Men can wear skirts and dresses every day

dress Why are skirts almost exclusively worn by women?

That was not always so. The kilt - the tartan skirt - also looks back on a long tradition. In the Middle Ages, skirts were quite common, both among peasants and knights. Strictly speaking, these tunic skirts were dresses tied at the waist or oversized shirts. The skirt in today's sense, which only begins at the waist, appeared around the 15th century.

Since the skirt is apparently more natural due to the simplicity of production - in the simplest case it is a scarf wrapped around the body - it would be more interesting to ask how and why the trousers came into play, which are much more complicated and expensive. However, one does not know exactly, but it was apparently a more masculine piece of clothing from the start. Where does that come from - hence one can speculate. Apparently, trousers were particularly widespread among equestrian folk - that could be an indication. In fact, pants are more practical than skirts when riding. And because probably the men of all these peoples - Scythians, Mongols, etc. - were more on horseback, this would explain why it became a male-associated garment.

This does not mean that trousers have always been a status symbol or the clothing of the powerful in history. Let's take a look at Asterix: It's the imperial Romans who wear the skirts, while the apparently provincial Gauls walk around in pants. And so it really was: For the Romans, pants were ultimately unseemly barbarian clothing. This shows that the image of clothing changes over time.

If we now consider why skirts are “typically women”, fifty years ago we could have asked the other way round: Why do only men wear trousers? For a long time, women wearing trousers were considered improper. As recently as 1970, female members of the Bundestag who entered the plenary chamber in trousers or trouser suits had to expect to be expelled from the chamber.

Women have emancipated themselves and are now allowed to wear both - it is still unusual for men. Fashion experts say that is currently changing a little, skirts are also becoming increasingly fashionable for men - but it is obviously not yet a mass phenomenon.