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Create your own homepage - instructions from STRATO

The STRATO website builder - instructions

You would like to be represented on the Internet with your business, your company or privately and are now asking yourself: "How do I create a website?"
Having your own website doesn't have to be expensive. Avoid costly and time-consuming programming by a professional and simply take your website into your own hands! With the Modular principle the necessary tools to create your homepage. The instructions for this are included in the delivery. Step by step, you will be guided through the facility, choose a design, put your individual settings and fill the website with your own content.

  • 250 industry templates and 460 high quality designs to choose from
  • Possibilities for individual adaptation
  • Intuitive operation of the user interface
  • Widgets and social media functions
  • SEO edition for an optimal ranking

How do I create a website at STRATO? Step by step

With the STRATO website builder, you can create a website that meets your personal requirements at low cost - whether it is a private blog or a business company website. After ordering your homepage package at a fixed monthly price, you can start creating your website straight away. After you have received your access data, log into the website builder using the customer login. When you log in for the first time, determine the industry that your website corresponds to and formulate the website title. You can make these decisions again at any time. If you don't like the preset design, you should first look at the layout. Under the menu item "Design / Layout" you can either go to more than 140 layout templates choose or that customize current design. If you move the mouse over the templates, the most important features of the templates are displayed - for example, whether the so-called responsive design is supported, how many navigation levels are possible or whether colors and fonts can be individually selected.

When you mouse-over, you get useful information about the design template.

In the “Colors” and “Fonts” submenu items, you can make individual adjustments - for example to the navigation bar, the background or the header. If you click on the middle image in the “Background” row in the “Colors” area, you can upload your own image and use it as the background for your website.

Simply choose the background image yourself.

Determine the structure of your website

A website usually consists of many individual sub-pages - which you can easily create with our website builder. On the left side you will find the button "Website structure": With just one click you get to the menu to create new pages and sub-pages. You also have the opportunity here to manually adjust the title of the page, the description and the URL.

Extend the functions of the website with widgets

In the next step of our website builder tutorial, we introduce the content elements. In addition to the design templates, the Widgets are the heart of the kit. Whichever function you want to add to your website, you will most likely find what you are looking for with the widgets: It doesn't matter whether you are Embed YouTube videos, one Add directions or display an event calendar on your page want: You slide the corresponding widgets via Drag and drop to the appropriate place. With this method, pictures can also be simply pushed to the side and enlarged or reduced with the mouse.

Use drag & drop to move the widget to the appropriate location.

The basics of text creation

One of the great strengths of the website construction kit is its ease of use. Texts can also be easily added in edit mode. Just click on the appropriate place and copy your prepared text into it. The font, size and color can of course be adjusted in each text field. tip: Write unique texts that fit your company or project. This improves the visibility of your website in the common search engines - it will be found more often.

Website builder: tutorial for mobile viewing

To ensure that your website is displayed correctly on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, all of our designs also generate a mobile version of the homepage at the same time. You can equip the mobile version of the home page with additional functions under the menu items “Settings”, “Mobile Website” and then under the “Mobile Home” tab - for example with a Call button, one Location map or one Facebook button. Under "General Settings" you can choose whether a mobile version should be created for all sub-pages or only for selected ones.

Control how your website is displayed on mobile devices.

Mobile versions are important when the chosen design is not itself "responsive". It usually comes across as very sober. If you want your chosen layout to be displayed well on smartphones and tablets, then choose a design that is "responsive" and automatically adapts to a wide variety of display sizes.

Homepage builder: Instructions for Facebook integration

In order to get in contact with potential customers or members, a Facebook page is becoming increasingly important for companies and institutions in addition to their own website. Under the menu item “Settings” and then “Facebook” you have the option of connecting your website to your Facebook page. This gives you the chance to drive visitors from the Facebook page to your website, which can be attractive for photographers, for example. A photography website that displays your portfolio and is linked to your Facebook page is a perfect combination. Or you can provide special promotions such as competitions or vouchers, which are then played out on the social network.

Constantly optimize your website

The answer to the question "How do I create a website" involves more than just building a homepage. It also includes the steady Expansion and optimizationso that you can be successful on the internet in the long term The website builder is structured in such a way that you can easily edit and adapt your content with just a few clicks - at any time. In this way you can continuously develop your website and improve your search engine placement with unique texts and images.

Now, if you're wondering how to make a website even more individual, go for the one Expert mode. This offers you even more differentiated design options: Here, for example, you can adapt colors and fonts even more specifically to your wishes.

If you have any problems, you can find the solution in the Help Center

If you don't know what to do, you can find advice in the Help Center - the button for this is on the right. Then you can either search specifically for the topic for which you need help, or you can find out more about the basics in the quick tour.

Conclusion: Diverse design options with STRATO

  • Selection from over 500 layout templates for design
  • Individual customization options through colors and fonts
  • Define website structure, title of the page, description and URL
  • Add widgets like YouTube videos or calendars
  • Responsive web design for mobile devices
  • Connect the website to a Facebook page or other social network accounts
  • Constant expansion and optimization for long-term success

Should you decide not to build your website yourself, but to have it created, we can also offer you this service - inexpensive and resource-saving. Either with a maintenance service for changes afterwards or without, depending on how you need it.

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