What was your first regret in life

Sometimes a day just sucks. And then he should pass quickly. It would be best if it was the weekend again. It would be best if the week was over again. This thought has probably shot through your head one time or another. But what you like to forget in the hamster wheel: The whole thing is over faster than you think.

Bronnie Ware, a nurse, spoke to the dying and wrote a book about it, namely"5 Things The Dying Regret Most: Insights That Will Change Your Life *". There are 5 statements that are repeated over and over and that people regret most at the end of their lives.

The first time I read this I had goosebumps: the things that the dying regret could at the same time be the golden laws of our little rebellion against the hamster wheel.


The article to listen to:

I wish I had the courage to always be true to myself in life and not live the life that others expect me to be

A sentence that shakes you awake. My favorite quote "The expectations of others are the expectations of others" is reflected here. Apparently the dying know one thing: we don't live our lives, we are like a pinball and are shot back and forth within our limits.

Listen to you Be true to yourself.
Do what you love Follow your passion.

I wish I hadn't worked so much.

At the end of life, nobody regrets spending too little time in the office. The fact is, we only see it as “working too much” when the work doesn't mean anything to us. Only then will it be perceived as exhausting and stressful.

Do something that matters to you. Create something.
Support others. Fill your life with meaning.

I wish I had the courage to express my feelings.

My blog articles always end with a P.S .: "By the way, I am of the opinion that honesty makes life easy.": Say what you want and say what you don't want. Anyone who says yes and means no has a problem.

Say what is important to you. Say what moves you.
Stand by your feelings. They are the most real thing you have.

I wish I had more time with my friends

I have no time means in plain language: "It is not important enough to me." The time with our loved ones is worth nothing. With nothing. Zero. Nada. No car, no house, no new job, no pair of shoes, no raise, no amount of success can hold a candle to time with partner, family and friends.

Make time for other people. Set priorities.
Move from “having something alone” to “doing something together”.

I wish I had allowed myself to be happy.

“Take it easy” is the sentence that ends every article for me. I am convinced of one thing (with a lot of regret): we were dragged into indulging. Seldom satisfied, always wanting more, always staring at the others and forgetting to be grateful, you are always busy with many things in the hamster wheel. But not to let yourself go.

Allow your life to be good to you.
Look around and cherish every second you have.
She won't come back.

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  1. Dear Markus
    I can only confirm it. Thanks for your great article. It's never too late to wake up - it's worth it!

  2. At 5 I had tears in my eyes ...

    Kalle Wagner

  3. where point 3 often requires a lot of courage - with an unequivocal yes to me!

  4. Hi Markus,

    thank you for this TOP article.

    I also read a very good book about this:

    The five secrets
    that you should discover
    before you die.

    by John Izzo

    Best regards

    1. thanks norbert for the tip!
      lg m

  5. One of the best articles I've read this year. Sooo much truth. Thanks a lot for this.

    1. oh thank you, but the praise goes to Bronnie, she came up with the book idea!

  6. Hi Markus,

    I think it's great that you're bringing this book's attention to the table. It's really a great thing that you should just call yourself into your consciousness more often. But in times of endless distractions and the 'hamster wheel', that's not always easy.

    So: keep going!
    Best wishes,

    1. hi dennis!
      that’s why there’s also the rebellion against the hamster wheel!
      lg m

  7. Hi Markus,

    I found a current article in a science portal that I think fits your topic quite well. You can take a look at it for your personal inspiration without necessarily having to activate this comment 😉


    Article title:
    Selfishness doesn't make you happy
    Acting selflessly improves well-being

    To quote from this article:
    "According to Aristotelian ethics, a good and happy life is characterized by activities that are done for their own sake - because they are believed to be a good cause."

    With kind regards from Ms. N.

    1. dear woman n
      thanks for the link!
      lg m

  8. ... oops, just reading through it again, I mean, of course, not your "job", but your "blog" !! 😉
    High time to get out of the office .... !! 😉

    LG, Dominique

  9. Dear Markus,

    Your job is really a great enrichment for me ... and even if I haven't quite dared to step out of the hamster wheel, I'm getting closer and closer to my stated goal. In any case, the preparations are already in full swing for the “Do what you love” project! 🙂

    In any case, this Monday morning this article was exactly right again.

    And I will continue to follow your blog closely, because it always gives me the feeling that I am on the right track….!

    Best regards,

    1. hi dominique,
      nice that you are part of our little rebellion against the hamster wheel 😉
      lg m

  10. Hello Marcus,

    again and again you inspire me to keep working on myself. To think about myself and my life. Thank you very much for taking the time to give people such food for thought.

    Many greetings from Lübeck

  11. I was brought to this page and read the article, nodding my head continuously.

    Thank you for this inspiring text. May many more people let themselves be led here.
    How often do you take part in events that you don't really want to be at, but do so because you don't want to hurt anyone. How often in life do you make "good mine for bad game" to keep the peace. But whose peace is it ... it is the peace of others ... So often in life you deny yourself, deceive yourself and spend time that you would have liked to have spent differently if you had chosen yourself.
    Nevertheless, over the years I have made the experience that the beauty of getting older is precisely this awareness. (If you follow them then) I had to be almost 50 years old to be able to say: I only surround myself with people with whom I feel comfortable. It can be that so-called friends suddenly withdraw because they feel offended ... It can be that you are suddenly called "weird" because you no longer play the role that others would have liked to see ... or others think “she probably has problems with menopause, or with men the midlife crisis…. No matter what others think ... Never mind! They are blessed and let go. The main thing is that you feel comfortable yourself.

    I wish I had this awareness much earlier…. I wish that young people today would gain this awareness sooner ... maybe people like Markus and many others who comment on it will contribute to it!

    Have a good time all of you! (If I may quote like that)

    Kind regards Co

    1. hi cornelia
      thank you for your touching words! you too contribute to this awareness!
      let it be well with you!

  12. Hey Markus,

    a great article! It shows very clearly that it always comes down to the same thing in the end. Far too much time is wasted. You should really try to make the best of life every day. Every minute is precious!

    LG Gaby

  13. "Finally Monday!" Because then the others are at work and there is no crowd =)
    By the way, Bonnie is so right, your book belongs on every well-stocked night box ...


    1. true, i like monday very much too ;-)!
      lg m

  14. Dear Markus,
    You speak from my heart! These are exactly the five topics that are in the foreground at the end of life. Only one thing helps: set the right course in good time.
    Your blog is exactly right there! Strengthen your backbone, find alternatives.

    1. hi sibylle
      thank you for your words and nice that you are part of our little rebellion against the hamster wheel!
      lg m

  15. ... I am also reading this book at the moment and can only recommend it.

    Many greetings from Berlin.

  16. Dear Markus,

    I came across your website while quickly scanning the blog landscape. Very successful - and a correct and important statement in today's world.

    And I think this post is so successful that I have already forwarded it to my network as food for thought for the new week.