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Drops: Learn Mandarin Chinese for Free

Have you ever enjoyed yourself learning a new language? Now! Drops is a revolution in language learning - literally. We have removed “boring” from learning vocabulary!

Just 5 minutes a day:
Drops limits your learning time to 5 minutes. It may sound crazy, but it works like charm. Learning languages ​​often feels overwhelming, but if you break it down into small portions of 5 minutes, it becomes much easier. No exceptions: you have exactly 5 minutes!
The time limit leads to incredible concentrations, which further increases the effectiveness.

100% visual learning:
Every single word is beautifully illustrated. Your eyes will perceive these stylish images, while your brain will store the words more effectively: you will not need a single word in your native language, but rather connect the words with the illustrations of the meaning. Faster, better, and funnier! :)

Effortless learning:
We took a closer look at games and wondered why they are so fun. We gave this essence to Drops in order to create not only a "playful" learning app, but a complete gaming experience! It's so incredibly contagious, and with Drops, you don't waste time simply playing. You are learning a new language!

With wiping technology:
We believe in speed, and typing on the keyboard is far from fast. Here they are, the quick tabs and wipers! You will need these extra seconds to use the 5 minutes perfectly;)

Strategic vocabulary selection:
The "what" is perhaps more important than the "how". We have selected more than 1000 practical words that you can put to good use when, for example, you travel to a country where this language is spoken.

Forge your learning habit:
Drops wants to turn you into a learning addict. No matter how effective your study aids are, if you don't use them every day, it doesn't make any difference. Drops is tricking your weaker self!

I am sure that you will love Drops as much as we love its development. Leave a review so we can make Drops even better! :)

p.s .: We take full responsibility for a potential learning addiction. ;)


Stay tuned, more languages ​​are coming soon!

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