Xbox One versus PS4

Nintendo Switch vs PS4 vs Xbox One: Which Should You Choose?

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(Pocket-lint) - So you want a new game console, but you don't want to switch to the next generation entirely yet. Well, there is still plenty to choose from beyond the allure of the Xbox Series X / S and PS5. And thanks to years of game releases and refinements, they're packed full of game quality.

There's the groundbreaking Nintendo Switch (plus Switch Lite), the PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One S. For those on a bigger budget, there's the 4K gaming powerhouses PS4 Pro and Xbox One X (which have been discontinued but are still at many retailers).

For this reason, we are browsing the most important current generation game consoles here to find out which one suits you best.



The Nintendo Switch differs significantly from its competitors in terms of hardware. It features a modified Nvidia Tegra X1 platform - an ARM-based processor for mobile devices that resembles the chips found in high-end phones and tablets - while the PlayStation and Xbox consoles opt for more conventional processing power.

While the Switch has a 6.2-inch screen, the Switch Lite shrinks it to 5.5 inches. The main difference is that, unlike the main switch, the Lite has no detachable Joy-Con controls. It's also a permanent handheld - there's no dock to plug it into a TV like there is on the main switch.

On the switch, games can be played in docked mode at 1080p 60fps and fed to a television set at 720p 60fps on its own integrated screen while on the move. Most Xbox One S and standard PS4 games run at 1080p these days, with some reaching 60 fps.

PS4 Pro and Xbox One X can increase this resolution up to 4K at 60 fps. All Xbox and PlayStation consoles can also use high dynamic range (HDR) graphics. The Switch can't keep up with this, nor can it really hold up the graphical performance that these consoles can achieve.

Where the larger Nintendo Switch has a distinct advantage over its direct competitors is portability. It can be used as both a home console and a handheld slot machine, making it the only device you can take with you when you travel to play the exact same games on the built-in 6.2 ”screen. And as mentioned before, the Lite is only intended for handhelds.


Drives and Storage

The Xbox One S, Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, and PS4 have physical drives. The Xbox One consoles can also play 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays. Sony, as a founding member of the Blu-ray Disc Association, decided against adding a 4K Blu-ray deck to both PS4's. You can still play traditional 1080p Blu-rays, but not Ultra HD discs.

The Nintendo Switch cannot do both. The Japanese company decided to do without discs altogether, instead delivering games on cassette, similar to the earlier 3DS and Nintendo consoles.

Games are also available through download stores. Given how stingy Nintendo has been with on-board storage, you have to invest in a microSD card to store more than one pair at a time.

The Xbox One S originally came in a 500GB size, although the 1TB version is the standard model you'll find in stores these days. The Xbox One X also has a 1TB drive.

The latest PS4 comes in 500GB and 1TB sizes, while the PS4 Pro is a 1TB console. All Xbox and PlayStation computers can add storage space using third-party hard drives - USB 3.0 external hard drives. In addition, all PS4 models can be expanded by replacing the internal 3.5-inch drives.

The switch, on the other hand, has 32 GB of built-in memory. Big games, especially those from Nintendo itself, often make up at least half of that.



When it comes to the number of games, the Xbox One and PS4 consoles are undoubtedly winning thanks to their longstanding presence. The Nintendo Switch is younger in comparison.

However, the Switch line-up is still very healthy. This is thanks to much greater developer and publisher support than Nintendo's final console, the Wii U.0

Quality is more subjective. Nintendo has released some true Triple-A titles that you won't find on any other platform (besides the late Wii U) like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey, and the recently released one Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Of course, both Xbox and PlayStation have their own exclusive products, from Forza Horizon 4 and Gears 5 on Xbox One to Marvel's Spider-Man and God of War on PS4.

The area that Nintendo Switch wants to improve in is to have some of the same great multi-platform games as the others.

On the other hand, the Switch outperforms its competitors in motion gaming. While the other two have largely eschewed the format, the Switch leverages its Wii legacy with its clip-on Joy-Con controllers that also double as motion remotes. This has brought families back to Nintendo in droves.

And there is also Ring Fit Adventure, which comes with a leg strap that you insert one of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons into. It is a fitness game designed to increase your activity level.



All of the Xbox One and PS4 consoles are great media streamers as well as slot machines. They each have Netflix and Amazon Video apps, with Xbox One S and Xbox One X both offering 4K HDR - even Dolby Vision on some compatible TVs. The PS4 Pro also offers Netflix in 4K HDR.

BBC iPlayer and other terrestrial TV catch-up services can also be found on the consoles. Apple TV is now available on Xbox One.

The Nintendo Switch does not have any of these services. While there is a YouTube app, there are no signs of Netflix or Amazon on the horizon right now.



It's no secret that when looking for a new console, there is nothing like a great package that gives you the best value for money. Whether it's an extra controller for multiplayer, a few successful games, or something else, it's a great way to start a little further than first place.

The good news is that all three consoles (and their variants) have great bundles to choose from, though the exact selection is constantly changing. Fortunately, we have a feature for everyone that you can use to ensure you can choose the best one available.


It's clear that Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite are completely different game consoles than the other computers. In many ways, the Switch could be considered a second portable console for hardcore gamers.

The exercise game - as seen at Ring Fit Adventure - could also be a huge asset, especially if family-oriented games are your kind of thing. This is one area where Nintendo stood out with the Wii and therefore offered something different from the Xbox 360 and PS3 of the time. The same is true again.

The biggest obstacle is the price. The main switch is considerably more expensive than the standard Xbox One S and PS4 as it's the newer kid on the block. However, the Switch Lite is on par with Microsoft and Sony in terms of price around the $ 200 / £ 200 price tag.

However, if you have a 4K HDR TV, you should really consider saving those extra pennies on a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X. Games run better on them, and those with improved graphics are just fantastic to watch, let alone play.

And don't forget to consider the PS5 or Xbox S or X series if you want something more future-proof.

Letter from Rik Henderson. Editing by Britta O'Boyle.