Is Louis Farrakhan an anti-Semite

The Black Muslims of the Nation of Islam have embarrassed the black civil rights movement in America with anti-Semitic hate speech: Farrakhan and his disciples


Read on one side

Representatives of the Black caucus met with Louis Farrakhan last fall. Twice in secret. What came out of it is not known. In any case, Jesse Jackson recently hosted a conference at which calls for state welfare programs were noticeably weaker than calls for more willingness to help themselves - and more self-criticism. There could have been points of contact with the Black Muslims here - if Farrakhan had really renounced the racism of his preacher and his own anti-Semitism. At the press conference in early February, old Louis Farrakhan appeared.

Of course, he had to "punish" Khalid Abdul Muhammad, because he had overshot the target, although he had been admonished by the master. Farrakhan criticized Khalid Abdul's speech at Kean College as "of its nature" "repulsive, malicious and vicious" and removed his assistant from all offices until he again conformed to the commandments of Allah, Elijah Muhammad, Louis Farrakhan. But then came the other. Of course, he, Louis Farrakhan, could not ignore the truth that lay behind the words of his lost brother. Also, it's actually not about the speech at all. To the cheering applause of his supporters, he exclaimed, "If we rebuke Brother Khalid for his words, who will rebuke America for what she has done (to the blacks)?" The tables were turned, the press conference turned into a revival sermon, the Anti-Defamation League stylized as the real culprit.

When asked about the passages in Khalid Abdul's speech in which he preached the expulsion of whites from South Africa or their death, Farrakhan offered the public participating live on CNN the remarkable argument that racism requires power to take effect . And Nelson Mandela does not have the power to do what Brother Khalid suggested.

Roger Wilkins, the veteran black civil rights activist, believes that Louis Farrakhan did a great political favor to the established African American leaders by himself ending a hug that none of them felt comfortable with. But it could just as well be that Farrakhan beats the others - with the chutzpah with which he leaves them all, the perplexed civil rights activists, out in the rain.