which you can announce your webinar for free. For example: When you create a webinar on TheONE Webinar, it will be automatically, free of charge and actively promoted to all members of the TheONE Community, including by email. This can generate thousands of potential visitors

Promote your webinar offline for free

You can ask if you can hang a poster in different places. This can be at your sports club, but also in the bakery or in your office. Usually they'll be happy to help, and some posters cost very little to print these days.

Your webinar, paid advertising

Depending on how much budget you have, paid communication enables you to communicate very specifically with your potential target group. For example, through affiliate marketing, you can agree that you only pay when someone has registered. That way, advertising never costs more than you earn from it.

Paid advertising for your webinar on the Internet

  • Google AdWords
  • Social media channels like Facebook
  • Hiring influencers
  • Banner ring
  • Affiliate marketing

Paid promotion for your webinar in physical locations

  • Place posters in the street, on billboards or other public places
  • Use taxi advertising or trains and buses

5. Write blog posts about your webinar

A very effective way to promote your webinar is to write blog posts. There are several free blogs you can post to, but not all are equally effective. The more visitors a website has, the bigger the audience you can reach with your blog posts.

The benefit of blog posts for your webinar

Writing blog posts for your future webinar has the following advantages:

1. It increases your authority as a webinar host

It will be read that you are an authority on the area you are about to present. Make sure your article is detailed, and references to your webinar and other articles you've written.

2. It increases the SEO value of your profile or your webinar site

By linking your article to your own (profile) page, webinar page or blog, you increase your value within Google. This increases the ranking of the pages you are linked to, which leads to more visitors.

3. It increases the number of visitors to your webinar page

There will always be people who read your blog and then visit your webinar page. The more visitors, the higher the chance that someone will sign up.

6. Send a press release about your webinar

Sending a press release is very effective if the topic of your webinar is appropriate. The media will be in no rush to write about anything commercial, and the umpteenth free webinar on online marketing isn't news either. Your webinar needs to be newsworthy to get media coverage.

Tips to get the media to write about your webinar

  1. Make sure someone you know is present at your webinar
  2. Holds a webinar on a controversial and current topic
  3. Hold the webinar in a very special place, like on an ice floe at the North Pole
  4. Ask a friend who is a journalist to write something

7. Conduct webinars frequently

If this is your first time doing a webinar, you shouldn't expect the whole world to be waiting for your story. Once you've given a webinar, people will start talking about it. Next time you will see more people care.

It's also possible that some people didn't have the time or couldn't attend when you gave your webinar. It is therefore no problem at all to host the same webinar several times. This way you give everyone the chance to be present.

In addition, the participants can give your webinar a rating. Once you have a series of high ratings for your previous webinars, it gives new attendees confidence.