Why should you connect Quora to LinkedIn?


At first glance, Quora seems to be just another question-and-answer portal such as Yahoo Answers, Answers.com or Gutefrage.de. The online service, founded in 2009 by former Facebook employees, promises to deliver the quality of content that users often miss with the classic alternatives. The core functionality of the software shows that this is not an empty promise. In addition, well-known experts and personalities, such as Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales or the WWW inventor Tim Berners-Lee, are among the users of the platform and also provide highly qualified answers. Questions asked or answers provided can be edited retrospectively by other members. This motivates the community to continuously improve the content.

What distinguishes Quora from the classic question-and-answer portals is the seamless integration with social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Co. or the implementation of features that are known from such platforms. With Quora, like with Twitter, it is possible to follow other users and subscribe to topics and discussions.

In addition to the central web platform, Quora offers an iPhone app that is available free of charge in the App Store. A major disadvantage, however, is that the content is currently only available in English.

CW conclusion:Quora tries to build a knowledge database that provides better answers to specific questions than a search on Google or Wikipedia. It is to be hoped that the platform will soon be available in German. (ph)

  1. Memonic - knowledge management for companies
    "Memonic" is a knowledge management tool in the cloud with which private users as well as companies can create notes, research topics online, save web content, share it with the team and work on it together.
  2. Miranda
    If you want to collect many friends in different networks in one clear and adaptable client, you will find the right software in Miranda. However, you should limit yourself to simple things like chats and file exchange - other services can cause problems under certain circumstances.

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  3. WirelessKeyView
    WirelessKeyView saves the user a lot of trouble if the WLAN key is lost and cannot be easily read from the router. The software does not currently work with Windows 7. However, as the tool is being further developed, it is to be hoped that it will soon be adapted accordingly.

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  4. Wireless NetView
    The WLAN setup can often be tedious, especially for mobile users - with the help of Wireless NetView you can get all the detailed information about the available wireless networks.

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  5. Outlook tools
    Outlook is complex. Outlook Tools offer a kind of customer service for this.

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  6. Mini calendar for Outlook
    Appointment requests or vacation planning by e-mail - this is more convenient than in text form via embedded calendar excerpts using the "mini calendar for Outlook".

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  7. Gadgets for compressed Outlook information
    Thanks to these three practical mini-applications, you have all important Outlook content at a glance.

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  8. Compatible calendars with Notes 8.5
    Read how to set up compatible calendar messages for different e-mail platforms in Notes.

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  9. ActiveSync Tester
    The ActiveSync Tester makes it much easier to troubleshoot problems with ActiceSync. There is no such thing as a horse's foot: In order to use the tool, registration is not necessary, and user and server information is not forwarded to the manufacturer Asavie Technologies. It only advertises its VPN service AccessMyLAN on the diagnostic page.

