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More than just Facebook and Instagram - these 5 social media platforms should be known to marketers

TikTok is a video sharing platform that resulted from the merger of the original Chinese app TikTok and the popular lip-sync app The main target group of the app are users between the ages of 13 and 25.

Although the number of TikTok users is still significantly lower than that of Facebook or Instagram, TikTok is growing rapidly and offers marketers the opportunity to create a especially young target group to address.

There is currently hardly any competition for TikTok. Facebook's Lasso app works in a similar way to TikTok and appeals to the same audience. However, Lasso has significantly fewer users than TikTok and is only available in America for the time being.

In addition, there has recently been a new app called “Byte”, which was published as the successor to Vine. This app also works in a similar way to TikTok and could compete with TikTok in the future.

Companies can use TikTok as an advertising channel

One option for companies using TikTok are hashtag challenges. Users are asked with a hashtag to post videos with certain content. Such challenges represent a good opportunity for brands to gain awareness and user engagement. Alternatively, it is also possible to encourage users to buy a product if the product is part of the popular challenge.

In order for many users to take part in the challenge, it should be started by a popular TikTok channel. If a company does not yet have a large number of followers, working with influencers is a good opportunity to increase the reach of such a challenge.

Traditional influencer marketing can also be successful with the TikTok app if the product fits the influencer's followers and is presented authentically. TikTok users attach great importance to individual, credible and personal content that matches the influencer's usual posts. Elaborately produced promotional videos have little success on TikTok.

Ads via TikTok are another marketing option, but are currently still in the test phase.