Why is it good to listen to the radio?

Why the same music is always played on the radio

Interesting contribution, but unfortunately in many respects misses the reality. Economic efficiency is at the top of the agenda for all channels, unfortunately diversity and creativity come much later. That is the reason for all the "problems" in modern radio and why we can no longer save ourselves from advertising, laughable 1 minute news programs and a music rotation of what feels like 15 songs. There are NO more moderated programs on the larger broadcasters for young audiences (this produced comedy crap a la Tanke Anke etc. does not count, even the empty jerking of many moderator duos in the morning is not a broadcast for me).

I only believe that the listener is responsible for all of this to a limited extent. Yes, the masses don't want to be burdened with serious issues or their completely strange music in the morning before work (1h African music in the morning at 7:00 a.m.?). This is due to our increasingly narrow-minded and superficial society and attitudes. Exactly there it would be the task of the public transport to set contrast points (is also in the broadcasting contract), they certainly have the money for it (GEZ), so they are not solely dependent on market success. Unfortunately, this conviction and this work assignment no longer exist with almost any broadcaster, so you have to switch to old-man radio like Deutschlandfunk. I had already mentioned the ridiculous reporting: messages of 1-4 minutes in length (zero information content, just cut out headlines a la picture, but sometimes every half hour so that the advertising block is allowed again). Mini-posts of less than 5 minutes in which a topic is mentioned but never dealt with.

The Music Research polls are just unrealistic. If I play any title to any listener (and there are already listeners, someone says "NO, I haven't been listening to the radio for a long time, because" this listener is NOT asked any further questions), first the worn-out catchy tunes a la Collins and then the current radio top songs (Sweet but Psycho) and then a current song by Madeline Juno or BTS, what will over 80% of listeners choose? Right - what you know. That is human and also due to the situation. A survey does not take place when someone prepares to listen to the radio for a comfortable hour, but rather adhoc, i.e. always at the wrong time. What is strange / new is reflexively rejected by most people (self-protection), it requires more to be able to get involved in new worlds. This path is too laborious for the broadcasters, it requires more staff, more fine tuning, and also produces more wrong decisions. You take the safe middle ground, take the safest bet. And in October already plays Last Christmas 6 times a day. Because "the listeners" want it.

Take a look in the top charts of the streaming portals to see what the masses are hearing (more young people are now listening to streaming music than radio). I am not enthusiastic and very happy that Capital Bra and Apache 207 are not played 30 times a day on the radio, but that they are played there ZERO times is unfair and does not correspond to reality. The fact that up-and-coming artists, especially from Germany, are not offered any platform on the radio is a cultural indictment, regardless of whether they are songwriters, pseudo gangster rap or dubstep. Music is diversity and freedom. Radio is now the smallest keyhole in the world to come into contact with music and to be able to develop openness, interest and your own taste (the recommendation in streaming services is right in second place, it makes exactly the same mistake).

The fact that as a casual listener you hear the same song every hour, regardless of whether you change the channel or not, and every day, is a fact that is not based on imagination. The job of a music editor at radio today is not challenging, but monotonous and bloodless. Unfortunately, the whole thing is a sign of our time, on television and elsewhere it doesn't look any better. Diversity takes effort, I have to take my time, form an opinion, choose. That this may not be popular, but that cultural bodies such as radio stations refuse to do their actual job is not acceptable. The radio is not just there for continuous coverage.