Why are there no food trucks in China?

3.00mx 2.40m China snack bar - showman vehicle

3.00m L x 2.40m W x 2.30m H Snack trailer for fairgrounds

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  • An unmistakable eye-catcher

  • Attractive showman sales trailer that attracts attention at every fairground

  • Particular emphasis was placed on the outdoor lighting

  • Construction: 3.00 m length x 2.40 m special width
  • Permissible total weight 1,800kg, cranked drawbar
  • 3x sales flaps, rain triangles, drawbar table
  • 2x folding side advertising boards & large roof advertising board with digital print stickers and showman lighting
  • 5x LED-illuminated, foldable advertising panels on the sales flaps
  • Digital printing stickers and lettering

Lowered axle

  • Vehicle gets deeper
  • Almost at eye level with your customers

Including all necessary cooking equipment

  • 28L pasta cooker, professional extractor hood
  • Gas cooker, bain marie, full-door convection refrigerator

Stylish interior design

  • Noble worktops in the decor of your choice
  • Inlet in the worktop with 2x 1/2 GN containers
  • Locker, cash drawer, base cabinet

Elaborate showman lighting

  • LED cap lamps / showman lighting
  • LED strips under the sales flaps
  • LED spotlight for additional. Roof advertising board lighting
  • LED counter lighting
  • Indirect ceiling lighting
  • Noble spit protection with spherical counter pillars
  • Electricity, gas & hygiene package

- Price on request -

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We would be happy to make you an individual offer according to your wishes

For an exact price calculation we need the following information:

  • Information on the intended use,
  • Your desired dimensions (trailer length: 2.50m, 3.00m, etc. / how many people should work in it?),
  • Number of sales flaps
  • as well as your ideas about built-in components and possible devices?

just click on the photo you want to see the larger picture!

We would like to invite you to a viewing and consultation appointment

  • You shouldn't miss out on an advisory meeting. Buying a sales car is a very personal thing and requires personal contact and advice
  • Meetings and advice for sales vehicles take time, please register!

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