Can an underweight person look plump

Underweight and still fat?

  • Hello! I have a BMI of 18.8 - which, according to this calculation, means underweight. I myself find this calculation method a bit exaggerated, but good. Anyway, I still find it very strange that you can still look fat with such a weight. I tried clothes all day yesterday and actually found nothing ...
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  • I weighed 17 kg more than now

    Dieting leads to a loss of muscle mass. You are then e.g. size 34 but everything is limp and wobbly and looks out. Therefore it is better to do a few kg more and do a lot of sport.

  • Hi Jaydane,

    I'm back * :)

    and want to say something about the stomach.

    Even as a child I had a protruding stomach. This is because I have a hollow back and that didn't go away with KG either. So the stomach has to go somewhere. Forward, where else? Out of the age where I was always asked if I was pregnant]: D]: D

    Then I started weight training and trained myself to have good abdominal muscles, and there?

    The stomach stayed the same as it was before, just tight!

    I have it, whether I'm sitting or lying down, it's just always like that. I stand by it!

    If you don't like it, you just have to look for someone without a stomach.

    I've already broken up with a man because his eternal grumbling about my figure only pissed off my neck% - | :-p :-p.

    See you,


  • I think it's really frightening what is written here .. With a BMI of 18 you can definitely not be fat or anything. You definitely have impaired self-perception or you compare yourself to some skinny models and find anyone who has more fat on their hips than a supermodel to be fat.

    I also find statements like "I have problems finding pants" with such a BMI ridiculous. maybe you have problems finding pants that say size 34, but not a general problem finding the right pants. Clothes turn out differently.

    For example, with a height of 1.63m I weigh 62kg, which would be a nightmare for many here. Nevertheless, I have absolutely normal weight and would never think of finding myself fat or anything like that.

  • It is true that I am unfortunately broadly built, but I still care about the (flabby) fat. You can't change the width / bones and they wouldn't bother me either. But when you actually see rolls, my self-acceptance is over.

    Hello? Nobody can say that he is broadly built, has fat everywhere and is still underweight. That’s just not possible. To me that sounds like a perception disorder. A big / bloated stomach can also be a symptom of malnutrition due to malnutrition. But don't think that's the case with you.

    But something tight is impossible. Unfortunately! I would love to wear it.

    What is your size? So I wear 40 (L) and still look slim in everything. If you try to squeeze into things that are too small then of course it is impossible and looks squashed. So if you have an S you shouldn't try wearing an XS.

  • Forget that stupid BMI! Muscle weighs a lot more than fat! It makes a huge difference whether 50kg is fat or muscle! I am the best example! I used to have 50kg of fat. I looked like shit! Then I weighed 53kg, muscle mass, and was slim without end ^^

    I can only say about today's dress sizes: totally stupid! My sister had a baby and needed new clothes. If you see them you would estimate them to be no more than 38. What did she have to buy from E ****? XXL! At Zara, with my pretty delicate figure, I fit in with a 36/38, where I usually wear 34. I recently saw a report on TV: "Finally! The chubby models are coming!" ... Then the enthusiasm stopped very quickly with me. These "chubby models" were size 38, 40 at most. Great.

  • Size 42? * laughs * that didn't suit me 20 years ago and I also think the sizes are getting smaller and smaller.

    Not all. But I have the impression that the tops have become smaller. Always needed size 40 for about 30 years, and - with about the same weight - it never fits the top, trousers still fit.

    I always wonder where really overweight women get good clothes. In any case, I find it annoying to have to ask many brands: "Do you have this in XL too?" If I don't want to walk around like a painted liver sausage. XL sounds monstrous, but a BMI of 21 is rather too low for my age. I also always found it funny to read in the newspaper for the last 10 years that sales in women's fashion are falling "due to declining purchasing power". What a miracle, when mostly things are produced that look really good on 5% of women! I have enough money for what I really want to buy, but I don't spend it to distort myself

    If someone with a BMI of 18.8 finds themselves too fat, it is a perception disorder or (more often) poor posture - exercise helps against this! I also know women who are too fat according to table values, but still look great, with a tight posture (and they exude power).

  • Hi,

    So getting things for the overweight is hard. And the things are usually rather hideous. Stop like a tent with giant patterns, because that conceals so nicely whatever should be hidden there.

    But when is a woman overweight?

    I think that's really relative. The criteria for this change constantly!

    So I weigh 85 kg and am 1.72 tall, but I do a lot of sport and am tight.

    I don't think I look fat, despite my stomach!

    ... I don't think so, it's just XL.

    Because for me L is actually more M on the way to S and even with normal maternity wear I go away empty-handed, everything is too small.

