Citizenship can be revoked from birth

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The acquisition of German citizenship is generally permanent. The withdrawal of German citizenship is prohibited under the Basic Law. A loss of German citizenship can only occur on the basis of a law. Citizenship may only be lost against the will of the person concerned if the person concerned does not become stateless as a result.

Anyone who has received German citizenship according to the place of birth principle and for whom the option obligation applies must declare by the age of 23 at the latest whether they want to keep German citizenship.

German citizenship is automatically lost by law if someone takes on a foreign citizenship upon request (e.g. through naturalization). Unless he has previously received written approval from the competent German authority that allows him to retain German citizenship. The loss also does not occur if a German is a citizen of another member state of the European Union or Switzerland.

The law provides for a loss of citizenship in the following further cases:

  • Dismissal on request
  • Waiver
  • Adoption as a child by a foreigner

  • voluntary entry into the service of the armed forces or comparable armed associations of a foreign state, of which the person concerned is also a national, without the consent of the competent authority

The loss of German citizenship has consequences that are important for your continued stay in Germany.