Why is Fortnite tough on new players

Fortnite: Well-known streamer Ninja fires the "PC versus console" debate


PS4 and Xbox One players have an unfair advantage in esports in Fortnite, according to many PC gamers. The well-known streamer Ninja is fueling the "PC versus console" debate and calling on Epic Games to take action. How he wants to solve the problems with the regulation in e-sports should not please many players.

Fortnite's esports regulations are a tough topic. In online forums like Reddit, players have been criticizing the way Epic Games handles shooter tournaments on the various platforms PS4, PC and Xbox One for some time. The well-known streamer Ninja joins the critics and reports on Twitch.

But what exactly are the players denouncing? Mainly it is said that players on PS4 and Xbox One would have it easier to win in Fortnite esports than PC users. Primarily they refer to modes like "Solo Showdown", which are also part of the current "Summer Skirmishes" (esports tournaments).

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As a rule, Epic Games handles it in such a way that the individual platforms indirectly play against each other. In previous games of the "Summer Skirmishes", for example, PS4 players only competed against other PS4 players and PC players only against other PC players.

Ninja and some Fortnite fans say this is unfair as the general level of play is lower on consoles than on the computer. An experienced (PC) player could therefore win e-sports matches more easily on the console than a PC player among his peers. It is also said that successful console gamers gain an unfair advantage over gamepad gamers thanks to mouse and keyboard controls.

The controversy was fueled by the fact that in the second week of the "Summer Skirmishes" a comparatively unknown PS4 player received the prize money for the victory. Since the prize money was 130,000 US dollars (approx. 111,000 euros), many players find that Epic Games does not find a solution that, in their opinion, is "fair" for all players.

Ninja calls for cross-play in esports

The streamer Ninja is now getting involved in the debate. He reacts to a statement from Epic Games on Reddit, which claims that all players are equally strong on all platforms. If that is actually the case, according to Ninja via Twitch, then Epic Games should organize future esports tournaments on cross-platform servers. That would mean: PC players would compete against PS4 and Xbox One players.

With this solution, however, console gamers are likely to have their problems, because thanks to the mouse and keyboard, PC gamers would, in their opinion, have an unfair advantage over gamers with a gamepad. So it is questionable whether it is even possible to satisfy all players, especially if Epic Games should also include mobile players from Fortnite.

The streamer Ninja makes $ 500,000 a month with Fortnite. It remains to be seen whether the regulations in e-sports will be changed in the foreseeable future. After all, Epic Games is distributing $ 100 million in prize money in esports competitions in the course of tournaments in Fortnite.

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