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Sexting: 103 sexy text messages that will turn him on and seduce him

In today's world of endless social media and digital communication, that has Sexting more important than ever and is an important and effective way to seduce a man.

But let's be honest: not everyone feels comfortable sending erotic texts. Often times, a major fear in sexting is looking awkward or desperate.

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The most important rule when sending sexy text messages is to only do what you are comfortable with and what feels natural to you.

Sexting is about getting in touch with your own sensuality and sharing it with your partner - which in return will definitely awaken his sensuality and literally ignite the fire of passion!

Everything depends on your emotional state, your vibrations, so to speak. If you send him a text out of a mood of uncertainty and exaggeratedly trying, he will be able to feel it and not be turned on by it.

But if you write to him from the authentic feeling that you are turned on by him, he will also feel that way and your text will evoke a completely different reaction!

In this article on sexting, I want to share specific text messages that are sure to turn your loved one on. From this large selection you can choose what seems most natural to you and does not feel clumsy or uncomfortable.

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Either copy the texts verbatim or give them your own touch. Most importantly, don't forget to be true to yourself!

So let's go ahead and check out the 103 sexy text messages that get him in the mood.

Benefits of Texting

Sexting has some basic advantages:

You can think about your text beforehand (compared to spontaneous "dirty talk").

Sexting can create intense sexual tension.

It can serve as a “training wheel” for you to practice “saying dirty things” (which most men find great, as long as it's real and authentic).

It gives you time to formulate the text (so that you are not under pressure).

Sexting gives you the time and opportunity to write and express what you want to say (or even show visually) without actually having to say it out loud.

But remember ...

I will list certain texts that you can use for orientation. You can even copy them directly from here. Read the text through and if it suits you and you want to send it, then do so!

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But if it just feels wrong and like it doesn't fit your character at all or is completely outside of what you're comfortable with, then don't do it.

If you're new and inexperienced in sexting, pick something subtle and innocent to start with. If you're already a pro, choose one of the bolder options to raise the stakes, so to speak.

With some texts you can change the details according to your own situation. It is important that these suggestions serve as a guide and are not intended to be the be-all and end-all. The lyrics are by no means the only ones possible.

Sexting categories

To make your life easier, in this sexting article I am not just providing sex SMS, but specific text types.

If you like to be direct and blunt, there are texts for you. If you'd rather be innocent and teasing, you can jump to this category right away.

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The most important thing is that you choose texts that correspond to your reality. That means: don't send explicit texts if you haven't even kissed the man before.

I once knew a woman who had met a man and thought it sparked. The guy was interested too, but he definitely didn't expect the crazy text she finally sent him.

Note: never send this text: "Two months ago I secretly stopped taking the pill."

3 minutes later ...

“Just kidding, I was just kidding. Sorry I just thought that I wanted to get pregnant by you. It's so hot. "

Yeah, so that's an example of how not to do it. Now let's talk about sexy lyrics that really work.

Here are the text categories I'll be using:

Innocent questions

Joking (half joking)


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Expectant texts

Tempting texts

Romantic sexy texts

Bluntly / directly

Explicit (NSFW)

Visual (irritating and explicit)

Innocent questions

Innocent questions have two advantages in sexting.

# 1: Don't embarrass yourself or feel awkward - you start slowly and don't have to worry about being too pushy, etc.

# 2: Men often find innocence attractive - not in a weird or questionable way, but rather in the sense of "wanting to spoil innocence".

Some of these sexy text messages (like number 4) are perfect when you're not feeling completely comfortable, but want to let him know that there is a completely different, sexual side to you that you haven't expressed yet:

"I'm so shy, but you still have no idea what I'm really thinking."

"That makes me all red. I can't change that. "

"Sometimes I can't believe how much I lose control when I think of you."

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“I want to tell you things, but I'm not ready to show you everything yet. As soon as I feel good, you will see a completely different person. "

"Hey you - I'm in a really strange mood right now. I've just taken a bath and I'm very restless. How are you?"

"I'm just getting out of the shower and it was great!"

"Tell me, are you alone right now?"

“Do you think I am better with or without makeup? Natural or made up? I'm just curious."

"What is your favorite underwear for women?"

Semi-joking sexy texts

This sexy news is good, but only if he understands your sense of humor. Do not send him these texts if there is a chance he will misunderstand them. Also, only send them if you know him pretty well:

"Hmm, I think it would be really good if you suddenly got in the mood in front of everyone at work."

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"What is your secret fetish like? You definitely have one, come on. "

"I can't stop thinking about really dirty things ... can you help me?"

"I know you've been thinking about me all day ... how about we put those thoughts into action?"

"What is your favorite term for your favorite part of my body?"

"I can't stop laughing at the sex scene I just saw."

“Okay, seriously, what's your weirdest fetish? Vampires? Dominatrix? Just kidding, or maybe not, haha. I'm just a little silly right now. "

"I have such a perverse sense of humor!"

