How big are Thrash Metal musicians

How demanding is metal really?

Cynic wrote:

Sweep across the fingerboard for five minutes without even touching the listener.
Not to mention the often lacking feeling.

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But that is subjective now. Because one style triggers feelings in some, but not another. Take a look at Emocore (how reluctant I to refer to something like that). Emocore bands try to bring a lot of feeling into the songs, but that just doesn't work for me. Then in the power metal area there are very few bands that make me feel.
Brutal Death bands don't touch you, but maybe groups from the above-mentioned metal styles (if I don't want to assume you are). I hope to show what I mean by that.

On the subject:

I think that in metal you can find a lot of bands that are technically demanding. Then you find others who are technically good songwriting and still others have what it takes to get the feeling across - although the feeling is now deliberately last, because it only has to do with the listener.
However, you can also find many bands that lack independence or the like. A lot of them are just terribly bad, too.
What you don't come across so often are bands who have mastered their instruments, know how to write a song cleverly and can also convey emotions.

Nevertheless, I am of the opinion that many demanding - in their own way - musicians settle in metal.
In metal precisely because a basic mood should come across in metal (at least quite often): hardness. Since you can only do this through emotions, musicians either have to rely on the complexity / structure of their songs, speed (or similar) (playful performance) and many other things (there are just too many for me to list them all. Please be lenient). This makes it difficult to write a decent song and that's why I think Metal is demanding.

(Do you notice that in the last section I had difficulty formulating my opinion clearly?)