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Why SEO 7 reasons why I love SEO so much

It is really important to me: Search engine optimization - or as I prefer to say "website optimization" - is fun and everyone benefits from it! Because especially now in the crisis it is worthwhile for many companies to use the potentials and advantages that search engine optimization brings with it. Since many customers are still reducing their visits to brick and mortar stores, you should above all invest in your online shop and be present on the Internet. Whether you run an international company or run a local shop - SEO is fair and rewards your good content with top rankings. I'll give you 7 good reasons why SEO is so important to you and why youinvest time for it - or one SEO agency should instruct you to do so.


Reason # 1: Top rankings get a high reach

Every entrepreneur likes to hear a high reach in online marketing. We SEOs actually prefer to talk about visibility. But well, the fact is, whoever ranks in the top 3 positions on Google & Co. receives the most clicks from users and thus the most traffic. In many cases it is even the case that users only click on the first search result. First class rankings on relevant keywords of you are therefore all the more important!

Reason # 2: SEO gives everyone a chance

Whether the small shop next door, a medium-sized company or an international corporation - everyone can position themselves with their website in the search engines. Because with an optimized website that is geared to user needs, smaller, regional companies or online shops that specialize in a certain niche can also hold their own against Amazon, Zalando & Co. SEO also offers new providers the advantage of being visible online, no matter how much budget is available.

Reason # 3: The user is already telling you what they want

Another reason why SEO is important? The user already tells you what they want. So you don't have to convince them first that they need your products, because the user already knows that. You just have to be present with the right product or the right service. Customer acquisition couldn't be easier!

Reason # 4: You generate the highest margins through SEO

Do you also offer your products on Amazon or other platforms? There, too, you can generate a lot of valuable sales. Only if the user is already looking for your product on Google is it not more profitable for you as an entrepreneur if they do too buys in your online shop?

The margin is highest for you in your online shop, since you don't have to pay any fees to the external platform there. At Amazon, the sales commission and storage fee can be up to 30%. At a price of € 50, that's already € 15 less for you. So guide the users who are already searching for your product on Google to your own shop by placing them in the top. You will benefit the most from this!

Reason # 5: SEO is sustainable

An optimized website promises long-term successes. In contrast to advertisements, which disappear as soon as you do not put a budget on it, a good website remains. Good content that optimally answers users' search queries can bring high quality traffic to your website for years to come.

With content such as "Maintain a hedge", "Pimp my Camper", "Fill a raised bed" or "Lay wooden tiles", the OBI example offers content with real added value for its customers. The hardware store always lands at the top of the search queries.
By the way: The presentation by Benedikt Kirch, Team Manager of OBI Digital GmbH, was one of the most popular presentations at our OMK 2019.

Reason # 6: SEO is cost effective

SEO is not always cheap, but it is cost-effective. Because the investment is worth it. While you pay online ads per clicks or sales, these costs do not arise in SEO. Here you invest exclusively in qualified employees and their time capacities.

Reason # 7: All marketing activities benefit from an optimized website

An important part of search engine optimization is the user-friendliness of a website. Good usability also benefits other measures in online marketing. After all, your advertisements or your posts via social media also lead users to your website. With advertisements in particular, you want to keep the user on your website and sell your products. However, if the user does not find their way around and cancels the purchase, you have still paid for the click.

Have I already been able to convince you of the SEO advantages? Then you can start right away! If you need more good reasons for SEO, just write to me using our contact form or give me a call and I will tell you many more advantages that prove why SEO is so important.

Do you know other reasons for SEO that absolutely have to be mentioned? Then feel free to write them in the comments!

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frequently asked Questions

What does SEO bring?

The goal of SEO measures is to improve the rankings on search engines such as Google and Bing. In this way, companies can increase their visibility and acquire new customers via the Internet. Find out in the article why SEO is one of the easiest acquisition channels.

What are the benefits of SEO?

SEO offers innumerable advantages: increased visibility, cost-effective online marketing and long-term success are just a few of the many. In the article you will find out more advantages!

How long does it take for SEO to work?

When your SEO measures work depends on various factors. After a few measures, you can see results quickly. As a rule, however, you will often only achieve measurable results after several months. But it's worth it, because the successes are long-term!

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