“Why can't everyone just have sex and relax? It feels so good. Especially when you feel comfortable with each other and are open. "

Teasing sex SMS

Teasing a man will drive him crazy - which is good, as long as you meet later and you don't just tease him and then leave the poor man in the lurch with a peculiar pain:

“I'm so bored and I don't even know what to do with myself. Any ideas?"

"Why am I suddenly a little turned on?"

“I'm having a little trouble getting my bra off. Can you come over and help me? "

"I'm in a very strange mood right now ..."

"What would be the hottest thing I can do for you when we see each other?"

“I saw a movie earlier and completely forgot how hot the sex scenes are. Seriously, I was pretty upset. My goodness."

"Man, the whole yoga made me really flexible!"

“Sooo - I'm not wearing any panties right now. Is uncomfortable ... "

Expectant texts

These sexy text messages are designed to build sexual tension before a nice date for two:

"I can't wait to see you right away."

“I'm so sad that I can't be in your bed right now. But in two days ... "

"I can't wait ... I get really hot just thinking about it."

"I'm sitting here right now and can't concentrate because I know I'll see you in a moment."

"So ... what do we do then later this evening?"

“I can't stand how much I want it. You know what I mean."

Tempting texts

Temptation is sexy. These sexy messages will stimulate his mind and initiate teasing, flirty and sexy banter ... and maybe lead to something more:

"Craziest Fantasy?"

"Weirdest thing that turns you on?"

"Tell me if that sounds weird now ... I don't really want to say it out loud and it's a bit embarrassing, but it totally turns me on."

“What is your biggest sexual fantasy? Tell me. It doesn't matter how crazy it is, I would just like to know. "

"Last night I had a really dirty dream - and you were definitely there ..."

"Would you rather have sex in public or in the car?"

“What was the hottest sex you've ever had? I think it's really hot to hear things like that. "

"Do you sometimes like it when the woman takes over the helm?"

"I'm really weird, when I'm really turned on, a completely different side of me comes to light."

"Guess what I'm wearing right now."

"Just wanted to write to you that I am lying naked on the bed and thinking of you."

“Do we want to play a game, one person says something and the other has to do it? You start."

“Do you find it exciting when I'm aroused? I find it totally exciting when you are so aroused that you lose control. "

Romantic sexy texts

These sex SMS are perfect for couples, especially those who want to spice up their love life a little:

"I love you so much that it turns me on again when you're aroused."

"I can't sleep - I always have to think about what we would do if you were here with me now ..."

"I wish I was lying next to you now ... naked."

"When you touch me, I feel like I'm on another planet."

“When you kiss me, it feels like an electrical current is running through my body. Such an intense feeling. "

“Making love with you feels different than anything I've ever experienced. Then I'm in a completely different world. "

“I could just be touched by you forever. It's the best and gentlest feeling in the world. "

"I need you. Everything about you. And I want to give you what I am ... everything about me. I've never felt anything like it before. "

Blunt / direct sex SMS

Some men just can't get enough of a woman who is direct and confident, especially in the sexual sense. I don't mean to say that you have to become a dominatrix; all you need is clarity. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Directness and openness are always good when you're in a relationship or when there is clear sexual interest in both.

It should be clear that you shouldn't send these sex messages right at the beginning or even if you are uncomfortable with them! Only write something like this if you are both very open and familiar with each other:

"I loved the way you put in here last night ** a dirty thing he did **. That totally turned me on. "

“I'm trying on lingerie right now. Can you come over and help me? "

"If we were together now, what would you wish me to do with you?"

"Man, you're so sexy, that's really not fair. I can't get enough of you. Dumbass."

"My God. I want you so much."

“My body needs to be pressed against yours. I don't even have a choice. My body longs for it. "

“Have you ever done it in a public place? Just as a question. Lol. "

"Would you consider it cheating if I made out with another woman?"

"How do you prefer it downstairs? Shaved? Trimmed? "

"What is the most sensitive part of your body?"

Explicit / NSFW

These hot sex SMS get straight to the point. They are blunt, brave, and extremely direct. If you send him one of these, he will certainly not question how much you want him, that's for sure:

"I need you. Here. Now."

"I love it when you ___ ** insert a certain sexual thing that he did that got you hot **."

“Every inch of your body is perfect. I could just look at you all day. "

"Why can't I stop thinking about you and me ... and the back seat of a car?"

If he asks what you are doing right now, answer with "um, I'm ... doing it myself ..."

"I can't believe how good it felt last night when you ___ ** describe an explicit detail that got you really sharp **."

"You don't even know how hot it is to see you aroused."

“I want you to use me as your personal toy. I'm only made for your pleasure. "

“Do you know what turns me on? To be completely naked in front of you and you look at me and my ... "

"I love to let you really see everything about me."

