Is Yoast the best in WordPress

Yoast or Rank Math? - What is the best SEO plugin?

Yoast or Rank Math? More and more SEO agencies and website operators are asking themselves this question.

The reason:
While Yoast has stood the test of time and has been able to establish itself as the first and best point of contact for WordPress All-In-One SEO plugins for many years, Rank Math is now a promising competitor that stands out thanks to its modern design, easy integration andan insane number of functions excels.

Whether the hype about Rank Math is justified or Yoast SEO continues to be the number one SEO plugin you will find out in this article.

At first sight, the comparison turns around Rank Math and the free version of Yoast. You can find a few words about how the premium version compares at the end of the article.

Yoast vs. Rank Math performance

Since Rank Math himself Yoast as theirs strongest competitor has identified, a direct comparison in terms of performance of the two SEO plugins can be found on the official page.

It's easy to see that Rank Math consists of fewer files and fewer code.
This allows the plugin to use a smaller file size show.

The loading time of a website is largely determined by the size of the files on it.
Abigger plugin slows down your website and thus has a negative impact on your user satisfaction and rankings!

In addition, the plugin advertises with more features, but more on that later.


From a very objective point of view, Rank Math can do theclaim your first Yoyaba trophy.

Yoast vs. Rank Math installation / configuration

Both plugins have a configuration assistant.
This facilitates the initial installation and brings the most important basic settings to the fore.


After filling out the 8 sub-points, you can use the Yoast installation wizard to determine the type of website, contributors and some settings for display in Google search in just a few minutes.
The process is simple and designed for it not too much time to claim something.
Finally, Yoast offers videos and beginner courses for newcomers. Not a bad idea in my opinion!

Rank Math:

Rank Math offers the initial configuration in a similar format, fewer sub-items, but in my opinionslightly more relevant settings.
The type of website is already processed in the first point and then on more technical topics such as linking to the search console, sitemaps, indexing and linking.

Rank Math also offers to import all settings from previous SEO plugins. So will the move to the new plugineven more thoughtless.


The installation of both plugins is extremely easy and the existence of a configuration wizard must clearly be seen as a luxury.
Nevertheless, Rank Math is ahead of the game with a good selection and simple presentation and thus also deserves itsecond yoyaba tropahae.

Yoast vs. Rank Math Features

When it comes to the royal discipline, it is now a question of whether Rank Math also has the promised superiority in terms of featurescan meet.

Technical SEO

The basictechnical SEO settings are given for both plugins. .htaccess, robots.txt, sitemaps and permalinks can be easily edited.
Breadcrumbs and RSS feed are also no problem for both plugins.

However, if you look beyond these functions, Rank Math crystallizes asMore feature-rich and detailed out.

WithHighlights like the 404 monitor, the redirect manager and full integration of the Google search console. These functions are especially beneficial for larger websites and do thatScaling your page with Rank Math thus tastefully.

On page SEO

In the case of on-page optimization, we take a closer look at the on-page editor and the associated extensions of the respective plug-in.


In addition to determining a focus keyphrase, you can easily edit the code snippet and, if necessary, mark the content as a “pillar page” around the page add more weight.

In addition, the SEO analysis helps with the aboveptimize your text and the code snippet

The result is correspondingly poor on this blank page.
The advanced settings allow the exclusion of the content from the search results and the specification of a canonical URL.

Rounded off with the readability analysis and the ability to influence how the post is displayed on social media, the tool offersmany possibilities to optimize the content of your articles and pages and improve your SEO.

You will receive feedback in the form of smiling, neutral or sad faces regarding your readability and your SEO.

Rank Math:

Once again, Rank Math seems to be taking all the good things out of Yoast, and itto do better and more detailed.

Similar to Yoast, there are categorical menus, but these are more extensive with aVariety of options.

There is also an extra point for theRich snippets support. An increasingly important SEO element is that at Yoastfinds no connection.

The content-related and SEO-technical analysis is also more pronounced and clearer than with Yoast.

Feedback of your readability and SEO are also included more detailed and enlightening specified. Rank Math uses a rating system of 1-100 for this.

More features

Rank Math is also important for features such as role allocation (who has access to the SEO setting) and other innovative functionsthe new non-plus-ultra.
Which also includes:

  • Alexa verification
  • Integration of all rich snippets
  • Local SEO support
  • Redirect tool
  • WooCommerce support

The full (very long) list of Rank Math features can be found here.


You can already guess who is also in this disciplinebagged the Yoyaba trophy. Rank Math convinces with many valuable features and makes Yoast look old here too.

Yoast vs. Rank Math user interface

As far as the user friendliness reaches a certain minimum, you can get used to pretty much every plugin with continuous use.

Nevertheless, we all of course prefer an easy and quick to use SEO tool.

First of all, I would like to say that I can only complain at a high level here.

Both plugins can be used without any problems and thanks to toggle functions and clever on-page editor, they are definitely a good choice.

First of all, Rank Math has more sub-items due to the large number of features. However, these are categorized more logically and thus indicate exactly what is hidden under the individual options.
Yoast summarizes many of the technical options under “Tools”, some of which Rank Math offersown column get assigned.

In addition to the advantage of clarity, Rank Math can make the menu more dynamic through the more differentiated subdivision of the features.

That means, if the 404 monitor is not used by you, it disappears from the menu bar as soon as you have it switch off via toggle.

So the menu remains in spite of the wealth of featuresclear and relevant.


Even if both plugins don't take too much here and subjectivity certainly plays a major role here, Rank Math is easy one step ahead.
The Yoyaba trophy for ease of use The all-in-one SEO plugin earns itself with aCombination of a strong design and a smart surface.

Yoast vs. Rank Math support and resources

When it comes to support, neither of the two plugins has to hide.

Yoast can score points here above all with its in-house blog, which is linked to the best SEO blogs in the world.
In addition, there are articles on frequently asked questions and errors that should solve most of your problems.

Unfortunately, there is no direct contact with the developers in the free version.

Through the years of operation of the SEO blog, you can find toa high quality article for every topic.

In addition, these are linked in the correct places in the plugin itself.

The perfect basis for not only applying SEO, but also to be understood sustainably.

Since Rank Math is only just getting started, there is nowhere near the same amount of resources here.

The Rank Math Blog counteracts with it fresh content and great quality.

In addition, there is one as well free help center which is equipped with basic items for installation etc.

An absolute highlight is thatdirect contact with employees from Rank Math.

If you have a question, just write a support ticket and yoursYour request will be answered in no time.

Really madness!

The answers arefast, friendly and above all extremely helpful.


At this point, nobody should be surprised by the result. Rank Math has unbelievable support and also shoots over the target hereYoyaba trophy to secure for support.

Yoast or Rank Math? Who wins?

Anyone who has read the article and has not only jumped to the end already knows the answer.

Rank Mathconvinces in all disciplines and seems ambitious to want to establish itself as the new gold standard for all-in-one WordPress SEO plugins.

The features are numerous and useful, and Rank Math can currently also do better in terms of usability, support and performancenobody can hold a candle.

Yoast is still avery solid and recommendable plugin, which in this test only unfortunately fromRank Math’s brilliance was overshadowed.

The premium version can regain a lot of land, but I'm afraid even comparing Premium Yoast vs. Rank Math (free) would not be an advantage for Yoast.

So Rank Math clears all Yoyaba trophies and ends the comparison with onecold 5-0.


The only concerns I have at the moment are whether Rank Math will continue to provide support for the plugin and the community at such a high level.

Time will tell us.

Do you agree with my opinion or did you have other experiences?
Let me know in the comments!

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