Marketing is a good career choice

With a bachelor's or master's degree in marketing, you are an expert in cleverly placing brands on the market and bringing products to men or women - at least in theory. For years you sat in lecture halls brooding over books, now it's time to put your academic know-how into practice. But what career opportunities and specific professions are there in marketing? What does the daily work of a marketing manager or SEO expert look like? And what salaries are in it? We have the answers!

Career prospects for marketing graduates

Anyone studying one of the numerous marketing courses such as public relations, advertising or business communication is spoiled for choice when starting their career: the industry is diverse, varied and offers a wide variety of career opportunities. Because long ago not every marketing graduate becomes a marketing manager. In addition, the same job title in two different companies can entail completely different working days and tasks. From the organization and implementation of events, the maintenance of a company's social media channels, the planning of classic marketing measures or even in general management: Where you end up in the end depends on your personal preferences and, above all, on the focus of your studies through internships and part-time jobs. Generally come for example following professions in question:

  • Marketing Manager
  • product manager
  • Online Marketing Manager
  • Social media manager
  • Media planner
  • Sales Manager (Sales)
  • Market researcher
  • Project manager

From A for agency to Z for newspaper publisher: Marketing experts work here

Marketing and communication management has long ceased to be reserved for large companies. Especially in medium-sized and smaller companies that do not have a large marketing budget available, experts are in demand who Reach the target group efficiently and effectively and thus promote sales. In the past, marketing was almost exclusively represented by consumer goods manufacturers, but this form of corporate management and coordination of communication measures has long since reached service providers or even in the non-profit sector, for example social institutions or museums or even countries, cities and municipalities. Because on the market and in competition: Those who do not position themselves correctly are quickly overtaken by their competitors. That is why professionals are essential for marketing, sales and public relations. Marketing graduates, for example, work in

  • Marketing departments of companies and organizations of all sizes and industries
  • Communication, PR and public relations departments
  • In the sales of companies
  • In the product management of companies
  • Marketing, advertising, PR, event and communication agencies
  • Market research institutes
  • Management consultancies
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