Why are you yourself

Your encouragement is yourself!

Courage is the fundamental driving force to achieve what we really want in life. In order to act courageously and successfully, we need metaphors of courageous self-narration. Because in every moment of our life we ​​act according to stories that we tell ourselves - according to management consultant and coach Kai Hoffmann. Using the metaphor of boxing, the author takes a surprising look at our behavior in everyday life. Impressive practical cases prove his unique and proven coaching method, which is based on the latest findings in brain research. The reader does not have to step into the ring to effectively push through his or her self-management in daily life.
Well-founded, clearly structured and exciting instructions for self-confidence in your own strengths and thus in winning values ​​such as courage, self-conquest, willingness to take risks and determination.

“Personal growth requires the courage to be new every day
to face your own weaker self as an opponent and your own
Leave your comfort zone. Kai Hoffmann's book is a
excellent encourager for this daily challenge. "

Jürgen Bock, Head of the Otto Group Academy, coach and consultant

People only change and develop if they dare to make and allow differences. Kai Hoffmann
shows convincingly which one is most important for survival
The difference maker is: courage. Opened with the metaphor of boxing
he gives the reader exciting options to make their own leeway in
Dealing with the complexity that he has to cope with every day, courageously
to expand.

Prof. Dr. Fritz B. Simon, University of Witten / Herdecke