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Change habits? ... doesn't work after all!

"I have already done that."

But you don't feel like running to the physiotherapist or the chiropractor over and over again ... or swallowing the pain pill over and over again. Somehow you have already noticed that your difficulties are repeating themselves and you wondered if this might have something to do with your habits ...

"Change habits - okay, but how?"

Now you've somehow come to this page of Motion Mastery ™ and it looks like this work is different. You've read the submissions here, and people write a pretty enthusiastic review of their experiences. And now you're asking me, "Hey, what's that supposed to be? What's the matter with the Motion Mastery ™on? "

Man, ... the question is legitimate and you are not the first or the only one to ask this question. It seems to be a question that concerns not only you, but actually all of my students, when our paths cross.

Probably not for everyone, and ...

I don't want to go around the bush for a long time, but simply and directly say that I have met people again and again for whom Motion Mastery ™ was not the right thing. The statements that you have read here were written by people who really wanted to know and who had been looking for answers to their mobility problems or solutions to their tension problems for a long time.

As you can read in Katie’s statement, for example, she was looking for solutions in all sorts of places for seven (!) Years, long before she even came across the Motion Mastery ™. She had almost given up hope when we met. And then we were both very lucky - her in the way she describes it and I in the sense that she listened to me intensely and eagerly absorbed what I had to say and show!

Trust your experience

This intensive listening and openness are a necessary prerequisite for Motion Mastery ™ to develop the effect that it is actually capable of. This has been observed in all people who have chosen Motion Mastery ™ as a catalyst for their change and who have been able to successfully and sustainably change their habits.

... and how should I orient myself?

You don't have to believe anything before we meet and (not even afterwards ;-). But I would like to make a comment on this point of openness:

Neither should you believe me, nor do you have to deny or hide your skepticism. However, I urge you to trust your own experience and experience. Without you making these qualities available, my work cannot “hit the mark”. For example, when I worked with Claire for the first time, after our work she was not able to say whether there was any difference at all (compared to how she was doing at the beginning of our work about 45 minutes earlier) .

Only 14 days later (!) Did she realize that she hadn't felt any tension in her neck for two weeks! She was open-minded and curious enough to observe and question "hey, wait a minute ... what's going on here with me?" The tensions that she knew and usually felt in her neck and shoulders were actually always quite painful, and the only way to deal with the situation was with regular massage from a massage therapist. That wasn't a sustainable solution - she always had to go back to the massage.

Are your habits costing you too much quality of life?

Would you accept help in changing your own habits?

Even if we only have a limited amount of time available here, Motion Mastery ™ has set itself the task of helping people change their habits, having fun with exercise or getting it back and improving coordination at the same time - but that is only possible with your permission.

Would you like to know if and how we can work together? Make an appointment so we can find out. Thanks for your curiosity!

Motion Mastery ™ and I wish you a lovely late summer day. I look forward to meeting you in person soon.

Ulf Tölle MPH

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