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The focus of this overview is on German-speaking communities. However, since the services that are primarily relevant for start-ups are almost exclusively in English, these should of course not be missing here.


The makers of Anleiter are based in Berlin and offer a categorized advice service on their website: From Facebook to Apple and business to school and illnesses, each with sub-categories. The selection of the categories seems a bit arbitrary, however. Why is there a separate category for Facebook, while other social media do not appear at all?
As already described in the article Anleiter provides instructions for all life questions in 2010, all contributions are ‘Wikipedia-like’ written by registered users and their content is optimized.


The knowledge community of Ratgeber Netzwerk GmbH offers answers to over 3 million questions. Almost every subject area is covered here, searches are simply carried out using keywords. A ranking list of the most active users is published as an incentive for active users.

Financial question

This site is a project by gutefrage.net and, according to its own information, has almost 70,000 members. After registering, you can ask your questions about money. You can read along without registering. Lively, active community. Not bad: surveys are also possible here in order to obtain opinions from the community members.

Just ask

A sympathetically differently structured question and answer forum for questions from all areas of life. There is a separate rubric unanswered ’to draw attention to these questions and otherwise a point system creates incentives for the hard work of community members. It's all a bit playful, but the quality of the answers doesn't seem to suffer. Perhaps also because there is a spam medle button under every posting, which makes quality management easier for members.


Ouch ?! This site is actually a blog with comments. Blog post = question sent in via the contact form + prettification of this content by the blog operator using pics and videos. Comments = answers to the question. The shape of a 'forum' is something, well… strange. As if someone really wants to blog but can't think of any topics of their own. You can do it - but then it's ... just strange.


With over 15 million questions gutefrage.net from Munich is the German top dog of the genre. The output of the search results as a Google search result list is certainly owed to the mass of the content, but is still not exactly attractive. Deutsche-startups.de published an interview with founder Markus Woelflick in 2012: 15 questions to Markus Woelflick from gutefrage.net.


The editorially maintained Helpster advice service is also a project by Gutefrage.net and is geared towards practical instructions and assistance for daily life, often made clear by photo and video. Practically all subject areas are represented.
We presented the service in more detail in the article gutefrage.net reanimated helpster and started an advisory service.

Readers help readers

This forum offers a thematic all-round blow, but does not seem to be particularly well moderated, because random samples showed an above-average amount of spammy - even in the questions that are partly none.
The number of replies to the sample posts is quite low, there are many posts with no replies at all. In 2012 we presented the service in more detail. New startup: readers help readers.


Young community for entrepreneurs, founded by the cloud lab people, above all Christian Häfner, the founder of FastBill. One began to communicate in English, meanwhile German-language contributions are becoming more common. A fairly clear community with almost 1,000 Companistas - but the questions asked are really exciting for entrepreneurs and the answers are often dedicated, committed and competent. It's worth taking a look and taking part.


Well thought, not (yet) done so well. Pesira is a young paid per minute service from Berlin and is intended for more complex questions. The answers come from human experts you choose yourself. However, you don't have more to choose from than their nickname and the ratings of other users, none of which could be found in random samples. Questions can be asked by text, phone or video. 3 minutes are free the first time. The other costs start at 0.59 euros and are pretty hidden in the FAQ.
Pesira was presented in more detail at deutsche-startups.de: Pesira - Answers to complex questions


Pointoo has also been part of gutefrage.net since 2010. The local search platform, founded in 2006, allows local users to answer questions relating to local providers and leisure activities. Overall - according to the platform's own information, there are over 4.5 million answers.


There was no other provider in this segment as much hype and malice as Quora. Without question, Quora is now the most popular, well-known Q&A platform; practically everyone who ‘lives on the Internet’ has an account there. And there is hardly a topic that does not take place there. With questions and answers from well-known names.

Stack overflow

Probably the largest developer Q&A platform with 4.7 million users, which is also the largest platform in the Stack Exchange Network, which currently includes around 150 Q&A platforms on all kinds of topics.


Anyone who has questions about their start-up can participate in the still relatively young English-speaking start-up Anonymous. As the name suggests, you can remain anonymous as a questioner or answerer. This makes it easier to address sensitive or personal topics or to tell your story.


There is also a Q&A rubric among the colleagues at t3n. Probably also relatively lively and currently frequented - but almost zero thematic focus. The spectrum of questions ranges from Does anyone know of good math tutors in Frankfurt ’to Which fully automatic coffee machine do you recommend?’ To - of course - digital-technical questions.

who knows what

Founded in Hamburg in 1996, wer-weiss-was-GmbH is now a 100 percent subsidiary of ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG. More than half a million members can communicate openly or in the ‘closed’ space of the forum. The forum, its own magazine and the extensive archive hardly leave a question on almost any topic unanswered.

how how

Wie-wie is a Spanish page in German and offers not only a guide to many categories of daily life, but also questions and answers. You can ask your own questions without registering, and the editors or the community will answer them. Can be subscribed to via RSS feed.

Yahoo! Clever

Yahoo! Clever is the podium for the absolute - albeit categorized thematic all-round approach and many questions are more stimulating for discussion than factual questions, so that this forum has more of a social media character than a Q&A platform in many places. Pretty 90s optically. Since you can search for answers either in the forum or in the entire web - surprise ;-) of course with Yahoo - this forum probably also functions as a traffic generator for the search engine.

Overview of Q&A startups on AngelList

If the resources here are not enough: A total of almost 160 Q&A providers can be found on AngelList. Nice to sort by followers and signal.

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