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Living & Working in South Australia - What emigrants can expect in Australia's wine and festival state


South Australia has a predominantly Mediterranean climate with warm and dry summers and very mild winters. The proximity to the Arctic ensures that the temperatures do not climb as high here as in other regions of Australia. This is also the reason why the southern part of South Australia is more densely populated than the northern part of the state, which is home to some of the driest and most arid areas in Australia.


South Australia has a unique cultural atmosphere that makes this state a very comfortable place to live and work.
Even if the people here are rather conservative in many ways, the way of life is characterized by open-mindedness and progressiveness. The culture has strong European influences.


There are two main sports that are enthusiastically enjoyed in South Australia; Cricket and Australian Rules Football. In both sports, there is massive rivalry between South Australia and its neighbors in Western Australia and Victoria. Overall, sport is an important part of South Australian culture and is often discussed at social events. The enthusiasm for sports among South Australians also extends to other sports in Australian sports culture, including netball, field hockey and soccer.

to eat and drink

South Australia offers a range of cuisines that are heavily inspired by the state's local produce and European roots. One of the most popular dishes in South Australia is the pie floater; a cake with meat filling dipped in pea soup. But German delicacies are also indigenous here, especially in the small town of Hahndorf east of Adelaide. Greek cuisine is also widespread, especially in Adelaide itself. Here you can buy gyros in pita bread, called yiros here, on every corner.
South Australia is home to some of Australia's most popular wine-growing regions. But not only that, as South Australians pride themselves on hosting Coopers Brewery, Australia's largest independent brewery in the heart of Adelaide.

Cost of Living and Property Prices

The average salary in Adelaide is lower than, for example, in Sydney, the largest city in Australia. However, it is far cheaper to live in Adelaide. Living in Adelaide is half the price of living in Sydney. Around two thirds of the residents do not rent a house, but in their own house. Many leisure activities are also significantly cheaper, including dining in restaurants, movies, and gyms.

House prices in Adelaide averaged around € 440,000 in 2020 and the average price for an apartment in South Australia's capital was around € 275,000. Outside of Adelaide, the average purchase price for a house is only around € 175,000.


The low population density and natural weather conditions do their part to ensure that the air quality in South Australia is significantly better than in international comparison and even in Australia-wide comparison. In addition, environmental and climate protection is a top priority in South Australia. The state has committed to moving away from fossil fuels to renewable energies before 2030.

Main attractions

South Australia is home to many natural and cultural wonders and has therefore become an extremely popular tourist destination. There are many places to discover in the region.

Flinders Chase National Park, Kangaroo Island

In this national park on Kangaroo Island, visitors can enjoy the thundering sounds of the ocean from the Great Australian Bight, see Australia's unique array of flora and fauna, and explore unique rock formations. Flinders Chase National Park is a unique wildlife sanctuary with plenty of bush walks to get a taste of Australia's wilderness. Even if this region was badly hit by the 2019/2020 bushfires, nature here recovers quickly and offers wonderful opportunities.

Wine regions

South Australia is known for its many wine growing regions. Many parts of the state have a number of Cellar Doors where you can try the popular South Australian grape varieties Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon. Even for all non-wine drinkers, these idyllic landscapes of the extensive vineyards are ideal for relaxing afternoon trips. Incidentally, with viticulture, there are also a wealth of small producers of cheese and sausage products, as well as many restaurants and cafés.

Adelaide oval

South Australians love to attend sporting events and the Adelaide Oval is their favorite place to be. The Adelaide Oval Sports Ground is Adelaide's best destination for a game of Aussie rules football in winter or cricket in summer.


Festival State is the name South Australia proudly wears, and for good reason. An abundance of parks and affordable accommodation for visitors make it the ideal place for festivals. Throughout the year there is an opportunity to attend a number of festivals and enjoy the cultural diversity.


Hahndorf is a small town that was originally founded by German settlers in 1839, making it the second oldest German settlement in Australia. With its stylishly restored half-timbered houses, Hahndorf has now become a popular destination, and not just for holidaymakers from Germany. The place offers an array of activities to enjoy, the perfect place for a weekend getaway from Adelaide.

Major industries and jobs

Due to its geographic location, climate and highly centralized population, South Australia has many industries in which both skilled and unskilled labor are in high demand and thus offer employment opportunities.

Agriculture and fishing

The South Australian economy is largely agricultural, including arable farming, horticulture, livestock and fishing. These industries rely on a wide range of skills, both for workers on the farms themselves and for export at international and national levels.

Wine and tourism

The South Australian vineyards have become a major tourist attraction. Associated with this is an increasing need for qualified winemakers and employees in restaurants and hotels.

Renewable energy

Renewable energies are a big issue in South Australia and they are now pursuing very ambitious goals. The state government plans that all energy will come from 100% renewable sources by 2030 at the latest. With the development of large solar and wind farms, as well as gigantic battery storage facilities across the state, there are numerous employment opportunities for a number of skilled occupations.


The government of South Australia has launched a number of initiatives in recent years to greatly expand the technology sector and to make it more attractive as a location for technology-oriented companies. In the greater Adelaide area in particular, an active scene of companies from a wide variety of technology areas has grown up.


South Australia is home to some of Australia's best educational institutions. Adelaide is home to an abundance of private schools, universities, private colleges and technical schools. The state also prides itself on having one of the most diverse public education systems in the country.