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Water festivals in the world

The original tradition, which is still current today, is a bit calmer: young people show their respect for the older ones by pouring scented water on their hands. The ritual is performed in families, but also among friends, in schools and with monks. The elderly and monks express good wishes for life and bless those who pour over.

The rituals of the water festival represent the transition from the old year to the new: apartments and houses are cleaned and pouring water over them is intended to wash away the sins of the past year.

On the third and last day of the festival, the Thai visit the holy temples, give offerings to the monks and bathe the Buddha statues in order to “cleanse” them.


You don't have time for a water fight in mid-April? No problem, the Armenian water festival "Vardavar" takes place exactly 14 weeks after Easter Sunday - so mostly in July.

Armenia is located in the Caucasus and has Turkey as a neighboring state in the west. The state is roughly the size of Belgium and has a total of three million inhabitants (for comparison: 3.5 million people live in Berlin).

The festival has been celebrated in Armenia for over a thousand years. Popular customs and religion merge in the event, because Vardavar is also the feast of the transfiguration of Christ.

For internal and external cleansing, you splash or shower each other with water and wish each other health and happiness. Other rituals of the humid and happy folk festivals and parades in Vardavar are the picking or giving away rose petals and the flying of pigeons.