    I would need XXL for most of the tops, because I am sometimes looked at in horror. So I'd rather sew something myself.

    The nice things are there anyway

    Size 44 mostly not anymore. Also Gr. 46 I don't even need to try it on at the moment, even if something is there.

    What do I learn from it? I can go in sackcloth because nothing will fit me anymore.

    Without me! Long live my sewing machine!

    If just 5% of the women in the normal fashion brands look good for women, it's a damn bad cut for the industry. Because of a lack of purchasing power then the rest of the ladies can't wear that stuff !!

    I've walked through the shops so many times and it either didn't fit or I didn't like it. I'm not the only one!

    Where do all the unsold clothes go in the collection ;-D ;-D ;-D?


  • @ KaliARPH

    you are comforting!

    When just 5% of women in normal fashion brands look good for women

    That's MY opinion, the newspapers only write about purchasing power. More than the 5% buy the stuff, but that also catches the eye! When I walk through the clothing stores, I usually only see that what I have in the closet is still better than what I would consider in the store.

    And, I just don't see XL, I'm 171cm / 62 kg. For example, I recently went to a Strenesse outlet - where I always needed tops one size larger, so it would be 44 instead of 42, as is usually the case (strangely enough, 40's trousers too). In 44 there were just a dozen indisputable parts, nothing bigger at all, but at least 80% in 34 and 36. That probably suited me last when I was 12, when I was 15 I had 38, from 16 on I had 40 for about 30 years.

    Or last summer in a chic boutique here in the window I saw a beautiful little dress, two-ply, white jersey on the bottom, transparent fabric with green and black flowers on top. At first it was too expensive for me, but when my husband said "if you throw out two old parts for it, I'll pay for it", I tried it. Gabs only up to 40, "but it turns out big" according to the saleswoman. Looking in the mirror: liver sausage with flowers !!! Saved money again ...

    I also buy expensive parts, but then they have to look really great, not just on the doll, but on me as well

    Sport, like sewing, is no longer an option for me, for two years I have had severe restrictions on movement due to illness.

  • yes i feel the same way, i'm at the top of underweight and find myself overweight

  • Hi olle aunt,

    it is always so irritating to hear and read what is considered fat, lean, overweight or underweight in this country.

    The clothing industry probably tailors mainly for people who are very slim thanks to diet and would not be the same if they did sport. You would build up muscles and get more volume immediately!

    I just don't see XL

    ... oh, I wouldn't worry if it fits?

    If not, then too.

    I only differentiate between: fits and doesn't fit ;-) ;-)!

    where "does not fit" almost only occurs when I shop for clothes.

    It's a shame about the chic dress. Kingt really nice! I would try to memorize it immediately and somehow copy the pattern, there are enough nice fabrics.

    Size 40, turned out big, I can imagine the look of the saleswoman% - |. I probably wouldn't have tried it on, took a deep breath and then it goes PENG !!!]: D


  • I have a similar problem, my BMI is 15.8 (!!!) It's UNDERWEIGHT, but the difference between waist-hip circumference indicates OVERWEIGHT. Sometimes I really don't understand anymore. I wear child size (I'm only 13) 152, but at the top it immediately becomes 174-182 ...

    It's a bit strange ...

  • Much muscles do not weigh more (specific gravity 0.98 to 1.05).

    And YES, you can have an obese body and still be underweight (according to BMI). The fat is not only stored on muscles and directly under the skin, but organs can also become fat. But that's not the case with TE, I think.

  • WTHR should show you overweight? I really don't think so. Please post your values. Rather believe in your age and weight, the female forms have simply not yet developed in such a way that you could really measure the difference between waist and hips.

    15.8 is worrying! Do you have an eating disorder? Or do you eat nromal and are still so thin? What do you eat during the day? Have you ever been to the doctor damti? How much do you weigh what size?

  • @ one_of_the_best

    of course you don't have an ideal waist-hip index yet !!! Hello, you're 13th when I was as flat as a board and as figureless as asparagus ... that's coming.

    Why are children confronted with adult issues earlier and earlier in our society? Man, you have at least 3 years before you will have a real womanly body.

    Be patient so long! And enjoy not worrying about cellulite, dress sizes, anti-aging

    etc. have to do, it all comes soon enough.

    @ :)

  • I recently saw a report on TV: "Finally! The chubby models are coming!" ... Then the enthusiasm stopped very quickly with me. These "chubby models" were size 38, 40 at most. Great.

    Yes, I thought so too. The problem is that you know it very thinly from TV, everything that somehow has a few kg more is titled "look at you, very happy blah blah despite your curves" I often ask myself what kind of perception they have ?

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