How is work in the fashion industry

What professional opportunities does the fashion industry offer? How high is the salary? We introduce you to professional fields from the fashion world, take a look at salaries and offer you a job exchange.

Areas of application and jobs after studying fashion

What career opportunities are there in the fashion industry? Many different, that's for sure: fashion designer, fashion stylist or would you prefer a fashion editor? If you have the choice, you are spoiled for choice. We will explain the areas of fashion in which you can work after your fashion studies or training and how you can qualify for your dream job.

Professions with fashion

Salary in the fashion industry

Can you make good money in the fashion industry? Who earns well here and who rather badly? We took a look at the salaries in the fashion sector and explain to you which factors play a role in the salary.

With our tips for a salary negotiation you can prepare yourself excellently for your important interview. Find out everything you need to know in our article and get an overview of earning opportunities in the fashion industry.

Salary in the fashion industry

Take off: Universities & fashion schools

Would you like to really get started in the fashion industry? How about a degree then? We have a number of universities in our database where you can get the knowledge you need to get started successfully in areas such as fashion design, fashion management or clothing and textile technology after graduating.

Find a college that suits you

Find jobs in the fashion industry

You are sure to find what you are looking for in our job exchange! There are new vacancies in the fashion industry that you can apply for every day. Here you can find current job advertisements for fashion designers, fashion managers, fashion PR and more. Take a look and find your dream job in the fashion industry!

Fashion jobs

Education for those hungry for knowledge:

Further training in the fashion sector

The fashion industry is known for constantly bringing out new trends and developments. Those who want to keep up professionally can expand existing specialist knowledge and acquire new ones as part of further training in the fashion sector. Further training is also ideal if you want to advance your career or start your own business.

Here you will find suitable providers for your further education, such as for pattern and production management or in the field of textile and store management.

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