What animal doesn't fart

Animal fist: Why fist advances some animals

The animals on this page literally step on the gas - they fart, fart, pop, crack. And not just to get rid of an extra helping of intestinal gases ...

Sloth: The intestines are lame

Blooooss not too snowy! Schöööööööön calmly and leisurely sloths move through the trees of the rainforests in Central and South America. And the digestion of the members of the subordination Folivora is at least as slow. It takes them days to keep all those in the stomach and intestines leaves to decompose those who fed them.

As with other animals, this naturally also produces gases. With the sloth, however, they don't look for their way through the back exit. Sloths don't fart. But anyone who now thinks that the cozy tree dwellers are too lazy to let a breeze breeze is wrong. Methane and co. Simply get into the bloodstream via the intestines and so at some point in the bloodstream lung. The leisurely climbers can simply breathe out.

Caribbean manatee: Downhill at full steam

When Caribbean manatees get hungry, they just vent. The giant manatees, scientifically Trichechus manatus, have small pockets in them Intestinesthat serve as gas storage. If these are full, the animals drift lazily on the surface of the water.

But in order to get to seaweed and other aquatic plants on the sea floor, they fart and slowly sink downwards. The air They don't run out of things that quickly: After all, the marine mammals eat up to 100 kilograms of green stuff every day. And there is a lot of cellulose in it, which is difficult to break down in the intestine. Finally, during fermentation, dozens of bacteria and other microorganisms produce "exhaust gases" - the fuel for the animals.

Rhinoceros: The thick air of the pachyderms

Rhinos are one of the wolverines of the animal kingdom. Like horses or elephants, they are so-called "rectal fermenters". That is, hers food is only broken down in the rear section of your digestive tract, namely in the large intestine. And there the pachyderms from the family Rhinocerotidea continuously difficult to digest Greens mumble, there is a lot of thick air. These allow the animals to escape regularly - that stinks terribly!

By the way: English-speaking brewers call the sulphurous smell that arises when the yeast produces hydrogen sulphide during alcoholic fermentation, not for nothing "rhino fart", translated rhinoceros fart ...

Ferrets: The stress stinkers

Ferrets are naturally animal stinkers. The animals with the scientific name Mustela putorius furo can give off a foul-smelling secretion via their anus glands in case of danger. Since they are often called Pets their owners sometimes have the glands removed.

But they can't do much against the smelly puffy clouds of the cuddly animals. Except maybe any stress keep away from the nimble weasels. Because when ferrets are frightened or stressed, they usually give a scream, puff themselves up, but shed feces or: let you go!

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