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  10. CouchCommerce makes online shops fit for mobile
    "CouchCommerce" offers online shop operators a simple way to optimize their offer for smartphones and tablets without much effort.
  11. iCurrency Pad - Currency converter for iPhone and iPad
    Finding a usable one among the countless currency calculators that Apple's App Store has to offer is not that easy. "iCurrency Pad" is the exception here.
  12. Uservoice promotes customer dialogue
    With "Uservoice" companies have a useful online service that integrates customer feedback and help desk software to promote dialogue with customers and visitors.
  13. Vsee - secure video conferencing for PC and Mac
    If you are looking for a safe and, above all, simple video conference solution without frills, you will find it at Vsee.
  14. Finanzblick makes online banking mobile
    Buhl Data Service GmbH offers the home banking solution "Finanzblick" for iPhone and iPad.
  15. E-Conomic - online accounting for freelancers and medium-sized companies
    "E-Conomic" is a powerful online application with which small and medium-sized companies as well as freelancers can do billing and bookkeeping in the browser.
  16. Dozeo makes online meetings easy
    The Stuttgart startup Dozeo offers an online meeting service that works without installing software in the browser.
  17. Mandrill - Reliable email service for application developers
    The makers of the popular newsletter service MailChimp are now offering "Mandrill", another email service aimed at application developers. With the service, they can reliably send automated e-mails, for example when registering users.
  18. Popfax, online fax solution for medium-sized companies
    With "Popfax" small and medium-sized companies have a complete solution for online faxing at their disposal, which is available for web, desktop and mobile.
  19. Happier customers with Zendesk
    "Zendesk" is intended as modern help desk software that promises to improve customer support across all channels.
  20. Billomat - efficient billing in the cloud
    With "Billomat", small and medium-sized companies as well as the self-employed have a comprehensive solution for efficient billing in the cloud.
  21. Money Journal - control over income and expenses
    "Money Journal" for iPhone and iPad is a useful app for money management in the style of a planner, with which you can always keep an eye on your finances.
  22. Good Noows - the personal news stream
    The "Good Noows" online service offers a simple way of finding interesting news and news sources on the global network and managing them efficiently at a central location.
  23. Ifttt links popular web services
    "If I upload a new picture to Flickr, then save it in my Dropbox", "If a new user follows me on Twitter, send them a welcome message". Such tasks can be automated with the productivity tool "Ifttt" ("If this then that").
  24. Quora promises answers to all questions
    "Quora" is a modern question and answer portal that promises to provide a qualified answer to every possible question.
  25. Prezi enables lively presentations
    With its innovative display concept, the online tool "Prezi" can effectively visualize complex facts and provide variety in presentations.
  26. Create QR Codes for free
    With the "QR Code Generator" from Egoditor from Bielefeld, users can create their own QR codes on the Internet free of charge and with a logo.
  27. Meetin.gs - plan efficient meetings
    With the online service "Meetin.gs", team meetings can be efficiently planned, managed and recorded.
  28. MindMeister - effective knowledge management in the cloud
    "MindMeister" offers a simple and convenient way to collect, organize and structure knowledge efficiently.
  29. Tweepi manages Twitter contacts professionally
    With the free online tool "Tweepi" in the basic version, users can manage their Twitter accounts efficiently.
  30. Get Satisfaction improves customer service
    As a modern social CRM tool, "Get Satisfaction" helps companies to build their own online communities in order to be closer to their customers.
  31. Rapportive reveals a lot about email senders
    When you receive an email from a stranger, you sometimes want more information about the sender. "Rapportive" provides Gmail users with answers to such questions.
  32. Zep - Web-Tool records project times and calculates costs
    With "Zep", small and medium-sized companies are offered a professional on-demand solution with which they can efficiently manage project working times as well as personnel and travel costs.
  33. Geckoboard makes business intelligence flexible
    The web-based business intelligence service "Geckoboard" offers decision-makers a simple and effective way to visualize critical data from different applications centrally.
  34. Create keyword clouds yourself with TagCrowd
    Tag clouds are not only helpful and interesting on blogs or websites, they can also make a good impression on presentations or documents.
  35. Mixpanel - real-time analysis for web and mobile
    Which functions do users use most often? How many times was a certain link clicked? Which errors do you often encounter? Anyone looking for answers to such questions is well served with "Mixpanel".
  36. IMAPSize easily backs up data from IMAP mail accounts
    Anyone who is enthusiastic about cloud storage and uses one of the many e-mail services will find over time that large, private amounts of data can accumulate there very quickly.
  37. New Relic - Performance Analytics for SaaS Applications
    The online service "New Relic" offers monitoring and detailed performance analytics for web applications that are offered in the SaaS model.
  38. Hootsuite - centrally manage Twitter, Facebook and Co.
    With "Hootsuite" companies can centrally manage their company presence on various social networks. In addition to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, the tool also supports other platforms such as MySpace, Foursquare and Ping.fm.
  39. Elements - text editor for iOS with Dropbox sync
    If you want to edit text documents on the iPhone or iPad on the go and store them centrally on Dropbox, we recommend the "Elements" app from the software company Secondgear.
  40. Smartsheet - table-based project management
    With the online tool "Smartsheet" projects can be managed with the help of interactive and functional tables. This makes it particularly suitable for users who have previously worked with Excel and are now looking for an alternative.
  41. WiseStamp - flexible email signatures with social media integration
    WiseStamp is a web browser extension for Firefox, Chrome and Rockmelt - the latter is an alternative browser with a strong social media orientation for Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.
  42. Website mirrored locally with Xaldon WebSpider
    Under certain circumstances it can be advantageous to save the content of a website on a local computer.
  43. Cortado Workplace - the workplace in the cloud
    Anyone who travels a lot also wants to do tasks on the move. With the "Workplace", Cortado offers a solution geared towards the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, which can replace working on the desktop in some areas.
  44. Create mind maps quickly and easily - with Bubbl.us
    Bubbl.us is a lightweight web application based on Adobe Flash and offered free of charge. Since no registration is required, users can create their own mind maps in no time and get started right away.
  45. Simple web forms with Google Docs
    A great advantage of the web is the paperless collection of form data. Every internet user knows these forms (web forms) in their daily dealings with Ebay, Amazon, Facebook & Co.
  46. Buffer tweets on a schedule
    With the online tool Buffer, Twitter users can plan and schedule the publication of their short messages.
  47. Animoto creates sophisticated slideshows automatically
    The online tool "Animoto" automatically generates high-resolution and professional slideshows from the image, video and audio material of the user.
  48. Compress image files without any loss of quality
    With the free online service "JPEGmini" from the Israeli startup ICVT, the file size of JPEG images can be reduced to a fraction without any visible loss of quality.
  49. OoVoo - Free HD video chat
    With "OoVoo" video chats with up to six participants can be carried out in HD quality free of charge.
  50. Exfolders - control Outlook rights for mailboxes
    Exfolders.exe connects to databases on servers running Exchange Server 2007/2010 and adjusts permissions of mailboxes in the databases.
  51. Online conversion made easy
    Not only in day-to-day business, but also in a family environment, you are repeatedly faced with the challenge of converting files from one format to another. These can be audio, video and image files, for example, or Office files such as MS Word and Adobe PDF.
  52. SQLite Manager - Manage mini databases with Firefox
    The times when web developers had to be satisfied with simple cookies if they wanted to save data locally for the user are over thanks to "SQLite".
  53. A diagram on the fly in the browser with Diagramly
    Developed at the ETH Zurich, "Diagramly" is a freely accessible online tool with which the user can draw diagrams in the web browser.
  54. Virtual WiFi router turns PCs into access points
    If you want to occasionally use your notebook or laptop as an access point for other systems or smartphones, the Virtual WiFi Router is a software that makes this project much easier.
  55. Adobe Export PDF - professional conversion tool on the web
    If you want to export important PDF documents one-to-one, you have to resort to a paid alternative that works reliably and delivers professional results. One such solution is the "Adobe Export PDF" online service.
  56. Affordable online faxing for web, desktop and mobile with Pamfax
    With the help of cheap and simple online fax services like "Pamfax" one can do without standing around and loud fax machines.
  57. Open Tok - Free Video Chats for Your Website
    With "Open Tok" video chats can be integrated into any website or blog in just a few steps - and free of charge.