“It turns me crazy when I spoil myself in front of you. I don't know either, I just think it's so hot. "

“I love it when you grab my hair and bump me against a couch or something. And just take full control. "

“There's something incredibly erotic about a woman in control. Don't you think so? "


“Better forget how excited I was last night. It's embarrassing."

"I'll never forget how it felt when you kissed me for the first time."

"I'm a little ... lol. I can't pronounce it, but it's a little dirty. "

"Do you like a threesome with two women?"

"How often do you do it yourself?"

"Is it weird to be treated like an object as a man?"

"Do you think strippers are hot or not?"

"I would like to know how I can be more open with my feelings ..."

“Oh dear, my head is completely absent-minded today. I don't know why that is either! "

"Question: Do you have any fantasies?"

“Tell me a secret. A hearty one. "

"How often do you look at 'dirty' things?"

"Somehow I can't stop licking lollipops today ..."

The attraction of the visual

Sexting isn't just about sending text messages. Sending a picture will appeal to him instinctively since men are visual beings. But only do that if you trust him completely. And that's not to say that you definitely have to do it - but honestly, it works.

Of course, don't do it if you're not comfortable with it and if you don't trust the person.

Visually irritating

Photo of you dressed but without your underwear.

Photo of you, your hair covering your breasts.

Photo of you biting your lip with a seductive smile.

Make yourself up as his ultimate fantasy and send him a photo of it (e.g. if he likes braided pigtails, take photos of you with pigtails).

Nude photo (very classic).

Photo of you in an outfit that makes you feel attractive.

Photo of you with your tongue out.

Photo of you in a low-cut top that highlights your cleavage.

Photo of how you embrace your breasts, but dressed and with a playful expression on your face.

Visually explicit

Photo of you with your legs apart.

Photo of you in the tub, one can see your breasts.

Photo of you naked and with your legs crossed so he knows you are not wearing panties but still can't see anything.

Photo of you in sexy lingerie.

Photo of you with a sexually explicit expression on your face (e.g., mouth wide open and eyes closed.)

Before you send anything ...

I can't just give you these specific texts without giving you some insight into the mindset behind sexy text messages. This will determine whether it is turned on or not.

An important aspect of sexting that actually makes it hot is that you yourself feel comfortable with the text.

Don't just send sexy text that you think should work because someone said that.

Feeling good and being relaxed is sexy. Confidence is sexy.

Men can be turned off if you write them with an ulterior motive or agenda. In other words, if you use templates that appear sexy but are actually uncomfortable sending them, it will hardly turn him on as much as something that comes from you authentically.

Remember that not everyone is drawn to the same human energies. If you pretend and try to beguile a man with a personality other than your own, this may sometimes work for a short time - but in the long run it is not sustainable.

The real you will always come out in the end and men will notice more than you think.

If you act out of motivation to arouse certain feelings for him instead of showing him your authentic feelings, then you are building on a shaky foundation and it won't be long before the chemistry and connection between you dissipates.

What is an example of sexting with an agenda?

Trick question ... the text has no agenda, of course, but the mentality behind it does.

No agenda: You feel turned on by the memory of his kiss and write it to him in a text. You say exactly what you feel and it doesn't matter whether he answers or not; you're not freaking out. You are simply expressing something that you feel.

Agenda: You believe that he likes confident women and you deliberately send him a text that sounds dominant and as if you are taking the helm when in reality you prefer to be subordinate and shy.

But you're trying to appear different because you've heard or read somewhere that men jump into sexting - and so you send an extremely direct text, even though you feel absolutely uncomfortable.

An agenda arises from your own expectations about whether or not he will respond. Would the world end for you or would you feel stupid if he didn't answer?

This means that in the end you have some kind of agenda or expectation of the outcome (your expected outcome = it responds in a certain way).

Conversely, if you are fine with it, regardless of whether he answers or not, then you are authentic and have no agenda.

Summarized: Having an agenda means that you have a certain outcome in mind that needs to come out in the end in order for you to feel good. If you don't get this result, you will be disappointed, depressed, or maybe even angry.

Having certain expectations creates an opportunity for you to be disappointed.

Another pitfall of expectation is that you focus more on the outcome, the end result, than on the quality of the experience itself.

This focus on the outcome means that your attention is focused on how he reacts to the smallest of actions you take - if his reaction indicates that you are getting closer to the outcome you were hoping for, you are happy.

But what if he doesn't answer, or if his reaction suggests he's not interested?

You are upset or sad, analyzing what went wrong and trying to "fix" the result by doing things in a specific way that aims to achieve or get something specific.

Let go of expectations

Detach yourself from the question and the mantra: "What direct influence does what I send or say to him have on whether he will marry / love me / be with me in the future?"

Enjoy the quality of the time you spend with him. Enjoy the fun of texting (sexting) and you will find that this attitude applies to almost every other aspect of flirting and relationships, not just sexting.