Has anyone made money with travel partners?

Find a travel partner? As a couple instead of alone - it's that easy!

Many people think of traveling aloneDiscomfort.
Some people might also want to go out financial reasons (Hotels, rental cars) do not travel alone. After all, not everyone is the type for a cheap hostel that you can still pay for on your own.

In one of my last articles I already talked about the advantages and disadvantages of traveling alone.

And sometimes there are reasons to start a certain journey in pairs or more than alone.
On my road trips in the USA, there were financial reasons as well as the idea that you are relatively alone “on the road” and that it is nicer to have one or more travel partners on this type of road trip.

In Southeast Asia, one of the main backpacker areas, it was completely different.

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How do I find a suitable travel partner?

Most people get their travel companion out of the country circle of friends. After all, that's the most obvious.

However, not everyone has the "luxury" of that familiar one suitable travel partner is there.
Most of the time, friends lack money, the time or the Lust on an adventurous trip.

But do without the vacation completely, just because nobody has time? Bad idea.

Fortunately there is the internet and with it many possibilitiesto get to know the travel partner in an unconventional way.

Therefore, in the following I will show you how I have already found travel partners and how.


Find travel partners with joinmytrip.de

Joinmytrip.de is one of the two larger platforms for finding travel partners, which in 2019 an update in function and design.

The concept of the platform is now more in the direction of pre-planned trips that you can join.
This means that as a travel planner you can register as a so-called “trip leader” and then you are responsible for travel planning. Especially for the route, the accommodations and the transport on site.
For a fee (usually 100-200 €) you can then join the trip and no longer have to worry about the organizational issues (you are then a “trip mate”).
In summary, as a trip planner (“trip leader”) and organizer, you can earn something extra and as a “trip mate” you can relax and join a trip without having to worry about the planning.

The function of the regular display but still exist.
If you are looking for a suitable companion for a travel destination, you can publish an advertisement with the duration of the trip, the travel period, the destination and your own description of how you imagine the trip.

Anyone who visits the search enter the appropriate data or simply in the Ads rummages.

Mainly individual travelers are on joinmytrip and the audience is here generally youngerr between 16-35. I think the average will be around 25 years.

I would consider the chance to find a travel partner quite high assess, at least when looking for a travel partner for rather popular Countries / areas such as USA, Australia or Southeast Asia are being searched for.
I have already advertised here, but finally found my travel partner on the following pages. But this does not necessarily mean something. The resonance on ads is on joinmytrip viz quite high.

In addition to the travel partner search, there is also a section for Travel reports and a blog.



Find travel partners on Urlaubpartner.net

Urlaubpartner.net As far as I know, it has even more visitors than joinmytrip.de.

There's a pure here Ad system, i.e. no profiles like on joinmytrip.de. Nevertheless, everyone can provide a relatively large amount of information in their own ad, both about themselves and their ideas about the travel partner.

The design the site is appealing.
Here you can find ads for package holidays as well as for individual trips and the audience is from Age quite mixedat least that's my impression. I checked that briefly too. About half of the ads here are from people 16-30, the other half from everyone over 30.
Most advertisers have also put a picture of themselves in, which I personally like more and more when you can immediately see who you are writing to.

If you just want to rummage through the ads, you have quite a few Filter options, by age, gender, travel period and much more.

By the way, I found my last travel partner for the USA trip in 2014 on Urlaubpartner.net.

I think you have a good chance of finding someone on Urlaubpartner.net, especially for shorter periods (less than 4 weeks) and popular travel destinations.


Find travel partners at reisepartner-gesucht.de

Reisepartner-gesucht.de is a slightly smaller portal than the last two.
The design and display system is now also not particularly extensive.
As an advertiser, you have the opportunity to add a picture of yourself and provide a few basic details (place of residence, focus on vacation, etc.).
As a searcher, there is not much that can be adjusted in the search. But at least you can filter by age, gender and place of residence and make a few other, rather unimportant search settings.

Although this page can't keep up with the other two in terms of looks and technology, you should include them as new ads appear here every day.

Besides, at least I have one here Travel partner for a previous USA road trip found. Even now, 7 years later, I still travel with her from time to time around the world. A look inside can definitely be worthwhile 😉


Find travel partners via Facebook

I haven't had any experience with this option myself, but a lot of people are also doing it through Facebook New opportunities that I would use personally in the future if I should look for a travel partner online again.
There are now various travel partner groups there, e.g .:

There are also different groups for individual travel destinations, which, in addition to exchanging information, also serve to search for travel partners, e.g .:

Such groups are currently growing and if you want to increase your chances of finding a travel partner, you should take a look around on Facebook.


Couchsurfing network to get to know new people on site

The network of Couchsurfing is very suitable for finding someone to accompany you spontaneously and for sections of the journey.
Originally, the network was used more to spend the night with open-minded people around the world (free of charge) and to exchange experiences.
However, there is also the possibility of submitting searches to different travel destinations, doing something or traveling for a part (or longer) together.
So I would use this opportunity above all if you are traveling alone and then want to spontaneously meet new people on site.


As you can see, there are now some good opportunities to find travel partners outside of your circle of friends.

If you are at all Placed 3 pages of ads, looked at Facebook and had a look around Couchsurfing on site, the chances are good to find someone who would like to accompany you.

The description Should of course be personable and upload a picture, I always recommend. I also prefer to write on advertisements where the person can be seen.

Otherwise I would always be relative in the ads describe exactlyhow to get the Introducing vacation (more relaxed or more action, party or rather quiet, see a lot or travel more slowly, etc.).
If you then, in the best case, also in the Travel period reasonably flexible there is always someone.

But then you should also display it if possible publish early and maybe not a week before departure.

In any case, I wish you every success in your search for your next travel partner.


Have you already had experience with travel partner exchanges or maybe you know another one that should go in here? Then write in the comments!


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