How is country life

The myth of rural life: what do they all want in the village?

If, like me, you grew up “in the country”, but at some point successfully made it to the big city, then there is often a very great fear in life of having to go back to the country. We as rural refugees see this as the ultimate failure, the proof that we have achieved nowhere in life. We perceive the question - “Do you want to go back to your homeland at some point?” As an insult. Of course not! Returning to the country would mean that the narrow-minded small town or village mentality must have seeped deep into the core despite all resistance - and prevented success in the big, wide world. No way.

It is all the more astonishing to observe the latest trend towards escapism, which is used to hide from the stresses and strains of modern life: city dwellers on the verge of real adulthood, a status that, according to recent studies, can only be reached at the age of 30, move to the countryside. Or at least they are talking about wanting to move to the country in order to renovate old, run-down farmhouses with their own hands and make them habitable. This is the new favorite daydream of privileged citizens. After studying and a wild time in the big city - ha, all the memories! - the home comes in the country. In any case, the idea that the real, real and beautiful life can neither be found in cookie dough restaurants nor in the Netflix account, but waits in a meadow of flowers swarmed by bumblebees, burns deeper and deeper into brains afflicted with fatigue syndrome.

I wonder how it can happen that for years people have given their neurotic urban identity the absolute cultural sovereignty - and suddenly googling “Real Estate Brodowin” during sleepless nights (this is a small town in Brandenburg where Germany's largest Demeter farm is ecologically correct Manufactures food). But no wonder, many who were once publicly cool are now glorifying country life. Charlotte Roche demands in her columns that you should leave the cities immediately, Bela B has written a village thriller, Sarah Kuttner's favorite hobby is cutting roses in her country house. The bestseller lists have not been able to do without country novels for years, everything from entertaining to serious is included: “Unterleuten” by Juli Zeh, “Lunchtime” by Dörte Hansen, “Warped” by Susanne Fröhlich.

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